Thursday, July 27, 2006

Star's Library Report Yields First Investigation

Kevin Corcoran's exhaustive investigative piece describing in great detail what went wrong with the Library Board's construction of the new central library has yielded its first criminal investigation. Corcoran reports in today's Star that a Marion Co. grand jury has been convened to look into the ties of former Republican Board member Mark Bowell to the firm he publicly pushed the Board to hire as the project's construction manager. It's funny how it works. This relationship has been publicly known for about four years, but a criminal investigation is only launched after the Star focuses attention on the matter. Is that why the Star is sitting on a story about Eric Miller? Is someone at the Star protecting him from an investigation that would likely ensue if the newspaper reported on what it knows about Miller and his supposed nonprofit organization, Advance America?


Anonymous said...

I'm told that Miller had a bulldog lawyer fire off a threat to the Star editors...and the "story" hasn't seen the light of day.

Don't know if it's true, but it came from a pretty credible source.

Doesn't Mark B. have some other, uh, issues to deal with?

Anonymous said...

It's possible a 'bulldog lawyer' could cause the Star to pause, but a story with well-documented suporting facts would very safe.

From what I've been reading of Gary's own investigation, the support is pretty solid.

I suspect it's more a matter of the Star not wanting t upset the apple cart of Republican control of the legislature, and/or pissing off it's readership base of conservative Nazi-types.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Conservative gadfly attorney John Price has filed a lawsuit on behalf of two former Star employees who claim that the management discriminated against them because of their Christian beliefs. You can read about it here: