Sunday, November 04, 2007

Carson To Make Public Appearance

Rep. Julia Carson (D) is scheduled to be a guest on Amos Brown's Afternoons With Amos on WTLC 1310 AM tomorrow, which airs from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. according to Indiana Daily Insight. This will be Rep. Carson's first public appearance in nearly two months after she took a leave of absence from Congress to recover from a leg infection. She just recently extended that leave until mid-December.

UPDATE: Amos Brown just announced Carson will not be appearing at his studio live for the interview. He interviewed her at some undisclosed location prior to this afternoon's show. No surprises here. The outrage is the rant Brown went on for two or three minutes attacking what he called "a black-hating blogger" for daring to call out the Indianapolis Recorder for its story claiming black leaders like Monroe Gray, Ron Gibson and King Ro Conley are being unfairly attacked and for raising questions about Carson's continued ability to serve her constituents in light of her recent health problems. If Amos were a white radio talk show host and went on a similar, racial tirade against a black person, you can be assured he would have been ripped from the airwaves by his employer immediately and fired ala Don Imus. But then again, this is a guy who operates with impunity under a set of double standards.

UPDATE II: Carson's interview with Brown lasted for only a few minutes from an undisclosed location. Carson announced she was suffering from bronchitis but made no mention of the leg infection her staff reported required her hospitalization in September for more than a week. The gurgling sound in her voice as she struggled to speak her words was hard not to notice. While Brown took swipes at what he calls the "black-hating bloggers" and other African-American reporters he blamed for failing to work their sources to get information about Carson's health problems, Carson took aim at nobody. Brown insulted black voters by suggesting some planned to stay home because Carson was side-lined during his interview with her. At his prompting, Carson urged people to go vote tomorrow and to support Mayor Bart Peterson who she described as a "yeoman's man". On her own future she said "God's not through with me yet." She said the Lord would let her know when she had come to "the end of her road."


Anonymous said...

It aint gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

How convenient. A "public" appearance on radio.

I can just "see" her now.

Why doesn't Amos just go to her home and grovel there? We'd never know the difference.

Indy media: here's your cue....the appearance is anticipated, and you can be there beforehand to snap her picture, film her going in the studio building, ask her a question...

You regular media folks would. Try it for a change.

Tully Alert! Someone wake him, or has he already gone on vacation again?

Anonymous said...

The Queen is always ready to rally her minions on Election Day.
Prop Julia "El Cid" Carson up on a horse w/sword in hand, open the castle gates and let her ride to battle for her people.
Nice try Amos. We aren't buying what you're selling.
Where's Jim Shella when you need him.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine she will say anything except go vote. She is not doing well mentally these days. To engage her in any conversation that would take thought would be suicide for the dems. They will probably hold a piece of paper in front of her to read. That's why amos is doing the show. They could even cancel her appearance and give a statement in her behalf to get out the vote, and play on her sickness. Trust me when I say this and I know first hand. She is doing bad and has a terminal illness.

Bart Lies said...

If she's healthy enough for this, she's healthy enough to get back to work.

Question: Will it be a 'voice double' or the real thing?

Anonymous said...

I don't want people to take this wrong but I would like to know if Julia Carson's health condition may have been brought on by substance abuse.
I don't want to start a war but I do think it's the public's right to know.

Sir Hailstone said...

I just wonder if it will be a remote from her bedside?

Or will she call into the studio?

Anonymous said...

If Julia's problems are subsance abuse, I don't think it's the public's right to know. Some things are private. However, if so, she should resign and get the help she needs.

I doubt it is as a result of substance abuse. She's not young. She has been overweight much of her life...not obese, perhaps, but definitely not thin. She has had diabetes problems for years, and a heart condition for at least 12 years.

I hope she can get well. But this kind of specualtion only happens because her staff, probably at her direction, releases nothing, or, if they do, it's late and incomplete.

As noted earlier, we've seen the inside of Katie Couric's colon, for cryin' out loud. We can all endure a little more details about Julia's health, without infringing on private aspects of her medical condition(s).

In the absence of some truth, rampant speculation is promised.

And the sad truth is, if she were the challenger, as she once was, and the incumbent were withholding this kind of information, there would be whisper campaigns and all kinds of shenanigans afoot about ehr oponent. That's the way her crowd operates.

It's all so sad.

Anonymous said...

I was informed on Saturday that Julia Carson has had a stroke and could hardly speak. Her condition is worse than expected.

We should expect an announcement after Tuesday. Ironically, the democrats have Andy Jacobs doing radio ads on WTLC for the corrupt officeholders and now Julia Carson on the radio on the eve of the election.

They needed to keep her in town to organize the voter fraud machine and other election shennanigans which you will read about after the election on these blogs.

The congresswoman is well enough to operate from home to help the Ghetto Mafia retain their power in the city on election day, but she is too ill and can't go to Washington and cast votes for the 7th District.

She does not need to run in 2008. Retire Andy and Julia!

Anonymous said...

Your rant would be more credible, 11:34, if you didn't continually recite tired old half-truths about Ghetto Mafia and voter fraud.

