Friday, October 27, 2006

Indiana Week In Rehash

The Indiana Week In Review panel rehashed their same out-of-touch perspective on Indiana's competitive congressional races, along with the Marion Co. prosecutor's race. To be fair, I'm going to limit most of my criticism this week to host Jim Shella, who is supposed to be WISH-TV's State House reporter, but who obviously has become too lazy to do any independent research of any of the candidates or issues. Former state representative Luke Messer substituted for Mike McDaniel, and Martin d'Agostino of the South Bend Tribune substituted for Jon Schwantes. They actually offered a refreshing perspective to the embittered Ann DeLaney and Star business columnist John Ketzenberger, with emphasis on the word "business" (i.e., he's not a political reporter).

The panel reviewed the 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th and 9th District races. Jim Shella used only WISH-TV's poll results as a set up for discussing each of these races, except for the 3rd, which begs the question of why they're claiming this is a competitive race. Has anyone seen a published, reputable poll result showing the race between Rep. Mark Souder (R) and Tom Hayhurst (D) to be competive? I didn't think so. Let's move on.

Jim Shella begrudgingly showed the tightening of the race between Rep. Julia Carson (D) and Eric Dickerson (R) to within the margin of error, even under WISH-TV's poll. He ignored a WTHR poll showing Dickerson in the lead. He began the discussion of the race by backhanding Dickerson with his uninformed opinion that Dickerson really has no message to his campaign other than it's time for a change. Anyone who has bothered to take the time to listen to Dickerson speak, which Shella obviously has never bothered to do, would understand that his compelling message for a fresher and more energetic representative in Congress is the very reason he's performing so well in the polls.

Exposing his corporate media bias, he suggested that any congressional campaign that isn't advertising on television can't be taken seriously. He didn't even bother to learn that the Indiana GOP has agreed to purchase radio ads for Dickerson's campaign to keep him on the air through election day. Even Matt Tully picked up on that today over at his blog. Ketzenberger, to his credit, suggested Dickerson's unconventional grassroots campaign shouldn't be underestimated. D'Agostino reminded Shella of the cost of advertising on his TV station and the millions already flowing into Indianapolis' TV stations from Washington to purchase money for the 9th District race between Rep. Mike Sodrel (R) and former Rep. Baron Hill (D).

The discussion of the other congressional races was more of the same. The three incumbent Republicans are going to lose. Will Bush's visit to Sodrel's district help or hurt him? DeLaney assures us Bush's low poll numbers will hurt all Republicans this year. Shella says Bush's approval rating in Sodrel's district is 49% according to WISH-TV's poll. A Louisville Courier-Journal is less favorable for Sodrel and Bush DeLaney counters. I was amazed that there was no discussion of this week's New Jersey Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage and whether it would have an impact on any races in Indiana.

As for the prosecutor's race, DeLaney says to forget those poll numbers showing Brizzi with a big lead. This is going to be a complete Democratic blowout this year in Marion County. All countywide Democratic candidates will be swept into office on an anti-Republican tide, comparing this year to 1994 when incumbent Prosecutor Jeff Modisett (D) was upset by his Republican challenger, Scott Newman (R). Six months ago, I would have probably agreed with her on that point. A lot has changed in Marion Co. in the past 6 months. There is a growing discontent with Mayor Peterson's and Sheriff Frank Anderson's mishandling of crime-fighting efforts, concern about misplaced budget priorities, rising taxes, employment losses and government corruption in Marion County. Because Democrats are in control of the city, voter discontent is likely to be taken out on the Democrats in local races.


Anonymous said...

I agree, Gary. I almost threw my remote at the TV when I heard Shella say that Dickerson didn't have a message. The guy has no objectivity at all. I've heard Dickerson speak at several events in the past few weeks. I've seen other reporters around, but no Shella. How can you say something like that when you haven't even bothered to spend some time with the candidate.

Anonymous said...

