Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Lobbyist Shorts His Stock

Lobbyist Frank Short made an easy choice to sell his mayoral campaign short in exchange for an opportunity to build some goodwill with the leading Democratic mayoral candidate in next year's Indianapolis mayoral race, Joe Hogsett. Short said he didn't want to divide the party and put the Democratic Party's chances next year in jeopardy. Short also currently serves as Washington Township Trustee and formerly served on the City-County Council. In case you haven't figured it out yet, the powers that be have already met and picked Hogsett as the city's next mayor. The election next year is simply window dressing to give the voters an appearance that we still have free and open elections in America. Arrangements are already underway for Greg Ballard's post-mayoral, make-work employment as a reward for the billions of your public tax dollars he plundered during his two terms as mayor for the benefit of the downtown mafia.


Anonymous said...

What do you see for Ballard? 1-Think tank; 2-Professor position at IUPUI, most likely in SPEA, Business, Government or Philanthropy; 3-Corporate featherbed; 4-Pence Administration; 5-position in another city.

Place your bets.

Anonymous said...

He might be a good professor at Martin University, Brown Mackey, etc... But he isn't smart enough for even a Ivy Tech....

I think that he could be a good official in cricket if he could get that fat @$$ of his up and down the field. Yeah they could pay him a six figure salary, too from the taxpayers. You know it would be a part time gig.