Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Roll Call On Carson's Future

Roll Call magazine weighs in on the future of Rep. Julia Carson (D) in light of the "mystery" surrounding her recent health problems. The magazine reports:

For at least a decade, Rep. Julia Carson (D-Ind.) has reigned over her district’s politics. But recently the six-term Congresswoman has suffered from health problems that have kept her away from Washington, D.C., and the campaign trail — sparking a fresh round of speculation that she is planning to retire.

I don't have a subscriber version of the article, but according to what was forwarded to me by another reader, the article speculates on her potential successors, which includes at least one big surprise. The article reads:

Should she choose to move on, potential candidates for her seat include state Democratic Reps. Gregory Porter and Carolene Mays and Center Township Trustee Carl Drummer (D). Her grandson, Andre Carter [sic], who frequently makes public appearances on his grandmother's behalf, also is mentioned as a possible Democratic candidate. Republicans also could challenge for the seat if it's vacant, with Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita (R) a likely contender.

Todd Rokita? That's the first mention I've heard of his name in connection with the 7th District race. I'm betting that will be news to Rep. Jon Elrod (R) as well, who announced yesterday he would make a decision before week's end on whether he will seek the GOP nomination in the 7th District.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you call up Todd and ask him, Gary. He's hosting Abdul's radio talk show this morning. Lots of free air time for one of Tom John's clients, big surprise there. How much do you think Abdul gets paid for that gig over at John's firm. He couldn't be getting paid to practice law.

Anonymous said...

"He's hosting Abdul's radio talk show this morning. Lots of free air time . . ."

Not very valuable air time. Abdul is dead last in the ratings with only a few hundred listeners on an average day.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... could have SWORN that her grandson's name was Andre Carson... not Carter.

Maybe I'm losing my mind like good ol' Julia.

Anonymous said...

Hey, quit picking on Abdul. I am a dedicated Democrat and often disagree with Abdul, but I will give him this - he often says what needs to be said.

Abdul gives his viewpoints and Amos Brown offers the other side - no one can claim Amos is unbiased which is why we Democrats love him. So cut Abdul a break.

Also, Abdul has not had years and years to build a listenership. Give him time and I think he'll get more than his share of the audience.

We Democrats need Abdul to hold us accountable just like Amos Brown holds the Republicans accountable. And, I maintain there is room in the market for both.

indyernie said...
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indyernie said...

A non-African American is going to have a hard time wining the 7th.
The GOP needs to be courting Eric Dickerson.
Eric is their only chance of winning.

Gary R. Welsh said...

anon, 8:57, the typo on Carson's name is in the article.

Anonymous said...

"A non-African American is going to have a hard time wining the 7th."

The district is 70% white.

Anonymous said...

"A non-African American is going to have a hard time wining the 7th."

The district is 70% white.

Anonymous said...

Ernie, you're just wrong. Wilson and his ilk will claim that, but it's not true.

We could do a lot worse than Jon Elrod. This Democrat would vote for him, if my party doesn't get its act together.

I like Carolene and Greg. And others, too. But Andre cannot have this seat. He's not ready.

Other pundits have placed Bart's name on the short list, too. We would be fortunate if that were the case, altho I can't imagine he'd want to do it.

Regarding Abdul and Amos...

Amos has a larger listenership, but that could soon change. His tactics are loud, obnoxious and blatantly racist over half the time. It's a broken record. His trick with "interviewing" Julia at an "undisclosed location" the Saturday before election, was just wrong. As a reporter/talk show host, he willingly participated in a plot to prop her up. That's not his's hers.

Abdul works the town. He is on the hpone with sources constantly, or at meetings. A fantastic reproter--that's why I listen to him. He's bombastic but he never ceases to make fun of himself, which is good. I don't always agree--but that challenges my beliefs, which is good.

In terms of style and substance, Abdul is light years ahead of Amos.

The Amazing Abdul said...

I guess there really is no such thing as bad publicity. For the record, I asked Rokita to fill in a month ago so I could cover the Indiana Supreme Court hearing on the status of IMPD officers. You can hear the interviews on the program tomorrow at about 7:35. You won't hear them on any other program.

And by the way, our audience is bigger than 1310s. A dirty little secret in radio is that radio diaries filled out by blacks count as two diaries, where those filled out by whites counts only for one. So black stations, under that formula, come across with larger audiences than others, when in fact they are the same or smaller.

The company that does it extrapolates the data by assuming more blacks listen to the same radio stations than whites. (How racist, in my humble opinion.)