Same here. Anyone who actually listens to him embraces his message almost instantly. It's that powerful. Unlike any I've seen in politics.

And he doesnt have these rehearsed, carefully calculated answers either. It's all from the heart. He will answer any question, any time, from anybody, on the spot with no prescripted crap involved.

He is an honorable man, and will get anyone's vote who has open ears.

Anonymous said...

Elect Eric Dickerson!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the 7th district coverage AI.

We need more real reports like yourself around.

Elect Eric Dickerson!!!

indyernie said...

I've never seen Shella at a Town hall type meeting where Dickerson was speaking. He was at the JCC Tues... but Dickerson didn't speak. I think Shella and Tully will be in the same boat after Dickerson wins...they will be lucky if he takes their phone calls.

Anonymous said...

Well after hearing Julia Wednesday night at the Crooked Creek Candidate Forum and Friday night at the Westside Neighborhood Association it is very clear to all that Eric is the stronger candidate. Physically he has the stamina, the mental capacity to fight for us in Washington and the ability to reach out to all voters.

At Crooked Creek Julia did not answer a question, but jumped to an entirely different subject. She carried on about a big oil conspiracy and personally attacked Dickerson. For a Congressional representative, her attire was atrocious. She came in denim pedal pusher with her polar fleece cap on her head. Everyone who saw that asked themselves, "Is that what is representing me?!"

Friday night she looked a little better,it would have been nice if someone had helped her put on a bra, but after arriving late and declining the plate of food Billie Breaux brought her she got up and left the room. Poor Megan looked ashamed that she was sent back in to get Julia some chicken wings. When she came back in she stopped at the food table and just started picking up food before she returned to her seat. The candidate presentations were going on the whole time - but who was listening? Julia's roaming (and answering cell phone) were more amusing!

She did answer one question and then she left. Does she even know if there were anymore questions for her???

It was unbelievable. All I can say is Eric Dickerson is going to win this race. The public doesn't look at something like that and not have some serious problems with that.

AI, I wish you had been there.

Anonymous said...

You know Julia Carson makes somewhere around $165,000 per year as a Congressperson and those people at Westside Neighborhood had to pitch in and get donations to buy that food and have it for the assembled crowd. And here Julia Carson is there scarfing it down like she's some sort of vagrant. She was even eating out of the serving tray when someone couldn't bring her a plate fast enough.

Crying out loud can't you afford your own freaking food Julia?? It's not like you were going anywhere afterwards - 2 more events my a$$, at 9 PM? Where were they? at 300 East and the Capitol Ave. peashake house? You were just going home. You were pissed because Eric came into your neighborhood Haughville and showed you up.

Eric Dickerson was about the last one there, Julia - she was the early departers. Along with Wilson.

Here's one departure that's for certain - her departure from Congress after November 7th!

Anonymous said...

A couple of things:

Eric Dickerson really has no message beyond the, "Vote for me, I'm fresh and new and a change from the same 'ole tired, warmed-over stew." So what? That doesn't resonate with this 7th District voter.

Julia Carson has no message either, beyond "My record speaks for itself, I know what I've done, despite 'his' attempts to portray otherwise." So what?

Fact of the matter is this: There is no viable candidate on the ballot Nov. 7 for voters in the 7th Congressional District. And that's too bad, considering Indy is the state's largest and most viable city and in need of federal resources to help improve the infrastructure and our schools.

A vote for either Carson or Dickerson leaves me feeling bleh. I think I'll write my own name in instead.

Anonymous said...

Wilson - Julia has one more chance to best Eric.

Nov. 3rd - Candidate Forum held by MEDIC Neighborhood Association along with Black Journalists 6-9pm at Crispus Attucks High School - 1140 Martin Luther King Street RSVP to 925-1240

But we understand if just Megan shows up. She is a real trooper you know.

Anonymous said...

The Agenda is set for the evening, Carl Brizzi and Frank Anderson had prior commitments.

