Thursday, November 08, 2007

Miller Jumps On Ballard Bandwagon--After The Election

A big hat tip to Blue Indiana. It seems Advance America's Eric Miller is jumping on the Greg Ballard bandwagon after the election is over. The Miller property tax relief plan did the trick according to Miller. In a press release dated November 7, Miller writes:

The win by Greg Ballard over Bart Peterson to be the next Mayor of Indianapolis was a win for the taxpayers of Marion County. "Mayor-Elect Ballard's courageous stand in support of the repeal of property taxes was rewarded by the citizens of Indianapolis who went to the polls on November 6," Eric Miller, Founder of Advance America stated.

"The citizens of Indianapolis were devastated by massive property tax increases in 2007 and they did not want another temporary band-aid, they want property taxes repealed."

"I look forward to working with Mayor-Elect Ballard and the Senators and Representatives who support the Repeal of Property Taxes as the Indiana General Assembly gets underway later this month," Miller said.

As I pointed out on several occasions during the campaign, Miller and his religious right counterparts like Micah Clark and Curt Smith, were noticeably not doing anything to support the candidacy of Greg Ballard. They were nowhere to be seen at any of the tax protest rallies Ballard attended. I'm sure they were quite pleased Mayor Peterson had pledged $5 million of the $90 million income tax increase for faith-based initiatives. Their efforts were quite visible up in South Bend for Juan Manigault and Fort Wayne for Matt Kelty, both of whom were dealt crushing defeats by their Democratic opponents. See Republicans, you can win elections without the support of Miller, Clark and Smith, if you talk about bread and butter issues instead of bedroom politics. As a reminder, the three all head up not-for-profit organizations, which are not supposed to be engaged in partisan politics, not that it's ever gotten in their way.

I almost forgot. Miller did help at least one Marion County candidate with his "property tax message" this year. It was Councilor Sherron Franklin (D), and she also suffered a smashing defeat to her Republican opponent, Michael McQuillen.


varangianguard said...

I hope that this effort is shown the respect it deserves - none. Eric Miller go home.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your efforts this past campaign, Advance. You seem to be the only one not taking credit for Ballard's win. If you ask my opinion, you made a bigger difference than all the loud mouths taking all the credit now. Keep up the great work you do here. Ballard needs you.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Thank, anon 8:35. As Ballard said on election night, the victory was won by the grassroots work of many. No single person can take credit for Ballard's win. It was a win by the collective efforts of many.

Anonymous said...

Lets just hope that Miller doesn't turn Ballard into a far right-wing extemist.

Zappatista said...

First, NO MONEY should be given to any faith based group....... ugh if it is the realm of social aid and justice, fine, but it should be outlined as to not include "their" own agenda. Eric Miller needs to start his own country/state/cess pool and take all of the rightous with him.

Second, I hope that Ballard doesn't get too far ahead of himself. I am fine with the change, but to "cut and run" with some of the plans, out of spite would not be good for the city.

Overall though I am just as scared for the city as I was before the election, and adding EM to the mix makes it even worse.

Anonymous said...

There are indeed a lot of Johnny Come Latelys that jumped on the Ballard bandwagon not only after Ballard secured the win.

The more damning evidence of those Republicans that supported Peterson rather than Ballard BEFORE the Indianapolis Star/Channel 13 poll became public can be found in the Ballard campaign finance filing for the period of April 14, 2007 to October 12,2007.

In today's business section of the Indianapolis Star columnist John Katzenberger wrote an article titled BUSINESS' COURTSHIP OF BALLARD BEGINS. In true Inianapolis Star fashion, Katzenberger spins about who were with Ballard and who were not. He writes some half-truths and some outright lies.

Very few Republican contributors to Ballard gave a dime before that poll came out. The true believers and financial backers of Ballard were the ones that gave monetarily or provided in-kind support. Your blog Gary, supported Ballard from the beginning. You gave your time and a voice for others to support Ballard which was much more effective than your giving cash to the effort.

Katzenberger noted in his article that the there were some Republican businessmen who were on the Ballard bandwagon and contributed financial to Ballard. Amounst those were Fred Klipsch, Tim Durham, Buert SerVaas, Steve West, Bob Grand and Joe Loftus.

