Thursday, March 27, 2014

Calumet Township Trustee's Office In Lake County Raided By FBI

Feds look into Calumet Township Trustee's office
Well, the FBI is raiding government offices everywhere else but here in Indianapolis it seems where wholesale fraud of taxpayers is occurring on a daily basis. Today, FBI agents descended on the Calumet Township Trustee's Office in Lake County. A search warrant was served on Trustee Mary Elgin (D) in Gary as part of a joint effort by the FBI, the IRS and Indiana State Police. Spending by Elgin's office has been under a microscope for some time according to the Northwest Indiana Times. Calumet Township's tax rate is 22.6 times the state average. A Times investigation found that her office spends almost as much on employee salaries and administrative expenses as it does on assistance for the poor.


Anonymous said...

The Indiana Commission on Government Reform recommended the elimination of Township Government in Indiana....for just this reason. There is too much waste, it costs too much, and there is documented far too much corruption involved.

Governor Pence and the General Assembly: Tear Down This Wall! -Eliminate Township Government in Indiana!!!

Anonymous said...

Finally! Those of us in the Region who have watched this fiasco over the years are cheering. Even what little makes the papers up here is enough to make you wonder why it took so long.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I'm sure there is nothing worse than what has been going on in the Center Township Trustee's office here in Marion County where even larger sums of money have been pilfered by successive Democratic trustees. The U.S. Attorney's Office and the Marion Co. Prosecutor's Office apparently have made a deal with the powers that be to give these officials a license to steal from the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

What of the republicans. I don't care which party. Tif's, Turner, ACS, FSSA, DCS, roads, highways, gas, coal and

Anonymous said...

Frank Short?

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop on Republicans, the closer to the November election the more you will see corrupt Republicans get indicted.
The Department of Justice is just thinning out the forest of Democrats so clear cutting the Republicans can start.
Watch and see!