Voter Education Project

FRIDAY, November 3, 2006
6:00-9:00 P.M.
Crsipus Attucks High School Auditorium
1140 Dr. Martin Luther King Street

Agenda for Candidates Forum

6:00 - Opening Remarks and Introduction of Moderator: Mrs. Disa Watson Summers, president

6:05 - Instructions and Introduction of Panelist - Mrs. Eunice Trotter Richardson, moderator
Indianapolis Star Public Safety Editor
Panel: RiShawn Biddle, Indianapolis Star Editorial Board
Derik Thomas, WRTV Channel 6 News Reporter

5 minutes for each Candidates

6:20 - Township Candidates: Small Claims Court Judge, Constable, Assessor,Trustee
Atty. Darla Williams, Kent Smith, Gary Loveless, Linda Ivey [Republicans]
6:45 - State Representative Candidates:
Kathryn Densborn [District 86 Republican]
6:50 - State Senate Candidates
Mike Delph [District 29 Republican]
7:00 - County Candidates: Recorder, Auditor, Assessor
Angela Cypress, Janis Wilson, Jennifer Ping, Republicans
7:30 - 7:55 - County Sheriff Candidates' Debate:
Steve Davis [Republican]
Barry Campbell [Libertarian}

8:00 - 8:25 - County Clerk of the Circuit Court Candidates Debate
Donna Edgar [Republican]
Atty. Beth White [Democrat]

8:30 -8:55 - 7th District U.S. House of Representatives Candidates:
Eric Dickerson [Republican]

9:00 - Closing Remarks and Dismissal

Note: Invitations were sent to:
Michael Murphy, Marion County Republican Chairman
Ed Treacy, Marion County Democrat Chairman
Greg Dixon, Libertarian Party Chairman
All Candidates for Federal, State, County and Township Candidates

Anonymous said...

I watched WIR too, AI, and I was a little shocked, also.

Ketzenberger is a business reporter; his political observations are comical and almost always wrong. How he stays on the show is a puzzlement to me.
He haircut looks ridiculous, and his suit jacket never fits. His voice is irritating and he's not breaking a sweat writing over at the paper, so you'd think he could exert some effort and think up something. He is clearly pulling these commments out of his ass. Maybe he and Shella are handball partners or soemthing.

They talk about Marion County races a lot--which doesn't do anything for the rest of the state. I've seen their Arb numbers--almost half their audience is non-Indianapolis.

The set is spartan, and so is the political depth. It looks like they grabbed a few chairs from the office and sat them in front of a camera. Ann Delaney still can't get over Julia crushing her in 1996, and she's bitchy beyond belief. Shrill.

I never agree with triple-chin McDaniel, and he's difficult to watch, but if you listen to what he says, he is the only one who comes across as having half a political brain. He's a paid lobbyist and alays admits when an issue conflicts with one of his clients. That nervous little thing he does with his lower jaw is annoying, but his content is usually good.

And he's the only one. Sad.

As for their take on the Congresssional races, you overlook an important point, AI.. Public opinion polls on the Hayhurt race are lacking because no one thought he'd have half a chance. The news stations and paper up there didn't do one for that reason.

Another strong indicator, in the minds of most political analyists, is money spent and cash on hand. In those categories Hayhhurst was ahead or credible. The minions at RCCC are boneheads, but they're not stupid. They dropped 120K in there quickly. That is a good indicator this race is close, but I doubt Hayhurt can pull it off.
Delaney admitted as much--her "tsunami" remark was the most succinct of the evening.

Wilson46201 said...

Poor Jocelyn is still flacking her almost all Republican "candidates night". Looks like a failure already for a bunch of losers that cant afford much advertising.

After last nights event, the Carson team split: some went to Pike Twnshp for an event - Ms. Carson went to an important American Legion Post where she was warmly received.

