Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Your Back

The Indianapolis Star's Jon Murray says the Indianapolis Public Library is poised to carry out "expansionary aims" under the leadership of its new CEO, Jackie Nytes, the former City-County Councilor who served as the library's CFO when it nearly bankrupted itself going on a massive, new building effort that cost taxpayers dearly. Murray's story tells us that Citizen Energy's Carey Lykins will co-chair a task force that will develop a 5-year strategic plan for the library with Hope Lampton, community relations director for Christian Theological Seminary.

Lykins has been in the news as of late after asking Indianapolis ratepayers to absorb a 14% water rate increase to help pay for the doubling of his salary to nearly $3 million and big salary increases for more than a dozen of the nonprofit utility's top executives. Lykins had promised Indianapolis ratepayers that a benefit of Citizens Energy acquiring the water utility would be lower rate increases in the future.

Nytes is no stranger to Lykins. She was a vocal proponent of the sale of the water and sewer utilities to Citizens Energy as a member of the City-County Council immediately before being named the library's new CEO, earning close to $150,000 a year. Nytes repeats at every public forum she is allowed to speak the false notion that local governments' budget woes can be blamed on property tax caps. And what organization does Nytes serve as a member of its Board of Trustees? Why yes, that would be Citizens Energy. It's business as usual as one member of the downtown mafia takes care of another.


Pete Boggs said...

San Antonio's water company CEO (SAWS) is compensated in the $325K range; which compares to Indy's population & IWC CEO compensation- how?

It seems that public service has become an umbrella of obscurity; for service of another kind...

Unigov said...

The idea that "local governments' budget woes can be blamed on property tax caps" is pure BS. Hendricks County's website shows taxes and assessed valuations since befoer the new caps, taxes are about the same.

Budget woes stem from two things:

1. Money swiped from taxpayers and given to developers in the form of gifts, loans, and tax breaks.

2. Public sector unions, which cause total compensation for cops and teachers to be double fair market pay.

We pay enough in taxes at federal and state levels to balance the budget, and provide for government essentials AND humanitarian support for all in need.

Pete Boggs said...

The best treatment for their OPM (other people's money) addiction might be cold turkey...

CircleCityScribe said...

"Corruption is as corruption does."

-The Democrat Machine

(Jackie Nytes (D) Library CEO, and also served as Library Chief Financial Officer when the library nearly bankrupted itself on that new building, which cost taxPAYERS dearly.)