Saturday, March 22, 2014

Still A Tax Scofflaw After All These Years

As opinionated as radio talk show host Abdul-Hakim Shabazz is about how much our taxes should be in Indiana, one would think he would at least have the common decency to comply with the tax laws that apply to all other Indiana residents. How many decades does he have to live in Indianapolis before he starts paying taxes here like all the rest of us?


Anonymous said...

IC 9-18-2-1
Registration; state residents
Sec. 1. (a) A person must register all motor vehicles owned by the person that:
(1) are subject to the motor vehicle excise tax under IC 6-6-5; and
(2) will be operated in Indiana.

IC 9-18-2-45
Improperly registered vehicles; misdemeanor
Sec. 45. A person who knowingly or intentionally owns a motor vehicle that is registered outside Indiana but that is required to be registered in Indiana commits a Class B misdemeanor.

Anonymous said...

Think of all the back excise tax and penalties he's going to have to pay.

Has the "Indiana Barrister" ever got himself an Indiana law license?

Anonymous said...

Abdul is not a very nice person at all. He's even a worse spokesman for Leon Tayloring Company. Sorry Norm, sorry Larry, I won't be buying any more suits from you!

Anonymous said...

Another good reason not to listen to this scofflaw.

Anonymous said...

The car was sold by Shaffer Mitsubishi of Merrillville. If he bought it new, he would have to taken it across state lines to register it, then bring it back to drive it.

Here's his Illinois law license:

His address is

4418 Braemar Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46254-3608

He doesn't even list an Illinois address in Illinois. He's playing both states against each other.

Why don't we all get Illinois plates? They're a lot cheaper.

Anonymous said...

what a cheap POS driving such an
old heap.

Dave said...

It's one thing to call out someone for something you disagree with- but personal attacks & publishing personal info? WTF!

Who cares what someone else drives, what's up with that?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Mr. Shabazz is a public figure and his automobile registration is a matter of public record. If he wants to flaunt the fact that he and his wife have lived in Indianapolis for many years but that he continues to register his automobile in the state of Illinois representing himself as a resident of Chicago, he should be expected to be called out on it, particularly when he constantly uses his radio talk show and political columns to tout his views on how much we should be paying in taxes when he doesn't even pay the taxes he is legally obligated to pay to our state.

C. Roger Csee said...

Since he is a mouthpiece for Mayor Marine, perhaps he gets a "free pass."