It's weird how some white folk are fascinated by the phenomenon of peashake houses and assume people of color spend all their time there. But it simply exposes the racism of the folk continually bringing up peashake houses.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, pea shake houses are illegal and they're tolerated. It's really not difficult to understand why people are angry. Many black politicians I know are equally disgusted by them. Hell, Monroe parked his city IFD car in front of one with your buddy Tony Duncan inside the same car. When exposed by the paper, they said they didn't know it was a peashake house.

As if we were all born yesterday.

And if you don't understand that, then you are in denial.

Wilson46201 said...

ED indeed has no message whatsoever except he isnt Julia Carson. His stand on issues is conventionally rightwing Republican. To his credit and Jocelyn's chagrin, he doesnt holler against same-sex marriage. He still supports Bush's deceitful wading into the Iraq War - Congresswoman Julia Carson was with the majority of Democrats who wisely voted against it.

On issues (when he actually deals with issues) ED's position and Danny Burtons seem to be remarkably similar: another Republican Rubber Stamp for George Bush ... We all know where 6 years of GOP domination in Washington has gotten us! Vote out the Republican rascals - elect Democrats for a change.

Anonymous said...

Also, PS houses attract disproportionate shares of crime, litter and noise to neighborhoods.

Why would you even allow the impression to be created, that you are an apologist for pea shake houses?

Are you reverse-color-blind, somuch so that you allow for laws and regulations to be routinely broken in the name of "we're due because we're black" ?

If so, and I suspect that's the case, you need to know: you are part of a vastly shrinking minority, on many levels.

Wilson46201 said...

That Tully note of the local GOP having to step in to bail out financially the failed Dickerson campaign is amusing. He planned for a paltry $200K budget but could only scrape up a third of that amount.

ED is supposed to be the successful businessman but he wont put any of his own cash into his own campaign. Why invest in a loser? If he doesnt believe in himself - why should voters take him seriously?

Anonymous said...

Stupid Wilson:

Wrong again! Get a life!

Is Julia paying you to harass me?
I think you are jealous for not being born black and female.

You love to call my name in most of your commentss. This election is not about you.

The neighborhood association is satsfied with the candidates who have agreed to show up. The schedule is full and that is all that matters so close to the election. I am sure that everyone will be busy this weekend.

One of the important races over looked by the media is Clerk of the Courts, and this debate should be good.

The incumbents have already had exposure to voters on TV and radio.

Anonymous said...

Voters want a change in the 7th District, and Eric Dickerson is going to win on November 7th.

Dickerson has not sold his soul to get to Congress. He didn't sell out to special interests like his opponent has.

Keep propping The Ghetto Mafia Queen Julia up and hope she can make it to Election Day.

Anonymous said...

Julia likes to ramble on and on about how she voted against the war. Guess what, it is here, and rather than sit there and say "I didn't vote for it" over and over and over, why doesn't she do anything to change it?

For people who really HAVE listened to Dickerson when he speaks you would hear that he does have a plan.

Wilson46201 said...

It would be instructive for the blogmaster here to notice that the last 3 comments likely came from the same IP address but they are all from Jocelyn using different aliases - shes a mistress of hiding and shifting identities... her writing style is easy to pick out.

Anonymous said...

Wilson46201, I am tired of you saying people are racists. Your words are used by people who want to keep this country divided. You toss around words that are ugly and no one calls you on it because then you attack them. You don't want to discuss anything, you want to beat people with words for them to think your way.

I have a mind of my own, and I am paying attention to everyones actions, the candidates and the people they allow around them. I have been a life long democrat and I vote Tuesday. I do make my opinions known to all the people I work with and I have begun to tell them about things I have been reading. My friends and their families respect me, so they listen when I talk to them, I am leaning towards voting for Mr. Dickerson simply because of your words. I don't want my children to be associated with folks like you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wilson, have your homely candidate spend some of her war chest on television ads. Cause Andy Jacobs sounds dead in those radio commercials.

Oops, her face may break the camera. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Wilson46201 said...