The "people meter" technology is proving that to be false and many "urban" and "Latino" stations are showing much smaller audiences than previously reported under the old system.

So we're doing quite well. You guys should listen if you don't already. Perhaps you would have not been so surprised and caught off guard with what happened last Tuesday because you would have known it was coming.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Wow! It looks like Nielsen does its ratings the way Selzer did its poll on the Indianapolis mayoral race. How do these folks have any credibility with advertisers if they rig their ratings. BTW, Abdul, I don't think any of my regular readers were surprised by Ballard's win. I know a lot of Republican insiders, though, who were taken by surprise.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Folks, what is going on here. Eric Dickerson Will not win, Carolene Mays, Greg Porter you've got to be kidding me. Andre Carson here is another one. First with Mr. Dickerson aka the wife beater women are not going to forget this one. The state representatives Mays, Porter both voted themselves a pay raises and knew before hand well in advance that there would be a property tax hike and did nothing about it. Might I also mention that the payraise was twenty percent of the house hold median income. Wow!!! wake up people. And last but not least, a person with no history of community service, questionable appointment to the ccc these folks are all jokes if these are all we have to offer for the seventh district. They have not produce any fruits, but has mislead the community that they are leaders. Neither of these clowns will get my support.

Anonymous said...

All I know is when Channel 13 shows old video of Julia they should list it as "File" footage. Her up and coherant is a lie.

Anonymous said...

12:26, back away from the nooner Bloodies and spend some time with a dictionary or a fourth grade grammar text.

The pay raises which the state representatives voted, was not of the size 12:26 mentions. It was too large, and theyu should've voted against it. But they didn't. My favorite for this position was and stil is Greg Porter. A solid education at Earlham, a good record in the House, and an honest man.

Eric Dickerson and the wife-beaitng thing may have legs...I really don't know. It's not my party and I don't care frankly.

Now, if Mr. Elrod runs, that could clear the deck.

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that you D's would so causally call an honest God fearing African American lady a liar. I expect that from Wilson but not the rest of you.
That said Mrs.. Dickerson said "it didn't happen". I know her and I also know her to be an honest lady.
I choose to believe her.

Wilson46201 said...

Interestingly, the bitten daughter never spoke up one way or another... why not?

Anonymous said...

6:17, the disbelief has nothing to do with God-fear, race or time.

Anyone whose life has been touched by domestic violence knows the pattern. I watched Mrs. Dickerson last year. I read the police reports. There was violence in that house. The police report is quite clear, and police officers have too much to do, to invent stories.

As this pattern oft goes, the accusers can later change their stories. One of my best friends was until recently a domestic violence prosecutor in Chicago. His guess is that 75% of his initial cases end up dismissed, because by the time they come to trial, for some strange reason, the victim's story changes.

That, and the very strange Buick dealer situation, and the bank's perfecting its lein position, tells me this guy isn't ready for public office.

I'm a Democrat, but the Republicans have multiple excellent candidates for this one. Besides, in terms of Julia's ability to serve, there's blood in the water, no pun intended. And the Republicans are surely feeling their oats with the Ballard win.

This one will be a doozey.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Enough already, Wilson. You succeeded in destroying the man, congratulations. Do you have to take a dump on his grave too?

Anonymous said...

Dickerson is not only a wife beater but a child abuser. Read the police report filed by the former president of the FOP.

Anonymous said...

And there was a hell of a lot more violence in Steve Goldsmith's household. Talk to his former wife. Nobody seemed to care about that spousal abuse.

Anonymous said...

I'm still chewing on that blacks-count-twice Neilsen thing.

Is that true?

Interesting and insulting, if it is.

Anonymous said...

I never heard anyone say Nielsen. I believe that it is Arbitron that has this nasty little practice. Here is a snippet from their "Description of Methodology" posted at

Ethnic Controls: The collective term for procedures designed to improve the representation of Black and Hispanic populations in Arbitron surveys. These procedures include Black and Hispanic Differential Survey Treatments, Black and Hispanic weighting of the in-tab sample, High-Density Black and Hispanic Areas, and bilingual (Spanish-English) survey materials for Hispanics.

Anonymous said...

A vote for Carolene Mays is vote for Mitch Daniels...just look at her family's contribution records.......why would any self respecting Democrat support her. I am sure that Mitch and his crew would love her and then they would have 2 repubs running in the fall and it would be a win/win for the GOP.


Sir Hailstone said...

IIRC, Nielsen is the TV ratings, Arbitron is radio ratings.