Thursday, March 27, 2014

Firing Of Two Hendricks County Deputies Sought Over $250,000 They Were Safe-Keeping For Man

Deputies Teresa and Jason Woods
Details have emerged to explain why Hendricks County Sheriff Dave Galloway wants two of his deputy sheriffs fired from their jobs. The husband and wife duo, Jason and Teresa Woods, were allegedly safe-keeping $250,000 for a man in a built-in safe inside their new Brownsburg home when the owner of the money says it went missing. Neither Woods showed up for a merit review hearing scheduled concerning their employment yesterday.

According to WTHR's Steve Jefferson, a private investigator for the owner of the missing money hired him to help track it down. The private investigator interviewed Deputy Woods, who identified himself as a photographer rather than a deputy sheriff. Woods allegedly told the private investigator he was to deliver the money to a man at a local McDonald's restaurant where the two would exchange passwords to identify themselves. As Jefferson explained:
Deputy Woods was to deliver the money by saying, "Oysters with pearls are in the river" and receiving the response, "When monkeys fly." The deputy reportedly says that's just what happened, so he no longer has the money. Deputy Woods allegedly took a photo of the person's car, an unoccupied Black Chrysler, and showed that photo to the private investigator. The money was in two large plastic bags, according to merit board testimony.
The man who was suppose to receive $250,000 from Woods told the private investigator that he went to the McDonald's, but no one ever showed up. The private investigator told merit board members he noticed the Black Chrysler he was driving was not the same Black Chrysler shown to him by Woods.
Sheriff Galloway also interviewed Deputy Teresa Woods about the so-called missing money.
"She knew about keeping a large amount of money for a friend in their safe," said Galloway, "and although she claims she did not know the amount, she failed to question where the money came from, saying their friend is just not fond of banks and asked them to keep it."


Anonymous said...

...something stinks here. They did not present a defense for their jobs. A criminal investigation continues. Do they have passports?

-I wonder what political affiliation they have?

Anonymous said...

Embezzled money is treated as income.

Hello IRS - are you there???

Anonymous said...

Does the male officer wear goggles when he goes to tanning booths. Planning a vacation...Look at those computers we say...Phone records too...Ponder it.

D L Hough said...

Innocent until proven guilty, yes, even the police have rights, see Garrity v. Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

Hendricks county government officials are criminal themselves I sure hope the U.S. attorney General and homeland security get involved to put ever last one in prison