Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lafayette's Gain Is Fort Wayne's Loss

State officials haled a decision this week by GE Aviation to locate a jet engine manufacturing plant in Lafayette this week that will eventually employ about 200 employees. The plant will build engines to be used in Boeing's 737 MAX and Airbus' A320neo. State officials awarded the company incentives worth at least $5 million, while Lafayette officials will grant the company a 10-year tax abatement.

A story getting less play in the media was the announcement made only a day later that GE will close its motor testing lab and executive center in Fort Wayne, the last two facilities it operated in Fort Wayne where the company once employed 10,000 workers. The closures will result in the loss of about 90 jobs, which the company is moving to Monterrey, Mexico.


Anonymous said...

Lafayette is on a major thru-Interstate; Fort Wayne isn't.

Things might have been different if I-69 were built, but we've had incompetent anti-infrastructure Republicans in office for over nine years.

States that grow and progress build an entire Interstate from one border to the other in a couple of years.

In Indiana, however, we can't even upgrade a major state road to Interstate grade in nine years.

The pathetic plans for I-69 don't even involve bringing it through downtown.

Pete Boggs said...

So called "infrastructural progress," disconnected from border security / integrity, is only an illusion of progress & poor planning.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:11: Layfayette is off I-65, Fort Wayne is off I-69.

Both are in the Northern District of Indiana which that U. S. Attorney has prosecuted multiple cases of Democrat corruption, including election fraud.

-Be careful where you go with the political swing....some of us know the truth and we don't hesitate to call you out.


"Corruption is as corruption does."

-The Democrat Machine

Flogger said...

I know it will not happen, but Federal Legislation is needed to prevent states from doling out tax subsidies including abatements to favored Corporations. This seems to me like a case of discrimination. The small business or any other business for that matter is left paying the taxes the company favored with subsidies does not. I suppose if Pence has his way there will be no business taxes.

As a Baby Boomer I have sadly seen our Industrial Base Gutted.