Monday, July 15, 2013

Missing Female Inmate Turns Herself Into Fox 59 Reporter: A Case Of Mistaken Identity?

A 32-year old inmate, Brandy Majors, was reported missing by the Marion County Sheriff's Office. While police were still searching for the missing inmate, she spoke to Fox59 News' Russ McQuaid, who tells an entirely different story. Majors was arrested on Thursday for an outstanding arrest warrant, but she claimed it was a case of mistaken identity. Her purse was stolen last September and someone has been committing crimes using her identity. On Friday, she says a sheriff's deputy escorted her from her cell, returned her personal belongings to her and released her from the Marion Co. jail. She assumed that they had figured out the mistaken identity claim she explained was confirmed by the sheriffs department. After news reports claimed she had escaped from the mail, Majors' husband contacted Fox59 News' Russ McQuaid, who met her and her husband at a park near Fountain Square where she told McQuaid her story before McQuaid called the Sheriff's Department and attempted to explain what happened. A sheriff's deputy arrive shortly thereafter and arrested her, saying she was wanted on two outstanding felonies. Russ is the hero of the day. The sheriff's department has egg all over their faces.

UPDATE: Fox59 News is reporting that Majors has now been transferred to Hendricks County authorities where she is accused of committing theft. The victim of the alleged theft insist that Majors is the person who committed the crime, insisting this is not a case of mistaken identity.


Anonymous said...

...I wonder if the Sheriff had his deputies performing their duties in the jail instead of out writing traffic tickets, riding bicycles downtown, riding motorcycles and performing acts that they are not supposed to be performing: Would this have happened?

Why are there so many sheriff deputies driving in those Dodge Chargers instead of guarding the jail, serving civil process, registering sex offenders or transporting prisoners???

Downtown Indy said...

The really weird parts of this are the BGPD car just happened to be watching them and how the sheriff 'detective' showed up inexplicably at the right time, and THEN stuffed her into his car without even handcuffs or a frisk.

There's more to this than what McQuaid's video shows.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The deputy showed up after McQuaid called the Sheriff to tell him where she was. I get what you're saying. The whole thing was rather contrived. I would think it would violate policy not to handcuff an inmate being transported, particularly one you were claiming had just escaped from the jail.

Anonymous said...

The deputy really set himself up for trouble. In my day you never transported a female by yourself. You even had to report your mileage to and from locations. It didn't look right or professional at all.

Downtown Indy said...

From the video, it seems as if McQuaid only mentioned he 'has something you're looking for'.

But that's not to say bad editing made the seem the case.

And EXCELLENT point from 'anon'! Yes, that is highly irregular.