Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Tim Berry Named New Indiana GOP Chairman

Gov. Mike Pence has announced State Auditor Tim Berry as his choice to become the new chairman of the Indiana State Republican Party when Eric Holcomb steps down this week according to Howey Politics. Berry will be required to resign his state constitutional office in order to become the party's chairman, a move that will allow Gov. Mike Pence to choose his replacement to fill out the remainder of his term.

Howey speculates that Pence chose Berry in order to block State Treasurer Richard Mourdock from running for the Auditor's office next year. Some Republicans blame Mourdock's meltdown in the final days of his Senate race against Joe Donnelly last year over poorly-worded comments he made on the subject of rape for Pence's narrower than expected win over Democrat John Gregg in the governor's race last year. Some speculate that Pence will choose Cecilia Coble of Fishers to fill out the remainder of Berry's term and seek election in her own right at next year's state GOP convention. The choice of Coble, a virtual unknown to most Republicans, seems largely based on the fact that she's Hispanic and female, a move intended to widen the potential appeal of next year's statewide Republican ticket.

Berry is term-limited from seeking re-election as State Auditor next year. He previously served two terms as State Treasurer. Pence's campaign chairman, Kyle Robertson, is expected to become the party's new executive director.


Paul K. Ogden said...

"Howey speculates that Pence chose Berry in order to block State Treasurer Richard Mourdock from running for the Auditor's office next year."

Yeah, I don't buy that at all. But it also keeps Mike McQuillen out of that office so I'm all for it.

artfuggins said...

Will the GOP ever learn that it does not help to just put a minority on the ballot when their policies are very anti minority and many of their spokespeople are spewing insane statements about minorities? Minorities can think despite what the GOP may believe.

Unigov said...

Why would you single out the GOP as racist ?

LBJ's Great Society was a knife in the back to the black family. The Leftists that control the Democratic party will enslave us all, starting with re-enslaving Africans. The current GOP is to the left of JFK.

For an 18-month period during 2009-2010, the Democrats held the Presidency, the US House, and a filibuster-proof majority in the US Senate. They could have done anything they wanted ! They could have, for example, fixed immigration in ONE DAY - but they didn't - how racist. They could have ended the stupid wars in ONE DAY thus preventing the bloodshed against Muslims. But they didn't - how come ? They could have legalized marijuana and ended the drug war in ONE DAY. Eric Holder could have got off his ass and put all the bastard bankers in jail, ONE DAY of perp walks. But he didn't.


(Republicans plus Democrats) equals (fascism plus Marxism).

They key to understanding the US is to realize that business and and communism have become one in the same. Examples:

> 'free cell phones for poor people' is actually a welfare program for the telecom industry, plus a Keynsian nudge to the economy.

> the Farm Bill is welfare for corporate farms and food giants like Kraft. The "Feeding America" charity is headed by the guy that runs Kraft Foods. The charity 'advocates' for the farm bill, in the name of lower food prices.

> 'too big too fail' means a bank's losses will be covered by the US government.

Follow the money...cui bono ?

Paul K. Ogden said...

I'd love to hear from ArtFuggins about what those polices are that are "very anti minority."