Friday, March 14, 2014

Obama Justice Department Blocked FBI From Investigating Dirty Harry Reid

It's no secret in Washington that Sen."Dirty Harry" Reid (D-NV), a certified member of the Mormon Mafia, didn't get where he is today by being a boy scout. The Washington Times in an exclusive report about a public corruption investigation of Reid and Utah's junior Republican senator, Mike Lee, that Attorney General Eric Holder blocked the Department of Justice's Public Integrity Section from using a federal grand jury and subpoena process to assist local prosecutors in gathering evidence. The Times describes the investigation of the two senators as focusing on two issues:
  • Whether both or either politician sought or received money or other benefits from donors and/or fundraisers in connection with doing political favors or taking official actions.
  • Whether Mr. Lee provided accurate information when he bought, then sold a Utah home for a big loss to a campaign contributor and federal contractor, leaving his mortgage bank to absorb large losses.
The Times says eyebrows were first raised in 2011 when Reid used his power as Senate Majority Leader to help get a Republican attorney with close ties to Lee appointed by Obama as a federal prosecutor in Utah. That resulted in an entire office of federal prosecutors being forced to recuse themselves from participating in the public corruption investigation. The FBI is struggling to help local prosecutors pursue an investigation using the state court system that they would normally pursue using the federal court system. As long as we continue electing people to Congress who are as corrupt as Reid and can be blackmailed because of their transgressions, effectively eliminating the checks and balances in our federal government, a lawless government led by an imperial presidency will continue to persist. Read more by clicking here.

One of my favorite scenes from "The Godfather" is where Sen. Pat Geary, a Nevada senator, tries to shake down Michael Corleone for a gaming license and Corleone puts him in his place by telling him, "My offer is nothing." Later in the movie, a drugged Geary winds up in bed with a dead prostitute. We could only hope that Dirty Harry Reid will meet the same fate some day. He's earned it.


Flogger said...

Sadly, nothing new here. This can be filed under Too big to Fail and Too Big to Jail. I suppose it would take in this day and age a pretty dim-witted elected or appointed official, or you double crossed the wrong person to be prosecuted let alone convicted of crime.

Since the laws are created and signed on to by elected officials, I would suspect they are provided plenty of loop holes to escape any prosecution.

Our system is flawed. Three things pop into my mind to at least correct it. Campaign Finance Reform, Limitations on Lobbying and Term Limits.

Anonymous said...

"Corruption is as corruption does."

-The Democrat Machine