Sunday, September 14, 2014

South Bend Mayor's Chief Of Staff Under Investigation For Misuse Of City Employees

Indiana State Police are investigating allegations that South Bend city employees were used to perform work at the home of the mayor's chief of staff, Kathryn Roos, according to the South Bend Tribune. The City's legal department revealed facts regarding its own investigation in a letter to the common council this past week. The letter read, in part:
“We have learned that the city employee hired a general contractor to perform work at her property and that the general contractor hired subcontractors, at least one of which was a city employee,” the letter reads in part.
“During the course of its preliminary inquiry into these matters, the city Legal Department determined that the interests of the city would be best served by referring these matters to an outside agency.”
The investigation was launched after a citizen raised the allegations during public comment time at a common council meeting. Jesse Davis offered photos he said show that city workers removing and replacing a patio in Roos' backyard in July. Davis had been skeptical that his allegations would be adequately investigated, although he felt somewhat reassured after learning that the investigation had been turned over to State Police.

Roos denied the allegation in a statement she released after Davis made the allegation. “I hired a private company to complete improvements at my home. At no time did I ask or instruct a city employee to do work on my property,” the statement read. “I believe the thorough, unbiased investigation by the city's Legal Department will soon prove this to be the case.”

Roos is a very close to Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who has been called up to serve active duty in Afghanistan as a U.S. Naval Reserves intelligence officer since March. Deputy Mayor Mark Neal has been acting mayor in Buttigieg's absence. Buttigieg is scheduled to return from Afghanistan later this month.

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