Sunday, July 21, 2013

Indianapolis Media Continues News Black Out On Public Row Between Search Engine Guru Scott Jones And Wife

A number of national business and gossip websites quickly picked up last week on a very public row that had developed between multi-millionaire search engine guru Scott Jones and his wife, Vee Vee, which I reported here, after Vee Vee publicly accused her husband of an adulterous affair with one of his employees at ChaCha. Search engine data showed the story attracting interest to my blog from throughout the country and around the world. Yet Indianapolis area news media have had a complete back out in reporting the unusual public feud as detailed by Vee Vee in numerous posts on her Twitter account and blog. WTHR-TV teased its online readers with a mention of it to discuss whether it was newsworthy but passed on doing a story about it.

In Vee Vee Jones' latest tweets, she claims she has been served with restraining orders by her husband and several employees at ChaCha. On Friday she tweeted: "OMG wow, got serve more restraining order from 2 other people at chacha whom I never even threaten, is now saying they fear for their life?" She followed up that tweet with the following: "Woman allegedly tries to run over ex, crashes into tree ” Won't be me. Lol promise not that cray (sic)." In a post on her blog, Vee Vee explains her attempt to visit the other woman at ChaCha's offices, which resulted in the restraining order against her:
Before I ever outed her… I drove to ChaCha and asked her if I could talk to her… Her response? “No, I got nothing to say to you”
All I asked was to talk. And I asked nicely at first :-)
Then I asked “You’re willing to talk to my husband. Aren’t you sleeping with him?”
Her response… In front of everyone?
“I got nothing to say to you. Not here. Not ever”
Soooo there’s no denying you f_ _ _ ing my husband? You constantly stalked me on twitter & tried to converse with me… So when it comes face to face, you act like a chicken head and cluck the f_ _ _ away? Serious?
Bitch, if you weren’t f_ _ _ing my hubs, then say you ain’t f_ _ _ ing him. But to not deny it?
Girllllllllll, and then go file a harassment case against me? Honey bear, no one was trying to hurt you physically. All I wanted to do was talk to you.
Vee Vee claims ChaCha has blocked her use of a search engine app that she claims she helped create that will allow her to provide information about the adulterous relationship in which she has accused her husband of engaging. In another blog post, Vee Vee attacks Business Insider for reporting on the row between her and her husband:
Shocked and disappointed that business insider would do a write up about my crazy rant on twitter. Is it really a business news? I mean are you guys like TMZ now?
Shit, I’m shock that its even news at all.
I use to read them for inspiration. So sad and pathetic they are… I have the right to be sad and pathetic… But Business Insider? Really?

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