Here are the facts:

BEURT SERVAAS: DID NOT contribute one red cent to Ballard before that late October poll came out. In fact he only contributed when he was given insode info on what the Democrat's internal poll was showing

TIMOTHY DURHAM: Same as Servaas. Durham not only didn't give a dime to Ballard until that poll came out he never released one dime from the Greater Indianapolis Republican Finance Committee until after the poll.

Fred Klipsch: *See both of the above

Only Steve West, Bob Grand and Joe Loftus were on board with financial support BEFORE the October polls showed Ballard with the lead.

Tim Durham and Beurt Servaas DID NOT support Ballard until the writing was on the wall.
Katzenberger need only look at Ballard's first finance report to see who was on board and who wasn't.

There are many Republicrats like Durham, SerVaas and others that don't deserve a seat at the Ballard table IMHO.

Ballard is right. The Country Club Republican Party is GONE! The new Marion County Republican Party should be re-built accordingly.

Anonymous said...

This is somewhat amusing. I'm a Dem who proudly voted for Bart, but I think the city will be in decent shape with Ballard, IF he sticks to his soul, and trusts what got him there.

It isn't always about money, as Bart's huge fiscal advantage shows. It's how you use what you've got. Bart's reports next month will likely show he ended with almost a million dollars in surplus. Smart, huh?

The real problem Ballard is going to have, is the holier-than-thou legal community. They've always had their tentacles deep into both political establishments. Well, guess what? Ballard has no ties to that establishment.

He needs some of them, but but as many as he'll be led to believe.

After all, that establishment can only bilk the public for so long, expensive "scrivener's notes" (i.e., worthless or lazy legal work) notwithstanding.

This guy will be fine as mayor. Not excellent, but fine. I'm a little more worried about the council. Lincoln Plowman and Bob Cockrum anywhere close to leadership scares the s--- out of me.

Anonymous said...

Eric Miller is a non-factor. He not only didn't support Ballard in the trenches he didn't open his checkbook either.
He doesn't have a seat at the table. He needs to go away.

Anonymous said...

Will someone, please, throw a bucket of water over Eric Miller? He won't stop humping his own leg.

Anonymous said...

I don't want division among the pro-repeal camps, however, Miller has done nothing to reach out to those of us who plan the statewide tea parties with Hoosiers For Fair Taxation.

In contrast we attended his rallies, introduced ourselves, promoted his rallies, linked his site, and generally tried to reach out...only to be ignored. More and more I see from his actions that he is likely just an opportunist.

I have never agreed with Miller's homo-hatred agenda and now I can see clearly that he doesn't work well with others in the spirit of what is truly good for Indiana's families.

Ballard got elected because local citizens from across party lines worked TOGETHER to pull off a feat of effective grass roots activism! All of Indy's bloggers regularly communicated, cross promoted, and always stepped up to the plate for each other.

Ballard's win had nothing to do with Eric Miller. Miller wasn't even around...not once...ever.

By the way...did anyone see how quickly Brizzi was up on the stage in the spotlight at Tuesday's victory party? Where the hell was Brizzi during the last year when The People begged for justice in the CCC meetings?

I believe it was John Price who came to defend The People's interests, not Brizzi.

Shame on you Carl Brizzi. You should have done much more with your power to help the people. Why did you hide when we needed you most?

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here going thru Greg Ballard's campaign finance report for the period of April 14, 2007 thru October 12, 2007. For some strange reason I can't find John Price's name anywhere on that report. Are you sure he was a Ballard supporter?
There also seem to be a lot of other presumed Ballard supporters whose names or businesses do not appear on this report. The lack of some names is rather surprising but I'm sure they have their reasons.
Times are tough all over but some folks spend mor than $100 at Starbucks in a month.
I'm not picking on you Melyssa, you did more than you fair share for the effort. I'm just trying to make a point.

Anonymous said...

Brizzi was the first person I saw on stage to high 5 Ballard. He gave Ballard a whopping $1000 and that was someone else's money, it came out of his campaign committee!

Brizzi, Durham, SerVaas are all on board now aren't they.
It won;t take Ballard long to mingle at the club and kick the common man in the teeth if Brizzi's high 5 is the shape of things to come.

indyernie said...

Talk about jumping on a bandwagon.

