Wednesday, March 26, 2014

BP's Whiting Refinery Spills Oil Into Lake Michigan

Oil spilling from BP's Whiting refinery into Lake Michigan was supposed to be an impossibility, but the impossible has happened this week as crude oil leaked into the refinery's sealed cooling system that circulates water between Lake Michigan and the refinery. According to the Chicago Tribune, oil is never is supposed to come in direct contact with cooling water used at the refinery. Lake Michigan is a source of water for many communities near the Great Lake. Illinois' senators have vowed to hold BP accountable for the spill. "In a joint statement, U.S. Sens. Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk of Illinois said they are concerned that BP’s move to increase production could lead to more oil spills," the Tribune reported. "We plan to hold BP accountable for this spill,” the senators said, “and will ask for a thorough report about the cause of this spill ... and steps are being taken to prevent any future spill. Indiana officials, who generally don't give a damn about environmental protection, had nothing to say.

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Anonymous said...

Top notch reporting by the Star on this one. This didn`t make the front page of the Star`s website nor did it make the front web page of the News section. Tell me how a story that affects Hoosiers and makes the front page of BBC America is buried on the state`s largest newspaper`s website. Never mind the fact that the Star pickes up the AP story and didn`t bother on their own reporting. Well done.