Monday, July 29, 2013

More On Fountain Square EID Shenanigans

Advance Indiana has learned that the proponents of the Fountain Square EID are now seeking a postponement on tonight's vote on Proposal No. 105. Support among council members has collapsed as more property owners who initially signed petitions supporting the creation of the EID have recanted their support after previously undisclosed facts have come to light. I'm hearing that a meeting will be called for all affected property owners and so an audit of the linear frontage footage used for calculating assessments on all affected parcels can be performed. Proposal No. 105 was previously sent back to committee after reaching the full council due to concerns expressed by affected property owners. The Metropolitan and Economic Development Committee sent the proposal back to the full council a second time on a 6-1 despite vocal testimony from property owners and over the objection of one of the original sponsors, Brian Mahern.

UPDATE: The City-County Council voted 22-7 to strike Proposal No. 105, which effectively kills the Fountain Square EID for the time being. Councilor Jeff Miller unsuccessfully sought to postpone action on the proposal until September 23 before the council voted to strike it.

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