Wilson is at TDW smearing Ballard.
Why Wilson would think that Ballard would appoint me to a city position is amusing.
I did what I did during the election because of the abuse within the Peterson administration.
Wilson's an idiot. I've given him too much credit in the past.
Mayor Ballard is going to do what's right for Indy. The hangers-on and the after-thinkers can flap in the wind.
For the record Mr. Wilson Allen. I have no interest in a city or county job. And the next time you want to trash me try it face to face.

Anonymous said...

Melyssa--Eric Miller an opportunist? Do ya think??

Miller is motivated by two things: power for Eric Miller and money for Eric Miller's checkbook (not necessarily in that order).

He is a despicable human being, and I do hope you have stopped attending his rallies now that you see that.

Anonymous said...

Eric Miller is a babbling idiot and we all know it. I think that the city council should immediately repeal the local income tax of 65%. It obviously was a big factor in the election results and if the council and Ballard are listening it should be repealed immediately. I hope Ballard does not get hijacked by the Brizzi and Ike Randolph types.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to see the council republican majority do what the Democratic majority should have done and that is see that Monroe Gray gets what is coming to him and I hope that is jail time.

Anonymous said...

Ernie, the partisan Republicans (like you) have been on the relentless attack against a Democratic administration prior to this election.

Now that the Republicans have it what would make you think the partisan Democrats won't do the same thing? You might want to get used to it. It's your turn to fend off the attacks.

Anonymous said...

I do not wish to chop off all the hands in this movement to repeal ALL PROPERTY TAXES even if Eric Miller's self-serving role was obvious, but I do want to send a message to Mr. Miller that we are quite serious in our actions and if anyone wants to thrive off of their EGO or wants to rule a Kingdom, then they will not be received well by the people any longer.

However, what we should focus upon is working with people who have been on the front lines of this fight and have been inclusive to making these efforts a reality. It is quite obvious that many Republican insiders were invisible during the darkest of times or our city and state and as the adage goes, we know who are real friends are when times become difficult.

This is the beginning of a new activist breed in our state and nation as people are waking up and although 50% are still fast asleep and 40% are half-awake, yet for the 10% of us who are aware, we must continue to work together and gently shake the 40% so that they understand how much power are in the people's hands and that it only took a small group of activists to literally flip an election.

We not only defeated the New York Yankees with a college baseball team, we also tackled a massive media machine (the Indianapolis Star and also most of the local network news organizations) through activism, intelligent and passionate blogs, and a clear message that the people want our lives back and it's time for the government to back off.

Therefore, I do want to express my thankfulness to Advance Indiana as this was one of the best blogs in our city with highly intelligent pieces and I would love to have a chance to sit down with the owner of this blog in the near future as my goal is to create a true blog news network and incorporate it using youtube and other media devices.


Wayne Kirk News

Sir Hailstone said...

"Why Wilson would think that Ballard would appoint me to a city position is amusing...For the record Mr. Wilson Allen. I have no interest in a city or county job."

That's funny ... not at you Ernie ... to Wilson. Ernie has a business, he can't very well run his business and work for the city at the same time that is unless Wilson wants allege ghost employment.

Anonymous said...

John Price filed the lawsuit to try to get the COIT increase undone based on Patrice Abdullah's illegal vote. That's where John Price helped the people and Brizzi ignored the issue.

Sorry, I suppose my point was a bit confusing.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could also donate more money to candidates and organizations which I feel are beneficial to our community, but real estate has been very slow and I've been stretched thin financially.

With that said, I want people to know that John Price has given a great deal of his and legal expertise to this cause and so has Eric Miller and though motivations of some may be in question, the results are what's important.

Let's just keep our focus on what we can do on eliminating property taxes and making strategic moves to remove politicians who do not share this vision.

Wayne Kirk News

varangianguard said...

I suppose it's too much to ask that we all just try to get along?

Anonymous said...

Melyssa and others,
Apparenlty, most all of you, with the exception of Ernie, Gary and one or two more think this election win by Ballard was ALL about property taxes.

Many of you fortunately do not live on a street or in a neighborhood where many abandoned homes and properties exist and do not understand the effect that this has on people like myself and my neighbors.

Crime goes with the abandoned houses and criminals go where it appears that people don't give a damn. How long would most of you put up with a crack house running 24/7 that's 15 feet from your garage that you and your wife have to drive out of to get to work every day?
How many slumlords rent out properties in YOUR neighborhoods and openly contribute to narcotics trafficking and prostitution like J.L. Hair Realty does on the east side?

