Sunday, March 02, 2014

Kentucky Speedway Pays Kentucky State Police $300,000 For Track Security

Does anyone recall a discussion of the free security that IMPD, the Marion County Sheriff's Department and Indiana State Police provide at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for race events when the legislature agreed to provide $100 million in taxpayer financing for improvements at the track? I don't. I found this story in the Louisville Courier-Journal discussing the payment of a $300,000 overdue bill by Kentucky Speedway for security at the track owned by Speedway Motorsports interesting. The payment was reimbursement for security costs incurred during four racing events at the track in 2012 and 2013. According to the story, Kentucky State Police received the overdue payment one day after the Courier-Journal reported that the state police had been pressing the track for payment for months. The Kentucky Speedway is much smaller than the IMS, having a seating capacity of 117,000. It once again shows that Indianapolis taxpayers are forced to provide generous subsidies to sporting event owners that aren't provided elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

IRL Grand Prix
Carb Day
Night before Rqce
Night before 400
Moto GP

Lots of free aecurity

Anonymous said...

Superbowl...What of the promised free badges to Volunteer officers that were later told they had to pay $50 to get one...