Wednesday, November 07, 2007

House Passes ENDA

In a historic vote tonight, the House of Representatives passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which protects gays and lesbians from workplace discrimination, on a bipartisan vote of 235-184. Thirty-five Republicans joined 200 Democrats to pass the legislation. Four of Indiana's Democratic congressmen, Reps. Brad Ellsworth, Joe Donnelly, Baron Hill and Pete Visclosky, voted for ENDA, while all the state's Republican congressmen voted against it. Rep. Julia Carson (D) missed the historic vote due to her ongoing health problems. Rep. Steve Buyer (R) also failed to vote.

Rep. Mark Souder (R) led the opposition to ENDA during today's floor debate. His performance was an embarrassment to say the least. Souder used religion as a straw man for his opposition. It was pretty much a repeat performance of his actions while the bill was still in committee. Souder is facing a potentially well-financed opponent in next year's race from first-time candidate Mike Montagano. Souder won a surprisingly close race last year for re-election against Fort Wayne councilman Tom Hayhurst.


Anonymous said...

One of the nuttier examples Souder and others kept constantly going back to was the situation where a fellow employee leaving a bible on her desk or some "particular scriptural passage" would be outlawed by ENDA as a hostile work environment. I have this vision of somebody posting a big sign in their cubicle with "A man shall not lie with a's an abomination according to God" in two inch high red letters, and waving it everytime a homosexual employee enters the room. I guess that's the kind of free religious expression in the workplace Souder insists be protected. If this be religious freedom, can Fred Phelps in the workpace be far behind?

Anonymous said...

Laws like this protecting specific minorities are not needed and are counter-productive.

Souder was right to oppose it.

And enda supporter is an ass. Talk about your slippery slopes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:35 AM EST - Laws like this are needed to protect minorities from folks like you. You must feel threatened.

Anonymous said...

Back a---w---a---y from thepipe, 8:35. And put down the remote control. Get out a little and you might learn something.

Souder is the idiot. That's not new news.

And who was not there to cast her vote for this important legislation? Our 7th district representative. I guess i have to satisfy myself with the knowledge that she'd have voted for it. Cause we'll never know for sure.

Wilson46201 said...

Julia Carson has always supported ENDA - her political opponents pilloried her for it.

David C Roach said...

go to your congress archives- find the Waco/david Koresh hearings- souder was a participant. He has some dandy quotes about "sex with consenting minors", among others.
He is also on record as speaking out against "chinese fetus eaters" based on some information from his nutty pal, James Dobson. Are you sure is wasnt the "Chinese eat egg foo yng"?; not the chinese eat their young? Feticide cannibalism. those barbaric Chinese. horrors! While some worry about children being battered in china, Mark Souder worries if they're stir fried. I think Mr. Souder needs to take a WOK! What are you smoking, congressman, and where can I get some too? I'd vote for a ham sandwich before I'd elect this kook. And he wants to keep our troops in iraq? I thought we only had to worry about religious fundamentalist extremist nutjobs over seas. apparently, they're on the loose right here in Indiana?