Listen people, I was pissed off at the Peterson Administration LONG BEFORE YOU TAX PROTESTERS EVEN CAUGHT WIND OF YOUR PROPERTY TAX INCREASES! Did any of you, including some bloggers even give a damn about crime and the 12,000+ abandoned houses in this city before? NO! Why? The problem wasn't on your door step, that's why!
My property tax increased 68% but that won't kill me. A bullet in my head from crack dealer next door who's operating from between abandoned houses that the city and cops don't give a damn about WILL KILL ME!
Indianapolis has Detroit size problems that are of far greater concern to me than how much the powers that be hit me with on their property tax bill.

So if this win by Ballard was all because of your protests over the amount of money you might have to fork over for your taxes then you people need to drive around town a little and see the real world around you before my neighborhood's problems eventually end up on your door step.

I did my part, more than most, to get Ballard in and I did it early. Hell, I started guerrilla warfare against Peterson before Ballard was even on the ticket. And yes, I even wrote a check to Ballard. It appears on Ballard's FIRST finance report NOT on the coming second one that will show who jumped on the wagon at the last minute.

So go ahead and keep fighting your property tax fight. That's OK by me. But my efforts on Ballard's behalf were simply about life and death issues, not my bank account.

Haughville Joe said...

Progressive Repubs have no use for Eric Miller. His religion, my religion, and your religion should have no effect on the political structure and functioning of our government.

indyernie said...

1:59 I was born in Brightwood and lived near Eastside until twenty years ago when I moved into a vinyl village close to the county line. During part of my stint in the Navy I lived in Oakland Ca. I've seen and experienced violent crime. That said what was I to do, wait until my wife, child or grand child becomes a victim?
I live in an integrated neighborhood that has seen crime increase for the past six to seven years. Calls to the Peterson administration, MCSD and concerns expressed to the City Council all fell on deaf ears. That's why I got involved. Taxes are an issue with me but having safe streets is a bigger issue.

The property tax issue did bring out the masses.
For me I wanted results not just spending.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:12 Please enlighten me and list the things that Eric Miller did to help Ballard get elected.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response Indyernie, you and I will talk soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello anonymous,

First I don't appreciate being judged about what I know or do not know (or care about) regarding the city's woes. I work for Angie's List on the near east side...I see the blight all around our offices every day. Also, my MK neighborhood has been affected by an increase in crime. Contrary to what you may think, not everyone in Meridian Kessler only cares about money.

I'm no elitist, but am simply a working girl who knew what to do before the bills hit and was aware of the problems....however, without the energy of anger, it is impossible to moblize people. That's the simple fact of the matter. I often talked to friends and neighbors about the pea shakes, the abandoned houses, and problems that affected our city under Bart's leadership, but people didn't want to listen because it didn't affect them personally.

When problems don't affect people personally, they usually do not give it attention or energy.

I attended council meetings and kept myself abreast of the problems. I also worked as a volunteer for the Libertarians and for the national Fair Tax.

You would do well not to judge people you obviously know nothing about.

And it is awesome that you stepped up to contribute first to Ballard's campaign. I'm glad you were there first to give him that early confidence.

Sir Hailstone said...

"Listen people, I was pissed off at the Peterson Administration LONG BEFORE YOU TAX PROTESTERS EVEN CAUGHT WIND OF YOUR PROPERTY TAX INCREASES! Did any of you, including some bloggers even give a damn about crime and the 12,000+ abandoned houses in this city before? NO! Why? The problem wasn't on your door step, that's why!"

1:59 PM - I don't "pay" property tax - well yes I do but it's all rolled up into my monthly rent so I don't see it. I do know rent is going up next year in response.

But I am damn well fed up with crime in Indianapolis. I had to file my first theft report with IMPD this year. The GPS in my truck was stolen. Insurance replaced it, but there's still that feeling of your property being "violated". I also obtained a firearms permit and I now carry a Glock 19 9mm pistol loaded with hollow points almost everywhere I go.

If you read my blog (sorry Gary I don't intentionally plug my blog on your site) I've written about crime, I've written about abandoned homes. I've written about the very things you bring up.

