Thursday, September 04, 2014

R.I.P. Joan Rivers

Comedian Joan Rivers, famous for those trademark words, "Can we talk?" is dead at age 81. Rivers went into cardiac arrest while undergoing a minor outpatient surgical procedure on her vocal chords on August 28. Emergency efforts to save her life proved unsuccessful. News reports indicate that an investigation is underway to determine her cause of death. I frankly thought she was a dead woman walking the moment she spoke publicly about her belief that President Barack Obama is gay and that First Lady Michelle Obama is transgender in response to a reporter's question about her officiating a gay wedding ceremony in New York. Joking or not, The One can't be publicly humiliated without consequences. That's tantamount to crossing The Omen's Damien Thorn.


Anonymous said...

When Joan remarked that "everybody knows Barack Obama is gay and Michelle is a tranny" I too thought that her speaking what is probably more truth than fiction might be dangerous to her in some way.

I am unsure if BO's wide-ended beard is a tranny and I never associate the word "lady" with her name. But I do have a pretty solid belief BO is more gay than his left liberal Democrat media machine will ever publicly admit.

And it's not at all that I care if Obama is gay- it matters to me not one bit... it's just that Barack Obama makes a lousy "symbol" for the LGBT community and I can't for the life of me understand why my community adores him in lockstep so much. I know "out" gay men with more machismo and brains and ethics than the guy with the questionable American birthright could ever possibly possess.

Unknown said...

I can't believe that an intelligent American would speak as anonymous did. Therefore I can only surmise that anonymous is not too bright and severely bigoted.w-

Gary R. Welsh said...

Susan, Or perhaps anon. 4:25 has taken time to research and study BO more than people who rely solely on the MSM for their news. The BO biographical narrative is 90% fiction concocted with the help of agent provocateur Bill Ayers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Gary, for posting this clip of Joan. MSM swept this under the rug so far people I told it to didn't believe me.