Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Four IMPD Officers Shot Serving Warrant

This is a developing story. Four IMPD officers were shot while serving a warrant on the city's southwest side in the 1600 block of State Avenue. Fortunately, none of the officers have suffered life-threatening injuries according to Fox 59 News. The suspect who was being served with the warrant has been shot dead. \

Earlier this afternoon, police responded to three separate shootings elsewhere in the city where four persons were shot. All three shootings occurred within minutes of one another but are not thought to be related. One of the shooting victims is in serous condition, while the other three victims were not believed to have suffered life-threatening injuries.

UPDATE: The dead suspect has been identified as 27-year old Andrew Sizemore. It was a drug-related arrest. Police recovered $125,000 in cash, 13 firearms and a stash of heroine. Just another example of the rewards we're reaping from the trillion dollar war in Afghanistan so the CIA could re-establish its heroine trafficking operations with drug lords in that country to fund front companies all over the United States with the laundered proceeds that are used to funnel large quantities of money to selected political insiders, who in exchange use that money to purchase our politicians.

Who are the politicians blaming? You, of course. There's an effort by the Ballard administration orchestrated through an IMPD staffing committee that says the problem is that you aren't paying enough taxes. They want to raise $25 million in taxes annually to restore IMPD's funding level to what it was supposed to be the last time that you were socked with a 65% increase in your local income taxes that was supposed to be used for public safety. Meanwhile, these same lying politicians are giving away your public tax dollars by the tens of millions to developers who are stuffing money in their pockets.


Anonymous said...

A drug warrant? Don't the cops have any real work to do?

C. Roger Csee said...

I couldn't help but notice that Fox59 did not mention any of the other shootings that took place yesterday.
Are the media ignoring what is happening in this city?

Gary R. Welsh said...

I believe they had a separate story on those shootings.

Anonymous said...

Cato a/k/a "Anonymous 7:27":

I'm glad the police stopped these dangerous felons and their operation, which was not only harming our community by distribution of drugs, but collecting a large amount of stolen property as payment, meaning we were victimized twice by their actions:

1) By the burglaries and thefts of the drug customers to pay them
2) By spreading the drugs, and disease that goes with drug use
3) Taking guns away from dangerous criminals who would kill for their drug enterprise.

We need to double the size of the police force to keep this city safe.