I set out three goals: 1. Protect myself 2. Advocate for change in elected leadership 3. Vote for that change.
All three are goals are achieved so far. It's up to us holding those newly elected officials feet to the fire so they will keep their end of the bargain.

Anonymous said...

I was not prejudging you as you stated. I was simply making a very good point to which you responded in much the way I expected. Folks in MK and the other gentrified areas don't give a damn, just as you stated, until it lands on their doorstep. Trust me it WILL eventually happen and at a much higher rate than you can imagine that will eventually affect your neighborhood's safety, quality of life and lord help us all, your property values.
I'm not going to beat the Detroit comparison to death but there were neighborhoods just like yours that held on as long as they could. Some survived and some didn't. The ones that survived? Some have had to hire their own police protection becasue the city of Detroit does not have enough money for all the cops thay need.

I'm glad you're working at Angies List. Please ask Bill Oesterle why he gave Scott Keller $10 grand and not a dime to the Ballard campaign. Ask him why he gave $$ to Peterson too. You can't control Bill least you got to use the phones.

Again, I'm not attacking, you did more than your fair share. However, I have little if any empathy for your elitist neighbors and that includes Ryerson at the Indy Star and several others.

Anonymous said...

Sir Hailstone: I have to say I completely agree with you. We live at 38th and Meridian and the crime has shot up there over the last few years alone. Luckily our apartment community just built a gated fence but before I'd be lucky to get in without some asshole begging for money then getting violently angry. As a woman I'm scared to death to even bring in the damned groceries. I half expected to go out to my car to see the windows bashed out because they didn't get anything. I hate to say it but the people who don't live in these areas are begging people to have compassion...until they live there. Living here turns you into a cynic and a pessimist. If I could tell you the number of times I've heard the "car ran out of gas, gotta catch a bus, gotta feed my kids" more times that I can count. I had one guy get up in my face and threaten me when he asked my girlfriend if she had money and I said "No, she doesn't, now go away." As a non-theist I personally love it when they say "oh god bless you, Jesus will be good to you if you could just help me out" and when I tell them no they cuss me out. The guy who stands at the corner begging for money? He lives in the building next door and appears to be financially doing quite well and isn't homeless. I can't even walk my damned dog any more without the fear of being attacked. Guys sit out front dealing drugs and I've called the police I don't know how many times about this guy who sells drugs from his wheelchair. He's unsuspecting because who is going to pick on a guy in a wheelchair, right? He watched a young girl in our building leave her keys on top of her car, two young kids came by and took the keys and he made her pay him $20 to get them back. Miller is about as opportunistic as the creeps in my neighborhood are.

Let's hope that Ballard doesn't pander to the fundies and leaves the GLBT issue alone. I'm so sick about hearing how we should hate gays and pay for Christian conversions.

What's that saying? He who shouts loudest usually has the most to hide?

I am 100% behind his move to stop the segregation of sheriff/IPD that still occurs. I'm sure it will free up some funds to pay for more officers. It's pretty sad that you have two officers in the same position for the same number of years and skill set making completely different amounts. Doesn't do much for morale and you can use that money to, oh, I don't know, get some more cops in our areas?

Personally, I think we should go back to the days of foot patrol and hue and cry. I'd be happy to let them set up cameras in my apartment windows. They could clear out the streets in a matter of days just from the footage they'd get. I do my part but everyone else would just rather ignore it so they don't get involved.

I need you, Sir, to protect me in MY neighborhood. Here's to hoping for some positive changes on the way. I loved his "country club Republicans" term...that defines them to a T. There's a Web site called "It's My Party, Too" that was started out of a desire to eliminate tired way the rich and the fundies have been operating the party. I think the Democrats now need to do the same.

Anonymous said...

The new Marion County Republican Party is made up of Tom John and all the young folks that he convinced to spend their time getting out the vote and working for the party. Without the Party, Ballard would not be Mayor.

This is all good news for libertarians and fiscal conservatives. Ballard's staff is not packed with right-wing fanatics. Tom John, who appears quite moderate on social issues, and John Cochran (the campaign manager who works for John's law firm) do not appear to be ultra-right wingers.
I'm all about a Giuliani-style mayor getting in office and I think that's exactly what we got.

Eric Miller is a has-been and has no influence on Marion County politics.