Sunday, November 04, 2007

Peterson Plan III Is Light Reading

The Star's "Behind Closed Doors" comes to the same conclusion I did after reading Peterson Plan III, a document which purportedly outlines Mayor Peterson's vision for the next four years if he's re-elected. It's very light reading. The column item notes previous Peterson Plans were released months before the election while this one came with only one week left in the campaign. It reads, in part:

Republican critics compared the third plan to the diminishing returns of a Hollywood sequel. The third document is 24 pages.

"A little less vision going on there," GOP council member Phil Borst said. "It doesn't surprise me. I haven't seen any big ideas coming from the mayor's office."

Michael O'Connor, Peterson's campaign manager, said the mayor put the plan out later than in past years because his eight years in office means he has to spend more time defending his record before looking forward.

"Besides, that's when it was done," O'Connor said.

O'Connor isn't doing too well with the spin as of late, particularly after his recent attack on Greg Ballard's military service. His "that's when it was done" excuse never went over well with your teacher, who would have marked it with a big red "F" for being late, incomplete and simply repeating failed policies outlined in Peterson Plans I and II.

Both Peterson and Ballard appeared in live interviews on WTHR this morning with Kevin Rader and Matt Tully. Rader and Tully grilled Ballard with one tough question after another ala Tim Russert. The two repeated the false claim by Peterson and the Star's editorial board that Ballard hasn't outlined any specifics on what he would do if he is elected mayor. Ballard has offered many specific proposals, which have been noted on this blog and can be found on his website. The news media has just failed to report on his proposals. Ballard adeptly handled every question to their disappointment. His message was well-honed, showing a dramatic improvement during the course of this campaign. Rader, who apparently consulted with Wilson Allen on his questions for Ballard, tried to make a deal out of the fact that Ballard had missed one municipal election four years ago. Ballard noted he had consistently voted in other elections but couldn't recall specifically why he missed that one election.

The two suddenly went soft when Peterson appeared, lobbing one softball question after another to him. Peterson labeled Ballard's claim that there won't be 100 new police officers on the street any time soon despite the mayor's tax increases as "nonsense", but he simply didn't and couldn't refute the claim. Peterson repeated the false claim that his mergers have produced $20 million in savings and blamed obstructionist in the legislature (i.e., Rep. Bill Crawford) for the failure to produce even more savings through mergers. He claimed his administration had been very frugal, notwithstanding the fact city spending has increased 40% on his watch and taxes have been raised 19 times, or as Democrats contend "only 15 times." I nearly choked on my drink when Peterson claimed he is winning the war on crime and that it is down in most categories.

UPDATE: An apology to Matt Tully is in order. I attributed the question about Ballard's voting history to him. Matt pointed out to me the question was actually put to Ballard by Rader. The mention in the main post has been corrected.


Wilson46201 said...

Ballard was totally unprepared how to answer that damning question about why didnt didnt bother to vote last Mayor and Council race. He stammered and stuttered and repeated several times "he just couldn't remember". Lousy staff preparation work for a major TV appearance!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wilson,

Interesting poll goin on at the Recorder's web page.
I believe it shows Ballard leading with % 80 of those responding.

Anonymous said...

Rather than talking about how WONDERFUL Bart did, the dumpster diver chooses to focus on Ballard. Tells me Ballard must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Of course Wilson is trying to change the topic of the thread - again! Stay on topic or start your own blog.

Wilson46201 said...

Considering the completely lily-white anti-Peterson protestors yesterday on Washington Street, I highly doubt if Ballard will garner too many votes from the African-American community...

Wilson46201 said...

Jocelyn: I was mentioned by name by AI about the topic I commented on. So stop trying to hijack the thread again...

Why dont you get a blog of your own and take open responsibility for the lies and filth you spew under fake names?

Gary R. Welsh said...

It must really be tough for Wilson. After months of dumpster diving, he only came up with this non-issue--truly a tempest in a teapot. He and the blogmistress have tried to smear Greg's wife and even his kids. Nothing is working for them this year. Bart just keeps falling and falling further in the polls. Everyone needs to be alert over the next 48 hours. God knows what these people will try to pull to avoid the unthinkable outcome.

Anonymous said...

The FACT is when Peterson, who was the driving force on the 65% tax increase that just took effect, was originally stated to be for property tax relief. As soon as the Gov stepped in on this issue Bart all of a sudden said the tax increase was for new police.

Ballard did great. Bart lately comes off as very angry. Again, it is that whole unhappy be a Democrat again. He pastes on a phony smile but we can all see through it, he is scared.

Anonymous said...

