Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Local FBI Office Sees Uptick In Heroin On Indy's Streets: Gee, I Wonder Why?

A special-agent-in charge in the local Indianapolis FBI office, Bob Jones, discussed the priorities of the local office with the media today. Among the efforts outlined by Jones is a "safe streets" task force. Jones says that Indianapolis is seeing an uptick in heroin-related deaths and gang activity.
Another task force, known as "safe streets" is targeting community based violence, often facilitated by both national and neighborhood based gangs. A sudden rise in heroin deaths and drug busts last year may be behind some of the violence seen in recent months, Jones said.
“We've seen an uptick in heroin here, and we know that fuels a lot of the gangs. Gang violence in Indianapolis seems to be rising in frequency, and we focus a little bit more on that because of it,” he said.
Intel from the task force has also enabled agents to target gang leadership.
“The biggest thing we can do through our safe streets task force and our criminal enterprise theory of investigation is take these gangs and their associates off in large swaths. We want to focus on the gangs where we can arrest 30, 40 or 50 at a time, versus the ones and twos. That's probably the best way to make those neighborhoods safer,” Jones said.
Let's see, where does the heroin originate? That would be Afghanistan. Who's calling the shots in Afghanistan? That would be the CIA, which pays bribes to the country's leadership and drug warlords in their employ to protect its drug-running operations. In fact, heroin production in Afghanistan has skyrocketed since the U.S. invaded the country for the purpose of eliminating Al Qaeda, the terrorist organization founded and funded by the CIA. The largest drug trafficker in the world is the CIA. Until the FBI starts investigating and prosecuting high-level people within the CIA and their contracted agents, including those operating right here in Indiana, for their role in drug trafficking, money laundering and other international criminal activity, the federal government's so-called war on drugs will remain nothing more than an overt effort by the federal government to eliminate drug operations that compete with the CIA's drug rings.

Jones says its public corruption task force remains active, which continues to ignore the largest public racketeering operations in state government and the city of Indianapolis. Let's put it this way, Indiana and the city of Indianapolis continue to be one of the most ideal places in America to engage in public corruption activity. Your chances of being prosecuted if you're working with the right people are slim to none. The amount of public money that is being pilfered by those of greatest influence in government has reached unimaginable proportions. There seems to be a consensus that those committing the most egregious acts are being regularly briefed and tipped off about any information coming to the attention of the public corruption task force, and that the politically-driven U.S. Attorney's Office will only prosecute low-hanging fruit involving persons deemed disposable by those in charge. Whistle blowers beware. These people are ruthless when it comes to exacting revenge on people who threaten their empire.


Anonymous said...

Also keep in mind Mitch Daniels sister works in the US Attorney's Office in Indianapolis why HHS wont go after FSSA or USDOL will not take on DWD is a mystery to many!

Gary R. Welsh said...

Deborah Daniels is a former U.S. Attorney. She hasn't worked in the office since the first Bush was president.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up Gary. The question remains though why won't the Feds go after FSSA and DWD? After all their is FSSA's half a billion dollar boondoogle and the blatant conflict of interest involved in awarding ACS their contract! Also DWD has the worst quality scores in the nation at processing unemployment and we are still nowhere near repaying the feds the almost 2 Billion Dollars we owe them! If Pence doesnt start firing enmasse Daniels holdovers he will take the hit for them and it will be his fault!

Anonymous said...

The military runs the CIA. If the FBI prosecutes the military, the DOJ attorney, the FBI, or family member of such persons will end up dead.

We live in a country where the military assassinates journalists inside the country's borders and where witnesses are killed in their own apartments. They brought down three buildings 12 years ago, and the public bought the story that it was conducted by goat herders from a poor, rocky country that happens, by coincidence, to supply this heroin. They even installed their head military guy as head of the CIA.

These people are fully in power and unaccountable.

As long as Americans continue to salute the troops at every sporting event and holiday, the propaganda will be too strong to keep the public from seeing their "heroes" as the enemies of the country.

Let the military be. They're far too powerful for ordinary folk to challenge.

Flogger said...

As a Veteran of the Vietnam War there were always the rumors of the drug traffic being a "protected" industry. Weed was very common but heroin was also available. The source was infamous "Golden Triangle."

Then we have years later an investigative journalist named Gary Webb, who linked Nicaraguan Drug Traffickers to the CIA backed Contras in 1996. Drug profits were being used to fund the Contras. Webb's article and his character were attacked by the Lame Stream Media. Sound familiar??

Don Wycliff, Chicago Tribunes Tribune's public editor, in 2005 wrote, " Webb's series, and that allegation especially, touched off a firestorm of criticism in both the government and the media. Not only did the CIA deny his allegations, but three high temples of the American establishment--The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post--all joined in knocking down Webb's stories. Eventually, even his own editor at the Mercury News effectively disavowed him and the series.

Gary Webb himself became radioactive within the newspaper industry and went to work in California state government. When he died last month at age 49, ostensibly of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, he was jobless and, apparently, hopeless.

I have a confession to make: I still think Gary Webb had it mostly right."

Since then we have Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Eric Snowden and recently Michael Hastings receiving the same basic treatment, by the Mega-Media, ignore the story,and attack the messengers.