Thursday, July 25, 2013

More Men Busted Having Sex In A Public Park

I'm not sure why in this day and age men who want to have sex with other men would feel a compulsion to meet in a public park. It's not like there aren't places other than public parks where they can meet other men or connect with one another via the Internet. Yet it continues to happen. WRTV's Stephen Dean reports on numerous arrests made by IMPD undercover officers recently at Skiles Test Nature Park on Indianapolis' northeast side, often in place where children are nearby.
Police have reported making numerous arrests at picnic tables, on park benches, inside cars and off jogging trails, as undercover officers take aim at nudity in city parks, apparently fueled in part by postings on several web sites.
"I think it's crazy," said one park visitor, as she rode her bike in the Skiles Test Nature Park on the northeast side of Indianapolis, reacting to a police sting that has netted at least eight arrests since late May. "Ridiculous," she said.
Numerous online listings refer to certain parks around the nation as "cruisy parks," and some even offer ratings and tips for men who want to cruise through certain areas to link up with other men for exposing themselves or masturbating in public. 
Days after one group of arrests at the park off Fall Creek Parkway in northeast Indianapolis, the Call 6 Investigators found summer camp activities drawing groups of children to the park near the exact spot where arrests were being made. Dozens of other park visitors were typically seen walking their pets or riding bicycles to enjoy the scenic wooded park.
"They don't expect to find people exposing themselves or engaged in sex acts. That's not what you expect when you come to a public park, nor should it be," said one undercover Vice Squad sergeant with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.
He said men who are "cruising" parks for illegal encounters often flash hand signals to alert approaching cars that they are looking to participate in the nude exchanges.
With hidden cameras, the Call 6 Investigators found some men backing their cars into secluded parking spots and then flashing the hand signals to approaching cars, as police had described. Men appeared to respond by pulling into neighboring parking spaces to discuss and arrange the particulars . . .
Frequently, the men arrested in these embarrassing arrests are married men.  Dean's story gives up the names and faces of some of those busted.


Anonymous said...

Is it the two dudes doing it or the park nature of it that offends you? From extensive personal experience, I can enthusiastically say that it's fun and kinky to enjoy some romance with a pretty girl in a secluded area of a park.

I agree that the two dudes should take it somewhere else, because nobody wants to see that, but feeling frisky should never receive a greater penalty than a kick in the ass.

Anonymous said...

The point is that these perverts are doing this in a public park and not in their own homes or a hotel somewhere behind closed doors. This garbage should never be allowed and anyone doing this in public needs a couple of years in the Indiana State slammer.

CircleCityScribe said...

To Anonymous 8:35:

"Feeling frisky" is a far cry from the criminal actions those men were performing in our city park!

Parks are for families. In this instance children ride their bikes, skateboard, hike in the park.

There is an obvious reason why the lewd activities are crimes in Indiana.