Friday, March 14, 2014

Cop Shoots 70-Year Disabled Veteran Because He Reached For His Walking Cane

A South Carolina deputy sheriff mistakenly shot a 70-year old man during a routine traffic stop when the man exited his truck and reached for his walking cane, which the deputy mistakenly believed was a gun. Deputy Terrance Knox of the York County Sheriff's Department later broke down in tears and had to be consoled by another police officer as others rush to respond to the shooting victim's medical emergency. Another police officer reassured York that he was only doing what he was trained to do as the victim's wife grew increasingly hysterical and prayed out loud. The good news is that the victim, Bobby Canipe, a disabled veteran who served in the Vietnam War, is expected to survive the gunshot wound to his stomach.


Anonymous said...

America has a bad cop problem. The cops have destroyed all memory of freedom in this country, and it's long past time to do something about and to them. Future generations will have no memory of freedom because of this nastiest internal army.

Unfortunately, America is broken into roughly two camps: gun owners and non-gun owners. Neither camp will do a thing to the cops.

The gun owners, in the main, are the most disgusting authority lovers you'll find outside Stalin's supporters, circa 1933. Gun owners love cops and the military, and they viciously attack anyone who suggests it's time for America to take back the country from the cops and the military.

No matter what latest police abuse appears, no matter what latest military crime makes the news, gun owners are the greatest apologists for the cops and the military. To gun owners, the cops and the military can do no wrong. There is no attack on citizen freedom that gun owners won't support or defend.

Should someone attempt a restoration of America, the gun owners will be the first to point out the patriots to the government.

Gun owners will complain about Obamacare, and they sure stand up for Israel, but they will never say a word in complaint about the cops or the military.

Gun owners are disgusting, cowardly and revolting. They're not really American, but they salute that flag more zealously than anyone else. Gun owners will never lift a finger against the cops or the military, and that's why the government lets them have their guns. There's simply no harm to the government in letting the gun owners have their little toys.

On the other side are the non-gun owners. This group, roughly speaking, doesn't like guns and would have no skills or mettle necessary to reclaim the country. Many in this group are far more American than the gun owners, but they lack the training, drive and materiel to combat the police, and they'd face a rear guard action from the freedom-hating gun owners if they attempted a reclamation.

With no group in America ready to stand up and reclaim the country, America is dead.

America is irrevocably broken, and we've been a police state for over 20 years. We're merely watching a daily slide into full martial law.

If you can, find another country, but please don't infect those better places with your Americanism.

C. Roger Csee said...

While this was a tragic mistake, if you have never walked in an officer's shoes, stopping a vehicle in the dark, in the middle of nowhere, with no back-up, and the subject pulls out what looks like a long-barrel weapon, refusing loud orders to stop, drop the weapon, etc. you have no standing in this event.
Remember, the person you stop KNOWS what you have NO idea what they are.
Police officers are human. They make mistakes. Listen to the officer...he is obviously extremely upset at this. And as the assisting officer tells him, he did as he was trained to do. Officers HAVE the right to defend themselves.
Officers want to be alive at the end of their shift. They are NOT required to just stand there until they are shot or shot at.
Please take off your rose-color glasses, and see REAL life as it is. This is NOT Pixie Hollow.
You obviously are not a defender of the Constitution. May God help you if you ever need help.

C. Roger Csee said...

Perhaps Anon 8:05 will learn something from this information:

Eric Morris said...

Sure, Roger, we all need to become cops so we can criticize them. Maybe cops look at non-cops as the enemy, rather than the protect and serve mentality. They are just the paid thugs of the criminal gang called the state, which we must worship at all times ... or we get shot for not wearing the costume that saves us from getting shot. This hero worship needs to stop. There are several jobs more dangerous, and none give you a similar license to kill.

Eric Morris said...

Roger that Roger, shocked that the thug's boss defends his actions.

Maybe Roger should read some of these links to see that the men in blue are neither the best friends of their fellow men nor the best friends of man's best friend.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll say it! It would appear they made a poor hiring decision at that Sheriff's office...

I hope Ballard has learned from this and our local past bad hiring experiences here not to repeat it. Mayor Ballard, don't let that Chief with a history from Baltimore select anything less than the best and only those qualified for the job of police officer!

We've seen some problems with his appointments and promotions already.

C. Roger Csee said...

These are the conditions that police officers live under.
It's not like that in Pixie Hollow, where police haters live.,AAAAGE7pRvE~,Duslmwmkc3RQ97n1Bgh5YQ3CIlOPlhdZ&bclid=0&bctid=3328012882001

Eric Morris said...

Number of cops killed by gunfire=33.

Number of people cops killed=414.

Even in the video you posted, the cop lived and the other guy was killed. Violent crime rates are down over the decades so the "fear" the cops feel is unwarranted.

Eric Morris said...

Cops win the draw on a 6:1 to 12:1 ratio, depending on the year. Despite lower violent crime overall, cops apparently "don't have time for this" (not shooting) or don't really like the idea of mundanes having guns. Maybe with so many cops popping off rounds, all those guns are justified. Even the link you showed has the cops end up killing the driver and the hero in blue back on the job.

Anonymous said...

We need to move away from the idea that every cop should have a gun.

We particularly need to strip traffic cops of guns. Traffic cops carry far too much aggressive weaponry to the most meaningless interaction with citizens.

There should not be a gun present every time a citizen encounters a rolling meter maid.