Monday, September 08, 2014

SWAT Team Responded To Veteran IMPD Officer's Home

Various news reports yesterday indicated that IMPD's SWAT team was called out yesterday to a home on the City's southside where a former high-ranking commander of the department had barricaded himself and was described as being suicidal. Negotiators successfully talked the veteran police officer into coming out of his home, and he was taken to a local hospital for psychiatric evaluation. All news reports declined to disclose the police officer's identity, although Fox 59 said "the officer and his troubled past are well known throughout the department." Police say the officer faces no charges. "At no point were any laws broken and at no point were any threats made to officers or anybody else in the public," Lt. Chris Bailey stated.


Anonymous said...

When does the right not to answer your door become "barricaded inside?"

We have no obligation to answer our door or to let cops in without a warrant.

This "barricade" nonsense is troubling.

Anonymous said...

So very nice of IMPD to not release this guy's name.

How many taxpayer dollars were used for this swat operation and will the officer reimburse the city for this?

Once again, IMPD is all about "To Serve (their own egos) & Protect (their self interest)."

And they wonder why there is such a credibility a trust gap between them and the community.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment...however a family member called for the police. Probably should check your facts before jumping off a cliff.

Retired IMPD cop said...

Anon 10:42 is right, along with a few other events that put this officer over the edge. One of which his wife passed away on Friday. He, like everyone else, is only human, with a far more stressful job.

Anonymous said...

Retired IMPD cop: His wife died? Where did you get that fact? -It does not appear to be true.

I'm with Anon 8:51 on this one. First, nobody is "barricaded" just because they are inside their own home absent putting the couch against the door or like action. The term "barricade" used in this press release is pure drama. What's next? When you don't open the door for the people who want to shove a "Watchtower" in the house, will they call that "barricaded family"??? -just silly

Next, the fact the release says this is troubling: "At no point were any laws broken and at no point were any threats made to officers or anybody else in the public." -Then tell us why was a SWAT team called out for hours???

If a person wants someone to talk to, we don't send a SWAT team.

This story needs some investigative journalism to uncover the true facts.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking this is another victim of Straubification.

-It could take years to heal the damage that one person caused.

Anonymous said...

So they won't release the name????

The first thing that Frank Straub did was seize control of the media relations units of public safety. Then, he implemented a new reporting system that denied them the information in police reports. Giving them access only to what he wants them to know.

It is obvious that Straubification has taken its course. Nobody needs to know what goes on in its government, "At no point were any laws broken and at no point were any threats made to officers or anybody else in the public". -I say BS!

Straubification means "you know what I want you to know." The favored are covered. The rest are sent under the bus....unless the civil service commission sees through the self-serving politics and rejects Straubification on an employee of the city.

The SWAT team doesn't come out to say 'hello.' The people have a right to know how their resources are being used and why.

Indianapolis has been nearly

Anonymous said...

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