Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What Others Are Saying About Ballard's Win

Let's look at what folks in the media are saying about Greg Ballard's upset win over Mayor Bart Peterson. Let's begin with Mary Beth Schneider, the only reporter at the Star who really seemed to get Greg Ballard's candidancy. She writes:

Republican Greg Ballard pulled off what he and many others are calling “the biggest upset in Indiana political history” Tuesday, defeating two-term Democratic Mayor Bart Peterson.

Ballard, a 52-year-old retired lieutenant colonel in the Marine Corps, didn’t have much money and didn’t have the support of party insiders or the business community. But he had something better: votes.
Former state party chairman Mike McDaniel gets off a good line on the "no strings attached" Ballard win:

“Money can’t buy me love,” he said. “but it doesn’t buy elections either.”Mike McDaniel, a former Indiana Republican Party chairman, said the lack of financial
support means Ballard “doesn’t owe anybody anything.”

“Instead of an inaugural ball, he ought to hold an amnesty ball” to extend forgiveness to those party and business leaders who didn’t help his campaign, McDaniel said.
Sour grapes from loser Rozelle Boyd:

“This is a significant blow, and I think the impact of this will not be fully realized for some time. I’m not worried about the future of the city just because it’s in the hands of Mr. Ballard, but anyone who comes to the position with relatively little experience,” Boyd said.

Worst coverage and worst prediction of this year's mayoral campaing, Jim Shella:

Mayor: Democrat Bart Peterson

Who gets the coattail effect in that Greg Ballard/Kent Smith commercial? Ballard, or Smith?
Best reporting of all during the mayoral coverage, WXNT's Abdul Hakim Shabazz:

By a vote of 51-47%, little known candidate Greg Ballard beat an incumbent with a lot of money and a lot of organization. Not only did voter anger sweep Bart Peterson out of office but most of his party on the City-County Council.


Anonymous said...

Here's what I'm saying:


Anonymous said...

there were many warnings that were ignored, beginning with the IMPD merger.

Community leaders across the city begged and pleaded that this was not the time for a merge and you did it anyway. Months later Campbell is saying, "We knew the police were over extended before the merge, so it only makes sense that they would be even more over extended."

If you knew it wasn't going to work, why did you do it anyway?

I feel no sympathy for the democrats as they have dug themselves into this hole. While there are some decent and committed democrat council members, a majority cared more for their own interest than in the interest of the community. Us in the communities begged the party to get the city council reps to show up, do their jobs, show they care: nothing ever happened. It's all your fault democrat party for ignoring the community.

We are strong, we are united and we are the communities of INDPLS.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful day in Indianapolis:

Bye Bart! You almost killed this city.

Bye Gibson, you sorry little piece of crap. Push a cop now!

Bye King Ro. Leave... "because we said so!"

Bye Rozelle. You fooled a bunch of people for nearly 30 years. See ya!

Monroe.... well, you're next! All your corruption will be highlighted in the news. You are an embarassment. "And dat's all I'm gonna say about dat." Fool!

Doug said...

So, is the first order of business to repeal that semi-legal county option income tax increase?

Anonymous said...


Maybe the court will decide the legality before Mayor-elect Ballard is even sworn in?

Anonymous said...

What Big Law Firms and Contractors and Engineering Firms Are Saying About Ballard's Win: Oh, crap!! 9a.m. meeting! We need to get the checkbooks out stat! Is there anyone in this office who gave Ballard ten bucks? Can you go kiss his __ for us?

Anonymous said...

Accountability, accountability, accountability. Responsibility,responsibity,responsibility. Thats the name of the game. We didnt have it for the past 8 years and now Mayor Ballard has the opportunity to bring it back.

Anonymous said...

Message to Tom John, Republican voters lie in Center Township too. Make sure the 2008 ticket has more African American candidates on the ticket for the legislative races and maybe the Party can regain control of the House.

Anonymous said...

My question now is, Where are all of you who were saying Bart wins by 60-70%?

Anonymous said...

Last night I heard the fat lady sing a beautiful song

Anonymous said...

I guess the "wingnuts" and "fringe types" Jen Wagner constantly attacked knew what they were doing.
She constantly attacked Bart Lies, the Indy Chicken and me as a dominatrix (like its a bad thing to own your power).

The democratic party has a lot of work to do. They need to clean their own house. They should start with firing Jen Wagner. She made matters worse for the dems.

Note to Jen: Never ever underestimate fringe types again. If you had half a brain you would know from history that all great movements are started by those labeled "whackos" "crazies" and "fringe types".

Anonymous said...

My question now is, Where are all of you who were saying Bart wins by 60-70%?

Wilson is crying in his fruit loops this morning. He still can't see due to tears in his eyes!

Anonymous said...


Any truth to the rumor that you're telling people that you are the head of Ballard's transition team?

Anonymous said...

7:41...I don't even know exactly what a transition team is or what they do. Who do you claim that I told this to and please offer proof of this, Wilson.

We're all really sick of you stirring up trouble.