The alleged ED "plan" is so phony - it's George Bush's old, worn-out "When they step up, we'll stand down." The USA has already trained over 400,000 Iraqi security forces but even more US troops than 140,000 are still needed. The GOP got us into a quagmire worse than VietNam - the GOP cant even try to end this unending War in Iraq !

Wilson46201 said...

Corina - you have posted strongly-ED comments here and elsewhere - you are hardly the neutral observer you profess to be. Why the deceit? Is Dickerson so phony that his supporters have to lie?

Anonymous said...

As promised, here is the post from The Little Girl, as dictated to me:

"Hi everyone.

"Thanks for being so concerned about me.

"Miss Carson was wondering where I am. After I followed her around, sat on her lap and ate her food.

"I'm right where I've always been, Miss Carson, although it's cold and dark in here now. I don't bump into many people or things where I am, just a lot of space and people walking around mumbling.

"I'm safe, and not hungry. Some man named Carl Drummer and another man named Tony Duncan and another man named Pea Shake are always around...I hear their voices. They are all hanging around during the daytime, with not much to do, and their conversations are funny.

"You were sweet to worry about me on Ch. 13 the other day, Miss Carson. But dont worry. I'm never far away from you.

"I'm in your mind."

Oh yeah, her name is Mae. She's forever young, and blissfully ignorant of what's going on around her, so she has no worries. And she says she's going to try not to make any more appearance in public, because they embarrass Miss Carson, for whom she has tremendous admiration.

She's really very sweet, tries hard to do the right thing, and
is the perfect alter ego to her mentor.

Fear not, Mae, it'll soon be over.

Anonymous said...


One thing for sure, Eric dickerson doesn't need a goon squad to protect him. Those goons around Carson are costing her votes big time, intimidating and harassing people. You can't force voters to vote for you.

Wilson, I'm not Ms. Adande

Anonymous said...

Wilson46201, Ok, I have decided to Dickerson but now I will go tell everyone I know. I have to get off this site now because I have to go to work, so go ahead and bash me all you want. I am a proud black woman and I have not hidden.

If and when I post again, I will not be wasting my time trying to talk to you. I see where everyone here does not bother to talk to you, clearly you are right and I am wrong.

As I said, feel free to bash me now.

Wilson46201 said...

By the way, it was conspicously noted last night that Judge candidate Williams stopped wearing her red ED gear in public - did somebody tip her off that Judicial Review Boards look askance at such egregious politicking ?

Anonymous said...

good Lord now he's policing the judicial races...

he's run amuk

Anonymous said...

Wilson, why don't you babysit Mae until, oh, a week from Tuesday?

Wilson46201 said...

My old friend, State Representative Mae Dickinson, is a strong woman who needs no babysitting. Like Julia Carson, she too will win her race.

Your candidate, poor Eric, seems to have run out of money for his losing race - the local GOP had to step in and bail him out with enough cash to buy a final week of radio time. He only had enough to buy until Oct. 30th. Pitiful!

Maybe you-all could do a carwash or something to pay for diesel for RV7 ? Oh I forgot - RV7 doesnt exist - he didnt report spending anything for that non-existent expensive vehicle! Whoopsies!

Anonymous said...

it's not the same Mae, Wilson

ANd who said poor Eric was my candidate? My, my...we do jump to conclusions, don't we?

I like your good friend Mae too. She's a good rep.

Our Mae, however, is a child who exists only in Julia's mind.

Try to stay current, Wilson...

Anonymous said...

Nice Spin, flipper Wilson. Everyone knows about the little girl Mae, who sat in her lap and ate her food.

Enough with the nonsense.

Elect Eric Dickerson!!!

Anonymous said...

You hit another home run, Gary...121 hours and 30-plus posts

And it looks like you hit a nerve, too...LOL

Wilson46201 said...

Gary knows when he knocks popular Congresswoman Julia Carson, the few Dickerson anonymous trolls here will pile on with all sorts of assumed names to hammer and bash Ms. Carson. It's sock-puppetry run rampant!

