Friday, September 05, 2014

UPDATED: IMPD Officer Charged With False Reporting--For Lying About Sex

An IMPD officer, Andrew Tyler, has been arrested by Indiana State Police and charged with false informing, a Class A misdemeanor according to various local news reports. None of the reports indicate the reason for the charges against Tyler. He has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

UPDATED: This story bothers me. According to the Indianapolis Star, Officer Tyler met a woman from Lafayette online who came to his home to meet with him and wound up spending the night. That happened on August 31, 2013. The woman showed up at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Lafayette on September 4, 2013 claiming she had been raped by Tyler. Apparently Tyler initially lied about having sex with the woman and later changed his story after being told that DNA evidence taken from the woman's body matched his. It took a year after the woman first reported being raped by Tyler before charges were filed against him. State Police didn't confront Tyler with DNA evidence until July 17 of this year according to the Star. The Star report also indicates that no additional charges against Tyler are anticipated, which indicates police don't believe the woman was actually raped by Tyler as she claimed. Unfortunately, this will probably be the end of Officer Tyler's career as a police officer. Bill Clinton remained President of the United States and Commander-In-Chief after he repeatedly lied under oath about having sex with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.


Anonymous said...

"Few other details were released."

What a crappy story. Do reporters report only what is released, or do they ask questions and report the answers to the questions?

These Indy news outlets might as well make their home pages mere links to government web pages.

Anonymous said...

The local outlets are not "News' outlets. I would change 'News'outlets to 'Weather' outlets. Ever notice how many times they talk about the weather? A week or so ago I watched the Fox59 at 10, I counted at least five times during the hour that the 'weather' was brought up. It was a nice day weather. Five times in a hour is every 12 minutes, Oh wait forgot about the 15 +/- minutes of commercials. "Weather" then comes to about every 9 minutes on average. I can only hope when WTTV gets CBS next year that WTTV will have a true in depth NEWS staff.

Anonymous said...

Where do cops think they're entitled to ask anyone about sexual activity? That's an intensely private act and none of their business.

The real issue is whether the woman was raped. That's a matter that may have an actual victim. Was she raped? Was she lying? If she was lying, why was she not prosecuted for this "false reporting?" Did she tell the truth, and the cops didn't want to hurt one of their own too badly, so they hit him with this lesser charge?

What's the real story?

James Hough said...

I think it's pretty silly to think that it's improper to ask about sexual activity when the accusation is raoe. Anyway, if he lied under questioning, I don't feel bad if his career ends. That Clinton got away with it makes it no more right for a law enforcement officer to try to subvert an investigation. That is what he was doing. One more thing- he certainly knew he had the right to remain silent, but not the ability. A lesson for all.

Anonymous said...

It's the right and patriotic duty of every American to lie to police and to "subvert their investigations." Indeed, no greater and more effective expression of the First Amendment can be imagined than to impede the government, particularly [i]this[/i] government.

Police are allowed to use "artifice and stratagem" to obtain arrests, and we are entitled to use no less than that to defend ourselves from them.

If the enemy were among you and asked where the village is, would you answer them correctly, or would you send them over the nearest cliff?

Police are the principal enemy every American will face, and we reclaim a little space of freedom when we waste their time and squander their resources by directing them into a yawning abyss.

Anonymous said...

if he brutally raped your daughter, and she had many external bruises and internal injuries, and she feared reporting the rape to the very same police department he worked for, and she waited several days to go to the hospital until her Navy Specials ops brother encouraged her too, and the only way she got out of his house was because she told him her brother was a Navy special ops officer, and tyler told her her brother would die just the same as the others if he tried to do anything then you might feel differently about this so called police officer. I know a lot of good police officers who think he is a POS.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:44 you have quite an imagination. Is your name "Chicken Little?"

Anonymous said...

If the officer is proven to have lied in an official investigation, then he must be separated from police work.

Under Brady v. Maryland, evidence affecting the credibility of the police officer as a witness may be exculpatory evidence and should be given to the defense during discovery. Indeed, evidence that the officer has had in his personnel file a sustained finding of untruthfulness is clearly exculpatory to the defense.

He can no longer be an effective police officer if he is proven to have lied in a police investigation.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:35 - Ever hear of perjury? It is a felony.

Ever hear of False Informing? It is a crime.

Got a problem with that? Then you'll have to contact the Indiana General Assembly and ask them to repeal those laws. Until then, go to jail for your crime.

Anonymous said...

Your airhead post, notwithstanding, 11:39, you still haven't offered any justification for why lying to police isn't covered by the First Amendment and isn't the greatest duty a citizen has.

Perjury is an under oath statement, thus inapposite to this discussion.

Authoritarian scum like you are why I will never vote Republican.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:59 You may either follow the laws that the duly elected General Assembly has passed, or be considered a criminal.

By the way, don't lie to the FBI, it is a Federal Crime.

If you have a problem telling the truth on matters of consequence, then you really have issues. If you call 211, they can refer you to a mental health provider.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:59 (a/k/a Cato): You'd be happier if you would show us your membership card in the Revolutionary Communist Party.

P. S. You're is available, at 211!