Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Ballard Administration Releases Three Finalists Competing To Privatize Our Criminal Justice System

The finalists bidding to seize control of the Marion County criminal justice system for profiteering purposes has been released by the corrupt Ballard administration. The three finalists are:
  • WMB Heartland Justice Partners, led by equity members Meridiam Infrastructure Indy Justice LLC, Balfour Beatty Investments Inc. and Walsh Investors LLC with major non-equity contributions by Walsh Construction Co. II LLC, Heery International Inc., Cofely Services Inc., Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP; and Dewberry Architects.
  • Indy Justice Partners, led by equity members Fengate Capital Management Ltd., AECOM Global Fund I LP and Shiel Sexton Co. Inc., with major contributions by W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Co., Tishman Construction Corp. and Johnson Controls.
  • Plenary Edgemoor Justice Partners, led by Plenary Group USA Ltd. and Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate LLC. Major non-equity members are Clark Construction Group LLC, F.A. Wilhelm Construction Co. Inc., HDR Architecture Inc. and CBRE.
It's quite curious that CB Richard Ellis was permitted to bid on this project with Plenary Group since it was the city's contractor to determine the best sites suited for development of a new criminal justice center and came up with the bright idea of placing it near the airport on the county line next to Hendricks County in order to exploit contracting opportunities with the federal Bureau of Prisons' Con Air prison inmate bedding scheme.

One of the finalists, Meridiam Infrastructure, recently built a very costly court system for Long Beach, California that will wind up costing taxpayers in the Golden State $2.3 billion over 35 years for a 31-courtroom building. A California legislative study found that the project was not well-suited for a public-private partnership and could have been obtained at a much lower cost through traditional procurement methods.

This is all about facilitating more payoffs, kickbacks and bribes that will be passed out in the course of transferring total control of our criminal justice system in Marion County to private interests. In this case, that private interest is assured of being controlled by a foreign company since all three finalist teams are led by foreign companies: Meridiam Infrastructure, Paris, France; Fengate Capital Management; Toronto, Canada; and Plenary Group, Melbourne, Australia.

UPDATE: Here's an interesting observation. Both Fengate Capital and Meridiam Infrastructure are among the four finalists the administration of Mike Pence is considering for the awarding of the boondoggle Illiana Expressway in Northwest Indiana which will feature toll road rates much higher than other area toll roads. Under that public-private partnership, state taxpayers will have to pick up the shortfall if the tolls are insufficient to pay debt on the bonds issued to build the highway. The proposition is a win-win for the private developer and a lose-lose for taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

Foreign companies are great, because a kickback can be paid outside U.S. jurisdiction.

Ballard slush said...

If I recall correctly, this will be built with private funds but the city will lease out the space for the prison and courts. If my memory is correct, does that mean Greg wants taxpayers to foot the bill for his soccer stadium but wants a private company to house our courts? I hope I'm simply confused. Regardless of who "wins" the bidding (or opens their pockets up), Greg will make sure to build the this thing out in Plainfield, voluntarily forfeiting dollars spent at restaurants and office space to Hendricks County.

Gary R. Welsh said...

That's exactly how it would work, and that's precisely the reason it will cost taxpayers dearly. The Marion County Building Authority could build and manage a complex at a much cheaper price to taxpayers. Ballard has never made a decision since he's been in office that would benefit taxpayers; it's all about maximizing rewards for people who contribute to his campaign, pay to send him and Winnie on free trips out of state, treat him to dinner, lavish gifts on him and otherwise treat a complete buffoon like him like he's relevant--at least when they're standing face to face with him. As soon as he turns his back, they're all cracking jokes about what a socially awkward, man on the take he is.