Sunday, November 11, 2007

Imagine, A Star Reporter Lifting From A Blog

Renee Wilmeth of Indy's Feed Me Drink Me blog has discovered a Star reporter is capable of lifting information from your blog without attribution. Wilmeth writes:

Hey, I don't mind if you use my stuff, just send some traffic my way (and click on some ads, will ya'?) I'm flattered that columnists like Indy Star's Susan Guyette consider me a must read but a little attribution would be nice. (Check out her "Restaurant Buzz" at the end. I'll leave it to regular readers to decide how familiar it seems. Thanks to a reader for the pointer.) The one new piece of news regarding what's replacing Mo's Loading Dock gives me the fear. Apparently, according to Guyette, "you'll recognize the name of the famous food outlet as soon as the deal is signed, sealed and delivered." "Famous food outlet" is not necessarily good news.

This is happened to me on so many occasions in the past I just gave of mentioning the fact. It's funny, though, now that the election is over all the local mainstream reporters are going on about how much the media and all the pundits missed the outcome of this year's Indianapolis mayoral election. Well, this blog and several others had the race pegged dead-on for quite some time. I've also not heard a single one of those mainstream reporters acknowledge the big role blogs had in this year's mayoral race, although some of the biggest beneficiaries of the bloggers this year are conveniently ignoring their role as well. It's the big elephant in the room none of them want to talk about for sure. So many of the local media were completely in bed with the Peterson administration and they skewed their reporting accordingly. They missed the outcome of this race so badly because they were reporting with their hearts instead of their minds.

A big hat tip to Ruth Holladay for catching Renee Wilmeth's story. I met Renee last year at one of RiShawn Biddle's roundtable sessions back when he was still speaking to me. She's a wonderful woman with a great food blog.


Wilson46201 said...

Lest it be forgotten: this blog and others were so defiantly and definitively predicting Congressman Eric Dickerson too!

[ Also cue the remarks about blind pigs and stopped clocks! ]

Anonymous said...

ughhhhh...make it stop, Gary, make it stop...

This was about a FOOD blog, Wilson, and the newspaper's lifting of items from same.

Not Eric Dickerson.

Repeat after me: It's not about Eric, it's not about Eric....

Is there a 12-step program for this kind of addiction? If so, does Wilson have friends who can do an intervention?

Gary R. Welsh said...

It is off topic as usual, Wilson, but just for your daily humor, Darla told me as recently as Tuesday night that the only reason Dickerson lost was because there were a bunch of precincts in the 7th District which never got counted in the congressional race. She says the Republicans had a deal with the Democrats to rig the outcome of the race--I'm not kidding. I have never seen a precinct by precinct breakdown. I would like to see a color-coded map like the one for this race to put this grassy knoll story to rest. Do you have a precinct by precinct count in the race? Someone who analyzed the race claimed that he saw all the precinct results and Dickerson actually got more votes in the 7th District than Carl Brizzi, although obviously not enough votes.

Anonymous said...

I'm with 250 pm - make it stop. I am so tired of this sh*t from Wilson.

Don't make me re-print the crazy Darla rant.

Wilson46201 said...

I know there's a really hard to read precinct by precinct detailed paper printout of the 2006 general election results available at the Clerk's Office. That's where I found that poor Darla lost her own precinct 166 to 11 (her own neighbors seemingly dont think too highly of her!). I've never seen a mapping of the election results by different races by precinct percentages. It wouldn't astonish me that Dickerson got slightly more votes than Brizzi in the 7th District.

Imagining that somehow all the precincts deliberately werent counted in a contested Congressional race because of party collusion is political paranoia and delusion to the max. There's a good reason that Darla is known as Jocelyn Lite -- such fables and fabrications are the stuff cuckooland crackpots console themselves with...

Anonymous said...

Shut up Wilson.

Wilson46201 said...

Shut up anonymous.

Anonymous said...

"So many of the local media were completely in bed with the Peterson administration and they skewed their reporting accordingly."

So well put. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

4:42--they didn't skewer it toward Peterson, necessarily.

They're just lazy.

The Peterson angle was a known quantity, therefore easier.

There is a difference between lazy and slanted. For example:

Lazy: Most of the media in this town, especially Tully's weekly (yawn ) column.

Slanted: Eugene Pullliam's paper's editorial pages for, oh, 50 years.

Neither one is very readable, actually.

And the poor electronic media...well, they are followers, not leaders. Except that Rafael. Damn he's cute...I hope I have a consumer problem I can call him about soon. "Parasite!" LOL.

garyj said...

Why do you ALWAYS pull Julia, Eric, or Darla out of you hat?

Maybe if AI does a post about
WW-I, the aforementioned people WON'T be mentioned.

Are you still bitter about Bart losing? Get over it! Just congratulate Greg and move on.
Don't you have a governors race to sabatoge?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the D's should look / think of how the rantings of a wingnut dumpster diver hurt thier people.

Anonymous said...

Think about the demise of the Democrats after the remaining councilors vote for Monroe Gray to be the minority leader......that will absolutely the death of the party....if the councilors do that, they will all deserve to lose.

Anonymous said...

7:06: If Monroe runs for caucus leader, he has three votes tops.

Including his own.

Won't happen.

braingirl said...

Thanks for the kind words, Gary. For an even more egregious copy job, check out Jeff Swiatek's restaurant story in the business section. All reported by Cory Shouten in his Property Lines blog, and none of it cited or attributed to new sources by the Star. I find it so odd that editors aren't catching these oversights.