With such a failing and losing campaign that E.D. wont put any of his own money into it, he needs all the trollerie he can get for free!

Even his estranged wife and grown son won't contribute to his campaign. The Dickersons know something about Eric's chances of success in politics...

Anonymous said...

Lots of wishful thinking here. There is now way that Dickerson is going to come even close to beating Carson. Her supporters will turn out on election day, and she has a record of beating far stronger candidates than Dickerson.

And the House Republicans are, across the board, in more trouble than you want to allow.

Wilson46201 said...

fwiw, even Judie Williams wont contribute to ED's failing campaign !

Anonymous said...

Mr. Welsh--As a fellow attorney, I am not for censorship. However, I do not believe that Mr. Wilson Allen (aka Wilson46201) really has anything to contribute, and I suggest he be blocked.

indyernie said...

Wilson you are a liar.
Julia Carson told Tony Duncan that she wanted to go home, she was less than a foot from me when she said it. He told her they would be leaving soon. She took her chicken and went home.Quit lying.

indyernie said...

Wilson next time you go out in public, take a bath first..please. Those around you will thank you for doing so.
Oh... and your buddy Tony Duncan, please let him know that his intimidation won't work. He’s not scaring anyone.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Wilson. Even Mae, the little girl, bathes regularly.

It's pretty clear what is going to happen over the enxt 11 days. Drummer, Duncan, et al, will open the door a little bit, once in a while, and let her out...but then quickly rush her back inside.

Unless there are some funerals to attend.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Carson went to an important American Legion Post where she was warmly received.

Bull$**t Wilson. No respectable AL post would have her, even if she was there just to have a scotch or ten. Considering she voted "present" on a non-binding measure to support the troops and she insults the armed services on a regular basis.

She wasn't at any American Legion Post. Most .. no .. EVERY biker I know that belongs to ALR (that's the American Legion's motorcycle club) HATES Julia Carson.

Anonymous said...

To be honest about debates, Julia Carson really doesn't have much to talk about. She can't debate, it takes a sharp mind to respond to a question with supporting information. She can't give an intelligent answer without talking about the little girl in herlap. Staying focused on one subject is hard to do when your mind wanders off.

Wilson46201 said...

fwiw, I've got some great photos of Ms. Carson at that American Legion Post Friday night - wonderful crowd!

Some lawyers that post anonymously know I contribute too much truth about the Dickerson campaign - that's why she objects. These same lawyers know I have photos of improper campaigning - worried?

Last night our Congresswoman Julia Carson spoke to a large labor event - then it was off to the big Indiana NAACP event. Didn't see any Dickerson hangers-on there...

Anonymous said...

Yep - lots of 7th district Voters up in Anderson. If a voter Googles hard enough they could actually see where she was going to be on Saturday.

Give our WARMEST greetings to Megan. She was a hardy soul out in the cold out at Irvington yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Carson does not let the average voter KNOW where she is going to be . . . they have to read it here AFTER the fact to know where they could have gone to see her.

Wilson46201 said...

If a voter doesnt know of Congresslady Carson by now, no amount of whining by the faltering ED campaign about schedules will help.

Voters can look at her official Congressional website at or her campaign website at

The nonpartisan group at is good too on issues. Too bad ED refused to answer their intelligent questions on issues. He's all about slick and glib hucksterism - all surface and no depth. He's a used car salesmen selling himself - he'll say anything to get elected.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying voters should not have the oppurtunity to see and hear the people who want to represent them in congress in person ?

I totaly understand that from Julia Caron's point of view from what I have seen over the last 2 weeks from her both in person and on TV.

Wilson46201 said...

Julia Carson is a well-known public figure in Indianapolis, having lived here since she was one year old. She has repeatedly been elected and re-elected. She has made numerous public appearances at many events over the years. Voters know her.

