Friday, September 19, 2014

Eric Turner Plans To Resign Following Election

The announcement comes after it's too late to replace him on the ballot, but the ethically-challenged State. Rep. Eric Turner (R-Cicero) announced today that he will resign his seat in the Indiana House of Representatives after the November elections. House Speaker Brian Bosma recently announced he had bounced Turner from leadership due to his role in lobbying against legislation that could have cost his family's nursing home business at least tens of millions of dollars. A real estate investment trust controlled by Turner family was recently sold for $2.3 billion, a sale that was in the works while Turner lobbied to block the proposed moratorium on new nursing home construction. Turner plans to take a job with a Christian group in Atlanta, of course.

His announcement means that voters in his district will either have to choose between electing his Democratic opponent, Bob Ashley, or cast a vote for Turner in order to choose the candidate hiding behind door number two who would be chosen by Republican precinct committeepersons in District 32 after the November elections. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know? By making his retirement announcement ahead of the election, Turner effectively delivered a middle finger to Speaker Bosma and his Republican caucus members by providing his Democratic candidate the biggest pre-election boost he could have asked for.


Anonymous said...

While I am not at all a fan of Mr. Turner, I have to admit that I got a chuckle out of the way Turner put it to that old goat Bosma who deserved the "treat" in spades.

It took Bosma how long to realize what Turner was doing in his self serving votes??? Bosma actually trusted a Democrat "turned Republican" (for the sole reason of getting elected)? The only thing coming out of the top of Bosma's head is his over-sized ego. The guy is from an era long gone and that's exactly what voters should do to Bosma... make him gone.

This was the fool who bragged several years ago at Marion County GOP Columbia Club meetings how he was going to tame Pat Baur and Bauer end-runs Bosma by scooting to IL with his Dem cohorts. I do not condone that awful abuse of office but Bosma is a damned fool.

Anyone could have seen long ago that Turner was not on the up and up... and I am being generous and kind I that observation.

Flogger said...

Yes, yes Bosma and Turner sticking it to each other, and the losers are the Citizens of this state. How Bosma could not have known about Turner's wheeling and dealing and put an early stop to it stretches the creditability.

Politics today is all about using the system to get what you want - Wined, dined and money. Citizens pay your taxes, shut up and Go to Hell. There should be Big Red Warning Label on the State House - Caution you maybe exposed to Ethically Challenged infectious Bacteria or a Virus.

Anonymous said...

More to come we hear on some sources of who and when all were involved in this little gem of secrets, cover-ups, prior knowledge, abuse of power, collusion, criminal activities and more.

Anonymous said...

"Take the money and run"....