If Wilson were as close to the African American community as he believes he is he would know that most people are very intelligent and all people can think for themselves.
Wilson doesn't believe that African Americans know how to split a ticket.

Gary R. Welsh said...

It's always about race with you, Wilson, isn't it? How sad.

Anonymous said...

Those were PRO BALLARD people on Washington Street yesterday. Now, the display of bird flipping by the Dems is well documented.

indyernie said...

The GOP needs to put a “watcher” at school 101.

Remember the signs at the last election.

Anonymous said...

He wouldn't dare rip the signs down again.

I watched the TV thing with Tully and Rader. I thought the Mayor got OK questions, while Ballard, admittedly, got tougher questions. And he did not handle them well. To be fair, the Mayor has had eight years of practice at this. He's much better on his feet. Or, in this case, his ass.

This forum was the exact same forum on which Cong. Carson last year took leave of her senses and started hallucinating. And neither one of them ever spoke about it again, never asked tough follow-up questions of Julia or her office.

I'm voting for Peterson, but the lame media in this town is so in love with access, that they'll fawn over any incumbent just to have the "ins" they need for their regular softball stand-up reports.
They are pathetic and unprofessional.

I read this morning in Mr. Mary Milsz's column how he gave in to Monroe Gray's demands for a more-public apology for RiShawn's words. As if that is an excuse for an editor to make a partisan appearance at a news conference.

Uh, the word you were searching for, Dennis, is response ot the "demand" from Juice, is simple and short:


Bart Lies said...

Last time I heard, to vote or not vote is a person's right and not something they need to explain to anyone.

Only 148,000 voted in that election anyway.

This failed attempt to create something from nothing is as relevant as asking why Wilson isn't married with kids and grandkids to occupy his thoughts.

Wilson46201 said...

Last election Republicans totally failed to provide any required poll workers or outside volunteers for flyers at my precinct where I was Inspector at School 101. They didnt have any yardsigns or posters either.

I certainly hope the Republicans dont fail this time around to provide at least a Clerk and Judge as called for by Indiana law...

Anonymous said...

For a month now you have been writing about how horrible and out of touch the Star suddenly today they are the beacon of truth because they wrote something that you agree which is it...are they a rag and the Red Star as is so often written in here or are they the beacon of truth?

Anonymous said...

Hey Wilson...when a person misses a vote in an election, I think it HARDLY compares to the implicit and overt backing of corruption within the City-County Council and the 25th floor.

If your boy Bart had 1 ounce of integrity, he would 1) give true numbers on the lack of savings the merger has created; 2) totally divorce himself of Monroe Gray, and acknowledge his lack of ethics; 3) present the true and untwisted numbers he has presented to the African-American community here with regards to MBE. Because of your desperate attempts to keep an incompetent person in power, you have denigrated yourself to low points where you find yourself. Its interesting you can't remain on track for your boy Bart, but you have to resort to inane attacks on Blaard's character. YOU sir are a buffoon and a hypocrite, again proving ad nauseum what is wrong with the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

When Peterson's people left to go to the neighborhoods, some stopped at my property on the corner of 46th street and Illinois. I have several signs posted there with my political thoughts.

Peterson's people came onto my property, pushed over the signs, and walked on them. i know it was Peterson supporters because when i picked them up, door hanger ads were underneath three of them! it happened between 1 and 5:30pm on Saturday. my timeline fits in with the star article.

I called the democratic office and Peterson campaign to complain and am waiting on a response. how far will his people go to win. Stay tuned to see if they care about an average guy like me having trespassers on his property.

Anonymous said...

Tully announced three weeks ago on that same program the mayor's race was over and Ballard didn't have a chance of winning. The fact he threw out a question Wilson Allen has been peddling on the blogs for the last several days confirms to me he wants to make his prediction a self-fulfilling prophecy. He's a poor excuse for a political writer.

Anonymous said...

Anon 336. Don't hold your breath waiting for a response. Bart and his boys could care less about you and the citizens. Just goes to show you the type of people who are running this city.

Anonymous said...

12:29, I'm the one who rags on The Star, and I'm not Wilson.

I do have journalism experience, though.

Tully is given way more credence than he deserves. He's lazy. Look at his column today. No new facts...just his random musings.

My Peterson sign was stolen last week, on the exact same day Ballard/Council literature was handed out in my neighborhood.

That crap happens every year. Get over it.

And as for Ballard not voting in the 2003 municipal: I consider it a huge error on his part. Not enough to change my mind one way or the other, but it was stupid.
It shows disrespect for the office you seek. If he'd been deployed for millitary duty or otherwise indisposed, that's one thing. But he failed to vote, and there's no getting aorund it.

Not a fatal flaw, but certainly not something to be sluffed off.