Friday, September 12, 2014

Local Elites Intrigue With All Things Sports-Related

Local media is abuzz about news that Indiana Sports Corporation President Allison Melangton is leaving her job to take a new job working as a senior executive for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where she will be responsible for developing new attractions for the Speedway. You may recall that Melangton worked with Mark Miles, Hulman & Co.'s CEO when she ran the local 2012 Super Bowl Committee which Miles chaired. The IBJ is also reporting that Mayor Greg Ballard's chief of staff, Ryan Vaughn, who previously served as president of the Indianapolis City-County Council, will take Melangton's place at the Indiana Sports Corporation. It just goes to prove that everything in Indianapolis revolves around sports.


Flogger said...

Strange Melangton is close in spelling to and probably sounds like Megalodon. Megalodon was one of the largest known predators in vertebrate history. The Sports Establishment in this City is certainly a predator of tax dollars, and a parasite that cannot exist on it's own. The Sports Establishment must have a host to exist and we tax payers are the host.

So buckle up tax payers "new attractions for the Speedway" means a healthy dose Corporate Welfare. Roller Coasters, zip lines, water park, arcades, etc., all will bought and paid for with some bogus Private-Public Partnership.

Vaughn will continue in his
unofficial role as Shogun to Mayor Blowhole. We still have that Sucker (opps Soccer) Stadium to build too.

From IBJ of August 13, 2014 - General Manager Peter Wilt promises team officials will be back in front of the state General Assembly during its next session to discuss financing for a new stadium.

Anonymous said...

Was the TIF money Mayor Vaughn arranged to funnel through the ISC for the Natatorium the quid pro quo for his new $190,000 a year job?

Anonymous said...

Vaughn, Ballard, Barnes & Thornburg, etc., are a repudiation of my entire upbringing.

They taught me to be good and work hard, when they should have instructed me to be sleazy and steal from everyone so that you can make rich friends who will put you in the right spots.

In 40 years, they may be naming local public schools after Vaughn and Ballard, while the good people will be long forgotten.