Her opponent is a used car salesman running as a Republican. He is such a loser that he wont contribute any money to his own campaign despite it faltering financially. He projected a $200K budget but could only scrape up a third of that. He wont even invest in himself! He's running around desperately in his now-you-see-it, now-you-dont Recreational Vehicle trying to peddle whatever he thinks will fly. He's playing catch up bigtime ... he couldnt even save enough money to pay for his own last minute radio ads! The county GOP had to step in to cover that embarrassment.

Once again, Julia Carson's Republican opponent will lose in 2006 as in 1972, 1974, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1990, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002 and 2004.

Wilson46201 said...

from ED's profile with the A.P.

"Dickerson said he became frustrated with the Democratic Party and switched to the GOP in 2000."

He lied brazenly. A simple check of voter records showed he consistently voted in the GOP primaries. He was no Democrat before 2000.

He will say anything to get elected. Flip-flop! Flip-flop!

Wilson46201 said...

more from that AP profile:

"On the war, Dickerson said he opposed going to war in Iraq."

He lied brazenly. At Robin Run said he still supports George W. Bush's initial decision to remove Saddam and bring democracy.

He will say anything to get elected. Flip-flop! Flip-flop!

indyernie said...

Start telling the truth Wilson, you'll feel better for it.

Wilson46201 said...

IndyErnie - I quoted easily found documentation - I showed ED lied - ED might start telling the truth someday - he'll feel better for it.

Anonymous said...

On November 7th, the 7th will finally get representation when Dickerson wins this race.

Julia looks a mess when she goes out in public, she goes to the Hill looking the same way. Indiana is a joke because of her, they have no respect for her there.

Congressman Eric Dickerson, boy that sounds good.

Anonymous said...

AP - gee objective reporting there. It's just a bunch of liberal reporters sharing their lies.

Worthless! Just like Wilson.

indyernie said...

Liberal blogs are hardly documentation.
Eric Dickerson does not lie. However, your Democratic Goddess has a long history of mis-leading her constituency.

Anonymous said...

Mis-leading her constituency .. you know like claiming to support gay rights but on a key vote to vote against a change to court jurisdiction of DoMA - she declined to register a vote at all!

So does she still gay rights? Doesn't sound like it.

indyernie said...

It would be instructive for the blogmaster here to notice that the 2 comments coming From Wilson 46201 at 11:11 AM and 3:52 PM are slanderous and libelous. These should be removed from this blog. His slimy, shiftless writing style is at best offensive.

Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

Wilson 46201

Julia Carson is not a saint, nor does she have a perfect track record in this district. Her hands are not clean. Remember, this election will be over on Tuesday, November 7th. What will you do then? The slanderous comments you have continued to make on these blogs about certain individuals will cost you in the long run. Be prepared to back up what you have written.

Anonymous said...

ED is supposed to be the successful businessman but he wont put any of his own cash into his own campaign. Why invest in a loser? If he doesnt believe in himself - why should voters take him seriously?

Listen here Tokyo Rose Wilson, if Eric put a million or two into the race, you'd accuse him of trying to buy the house seat. He's running with the support of the people he will be representing and you're calling him a failure. You're such a hypocrite Tokyo Rose Wilson. Tokyo Rose's propaganda didn't work back then, it's not going to work now.

Anonymous said...


Wilson can't accept the fact that Carson days are numbered and he will have to find another horse to ride in the political arena. I doubt if any of the other office holders would want to be seen with him in public. He stinks for lack of regular bathes and use of deodorant. His crummy appearnce is disgusting. He is known for being Carson's flunky and no other politician will have him in their circle. Wilson will be permantly retired after November 7th. They are really desparate fighting for survival!

Anonymous said...

My unofficial audit reveals that of the 61 posts, 17 are from Wilson and 21 refer to Wilson. So this has become more Wilson's blog than Gary's.

Anonymous said...

"He stinks for lack of regular bathes and use of deodorant. His crummy appearnce is disgusting."

Must be doing so much dumpster diving that it's permeated his skin and clothes.