Thursday, July 18, 2013

Search Engine Guru Scott Jones' Wife Goes On Twitter Rant Against Him

If you think you have problems in your marriage, check out Valley Wag's post on the Twitter rant of the spurned wife of search engine guru Scott Jones. I wonder if her social commentary on her husband is searchable in ChaCha? It is in Google. Apparently she has a blog too.

UPDATE: Business Insider has more here on the row between Jones and his wife Vee Vee over the other woman. And now the Daily Mail has a story:
The multimillionaire creator of an internet search engine creator has been accused of adultery by his wife in a very public Twitter shaming.  
Scott Jones, 53, the man who created ChaCha, a boutique search engine backed by Amazon.
CEO Jeff Bezos, was accused of having an affair with a colleague.  
His wife, who is known as Vee Vee Jones, accused him of having sexual relations witha fellow worker at ChaCha. 
Mr Jones, an American inventor,  is worth an estimated $150 million - he has already been divorced twice - once in 1997 and again in 2004.  
Yesterday his third wife, who he met via, tweeted: 'I'm dying inside, its hard to give my newborn & my 5 y/o proper attention. Thanks Scott for screwing our family big time.'
She then posted a photo of her breastfeeding a baby reading: 'While I was doing this' to her 50,000 Twitter followers . . .
Mr Jones said the couple met on the dating website when she was living in Miami and he was living in Indiana.   
She wrote that she fell pregnant a month into their relationship and claimed that Mr Jones cheated on her when she was eight months pregnant.  
She claimed she was going leave him, but Mr Jones was diagnosed with cancer so she stayed.  
They got married in November 2011, but Mrs Jones claims: 'Between Thanksgiving and Christmas was when I realize he fell out of love with me…'  
'But can you blame him? I gained weight (pregnant). Puking 6 times a day… Can’t go out to eat… No sex :-/ Of course he’s going to cheat.'
Mr Jones who has the handle @chachaman has not replied to any of the tweets - his last message read: 'We must become the change we want to see.' – Mahatma Gandhi.'  
The couple live in a mansion on a 53-acre estate in Carmel, Indiana with their children. 

An updated story by Business Insider has a statement from Scott Jones' PR representative denying his wife's allegations:
"While I would have preferred that this remain the private and personal matter that it is, the recent accusations made by Vee Lee against me and other employees of ChaCha are simply not true. This is a regrettable situation and I want to thank my family, friends and employees for their understanding and continued support during this trying time."


Anonymous said...

Five kids with his wife, and he cheats? What a loser. VeeVee seems interesting, too. She seems like a fun, engaging and dynamic woman.

I don't get cheating.

Downtown Indy said...

Life's tough for the 1%.