Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Hogsett Silent On Income Tax Increase Vote

Joe Hogsett wants to be Indianapolis' next mayor. Yet Hogsett remained completely silent about the largest debate in Indianapolis city government over the issue of raising our income taxes another 10% supposedly in order to hire more police officers. Our Republican mayor, Greg Ballard, got elected largely seven years ago by bashing Hogsett's good friend, former Mayor Bart Peterson (D), and the Democratic-controlled council for raising our local income taxes 65% for that same purpose. Hogsett's silence is not what I call leadership; it's called being a coward. Yet he won't suffer one bit for remaining silent because there is nobody in our useless local news media who will take him to task. This is understood that Ballard will take all the flack so Hogsett can ride into the Mayor's Office on the same Trojan Horse that carried Ballard into office in 2007.

Speaking of the media, this debate proves that freedom of the press in this country has become as elusive as it is in the most totalitarian dictatorships in this world. Not one single news organization allowed dissenting viewpoints aired during any discussion prior to last night's tax increase vote. We heard nothing but non-stop propaganda advanced by the proponents of the tax increase vote. If you haven't awaken to the fact that the United States of America has quickly evolved into a fascist dictatorship following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks not much different than Nazi Germany or the former Soviet Union, you will never awaken until you are taken away in shackles and locked up in a Gulag-style prison camp.


Anonymous said...

This is the million dollar question no one other than you has had the boldness and intelligence to ask.

This also proves that point that while Indianapolis has suffered under Ballard, it will do little better under Democrat Hogsett.

Hogsett's silence on a vital issue underpins the argument that he is more of the same with merely a different single political alphabet after his name.

"R", "D", what's the difference? The same party working either the left or right side of the taxpayer's wallet.

Flogger said...

"Smoking Joe" Hogsett like his mentor Evan Bayh knows it best to smile and do nothing.

Hogsett, wants to lead from behind. Ballard may appear to be leading, but I suspect he being led or pushed from behind by the Shadow Government. The Mega-Media here in Indy has their own seat in the the Shadow Government. The Mega-Media's job is to spread the Propaganda (Manure) and equally important DO NOT air or print dissenting views.

Hogsett's campaign will be like Melina Kennedy's long on senseless babble and short on Reform.