Monday, November 26, 2007

Bring Back Ed Treacy?

A reliable source tells me that Democratic African-American leaders are urging the replacement of Marion County Democratic Chairman Mike O'Connor with his predecessor, Ed Treacy. As news of Rep. Julia Carson's impending resignation swirls about, these leaders want Treacy at the helm when the wheels are set in motion for slating a candidate at a special election, which could by called by Gov. Mitch Daniels as early as February. Treacy enjoys a much closer relationship with Carson and the people who make up her organization than O'Connor has with these folks. The source tells me things could get pretty wild at the Democrat's slating convention. Believe it or not, the Marion County Democrats have no formal rules. The rules are whatever the sitting chairman says they are.

UPDATE: The Star reports the obvious, which is being played by all the local TV stations as breaking news: Rep. Carson will not seek re-election.


Anonymous said...

It's obviously a given that O'Conner is gone but putting retreads on the tires instead of getting new ones is a disaster waiting to happen.
Treacy is not the answer but if I read your post correctly then do you feel that there is going to be a huge split in the Marion County Dem Party along racial lines?
If that's your line of thinking then I would tend to agree.
Ed Treacy will not put Humpty Dumpty back together again and his choice not to remain as Chairman has not been fully disclosed.
A Dem party split along racial lines will more that guarantee a GOP candidate taking the 7th seat regardless of who replaces Carson.

Wilson46201 said...

All officially recognized Democratic Party organizations in Indiana, including the Marion County Democratic Central Committee, are governed by the rules of the Indiana State Democratic Party. True, there are no separate local rules. All Chairs of local Democratic Party entities are governed by State Party rules. No exceptions!

Anonymous said...

Uh, Wilson...I attended a slating convention at which Ed Treacy presided.

Rules were out the window. He stayae behind the curtain, helping count votes in a hotly-contested judicial slating fight. His wife was on the ballot. He was not excluded from the counting process.

Rules, huh?

Anonymous said...

Everyone's finally reporting she won't run for re-election because it's the only actual statement to come out of her office. Of course, they're out of the loop, too. Over at channel 6, her chief of staff is quoted as stating she's hoping to finish out her term and return to DC after the first of year.

Unlikely, I'd think if she's in hospice care.

Anonymous said...

They want Treacy back because O'Connor has been overheard using the "N" word on more than one occassion.
There are plenty of qualifies candidates ready to take the reigns, but Julia wil have a lot of say with her endorsement.
I wish she was leaving because she WANTS to, not because she HAS to due to ill health.

Good Luck, Julia!

Anonymous said...

Carson will indeed not run for re-election.
She will not resign her seat either according to her staff.

My money is on Andre regardless of what the blogsters are saying. All Andre needs is the current staff that's been working for Julia. That's been the game plan all along.
No Dem will dare challenge Andre with the backing he currently has behind him. It's a done deal and has been for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

Mike O'Connor is a loser and an arrogant little s.o.b. He managed the campaign of Melina Kennedy and managed to be the only Dem to lose county wide and then he took over as chairman to get Bart reelected and mismanaged that sure victory into a loss. I would guess that his political life is over.

Anonymous said...

What would be the monetary incentives for Julia to remain in office until she passes?
What would be the financial downside if she would resign right now?
I may be wrong but dying while still in office must certainly have more benefits.
Anybody know?

Sir Hailstone said...

"I may be wrong but dying while still in office must certainly have more benefits.
Anybody know?"

AFAIK, when you get to 4 terms you have your full bennies even if you retire or are voted out. I don't know if that applies in matters of criminal offenses while in office - case in point Dan Rostenkowski.

Now for ceremonial things like lying in state under the Rotunda and such I have no idea if Representatives or only Presidents and Senators are afforded that type of ceremony.