Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Why Real Republicans In Marion County Should Abandon Their Support Of The Marion County Republican Party

Republican members of the City-County Council last night attempted unsuccessfully to eliminate the homestead property tax credit before they voted to raise your income taxes by 10%. Watch Councilor Aaron Freeman provide false information to the public in defense of getting rid of the homestead property tax credit. He actually tries to convince you the homestead property tax credit is nothing more than a shell game, which is actually a more accurate description of the tax and budget schemes the likes of him have crafted to make you believe that tax increases for public safety are actually going to be used for that purpose. Republicans supported property tax caps when they were enacted into law but now use them like a battering ram when clamoring to raise your taxes, always ignoring all of the ways the corrupt politicians have at their disposal to do end-runs around the property tax caps. Councilor Janice McHenry, another fake Republican on the council, claims her constituents want higher taxes. Councilor Ben Hunter has never met a tax increase he didn't support. Councilor Will Gooden was happy to support a tax increase even though it wasn't as big of a tax increase as he would have preferred to vote on. Councilor Jack Sandlin, a retired IMPD officer, could not have been more excited about the opportunity to vote to raise your taxes. There is only one Republican member of the council who remains committed to true Republican Party principles, Christine Scales, and she is the only Republican council member who voted against raising your taxes. The rest of them may as well have a "D" behind their names because they vote no differently than your typical tax and spend liberal Democrat.


Anonymous said...

couldn't they just all vote for Hogset and eliminate the middleman?

Eric Morris said...

That's why I have abandoned electoral politics and become a Rothbardian Anarcho-Capitalist. I thought "they" were the RINOs when in reality I was. They are just regular Republicans and will not change.

Anonymous said...

No one wants higher taxes but in this case I am all for more police officers!