I've been involved in elections in this county since 1980. It just doesn't exist. Mind you--I'm tired of the Center gang controlling things, but there's no fraud. They're too smart for that.

Stroke? Well, if she did have a stroke we'll be able to tell on radio. I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:44

You are calling the democrat "gang" as you say too smart? Pleeeeze!

Have you heard the tape of Aaron Haith calling Abdul grandson of Willie Lynch?

Have you heard the tape of me on the phone with Kobi Wright and Lonelle Conley?

There is nothing particularly intelligent about these men. As far as I can tell from my limited personal experience, they conducted themselves without honor or intelligence 100% of the time!

Feel free to email me if you would like copies of the phone conversations. They are quite enlightening. The Willie Lynch comment made by Aaron Haith is on Abdul's podcast at

my email:

Anonymous said...

I just heard Julia on Amos's radio show.

Two or three thoughts come to mind:

First, no self-respecting journalist would be used as a tool by any politician, regardless how much (s)he likes the politician. Amos refused to disclose where the interview was held, and given what we now know, the location could've been a prime evaluative piece of information for listeners. Failure to disclose the location of a taped itnerview is irresponsible. Amos can scream "racist" all he wants, but this voter would've liked to have known the interview's location. Shame, Amos, shame!

And shame on you Amos for looking for racist overtones in the voices of those who criticize our City Council. People are angry because King Ro hated on the mayor long enough to get his wife a job for which she's not qualified, and where she's doing serious damage. Or Monroe's nonsense, which is all self-inflicted. Or Ron Gibson's troubles, which are equally self-inflicted.

Secondly, I've listened to her interviews for over 25 years. That was the weak voice of a seriously ill woman, God love her...

And lastly, she says she's waiting until after tomorrow or some unknown time soon, to listen to God and decide to run again.

As a longtime listener to her pronouncements, that was surely the voice of a woman who is retiring.

Anonymous said...

Amos kept talking about the "purveyors of hate" throughout his show today. The only one I heard promoting hate was Amos. He can't hide his hatred of white people. He kept talking about Julia talking to the "community", which meant black folks only. He acted like Julia only represents blacks and it only matters what blacks think. It's none of a white person's business to inquire into Julia's affairs to hear him talk.

Anonymous said...

God bless Julia Carson, and may god keep her family a piece. She is a true soldier, who I have the greatest respect for. Many haters have accused Juila of running a negative campaign against Republican challengeg Erik "slick trying to sell our community one of his lemons campaign". Truth of the matter is this. Mr. Dickerson did not address the issues regarding the Seventh Congressional District had he, he could may have well won the race. But like most chickens, he got basted and roasted and serve...let it go black's over and we will keep Julia legacy and will always respect and love her.
To the next challenges fighting for her post, let me say this. This will be the year of the Activist we got your number and we are ready to address critical issues regarding Indianapolis, and the nation. Just remember republican 10 trillion dollar deficit,and the abandonmen of child care, and the potential bankrutption of medic care, social security. You must face me on these and more issues if you think were are going to turn over the seventh.


Larry Lamont Ledford
writer, Activist

Anonymous said...

I am white and have known Amos for years. Amos is an advocate for his community but he does not hate whites nor is he a racist....some white people call him that because he makes them uncomfortable in the way that they speak and conduct their businesses and personal lives. Amos tells it like it is.

Anonymous said...

Poor Larry. What flavor was the koolaid today?

Anonymous said...

Larry wrote:
"To the next challenges fighting for her post, let me say this. This will be the year of the Activist we got your number...You must face me on these and more issues if you think were are going to turn over the seventh."

A few things:

(1) It's not HER post. That seat does not belong to Julia Carson - it belongs to the citizens of Indiana, more specifically those who live in the 7th District. It's not hers, it's the people's. As well, the district is not yours to turn over - you don't own it. The arrogance of your posting indicates perhaps someone else should either be doing the talking or that someone other than your candidate win in that district.

(2) Your phrase "This will be the year of the Activist we got your number..." could be taken as an implied threat. I don't think using such language is wise, frankly.

(3) Yes, the issues of the 7th district are important, and they are what should be discussed, not your threats or your poor grammar.


Anonymous said...

To the angry Republican, let me start off by saying you should recieve some therapy. Take a deep breath and get over it. I cannot help it that the republican party has screwed up the Country take it like a man, or woman who ever you are, apparently you like many other cowards hide behind anonymous. You must be one of those jackasses that bought one of Eric "Slick sell our community a lemon campaign". I trully believe in the principle of non-violence direct action". We know that there are some problemsf here in our great city, and quite frankly in our Nation. You should take your anger out with our President not I, I am powerless, yet I am bless.

Sincerely yours

Larry Lamont Ledford (D)

Anonymous said...


I completely agree there are serious problems to be addressed, in this nation, in this state, and in Indianapolis.

I shudder when people act like others "own" a public office. No individual owns it. The public does, and that's part of what I took offense to in your post.

That, and the implied threat. I don't think that has any place in our society.

And, if you think calling me a coward or whatever bothers me, you are wasting your time. Name calling went out with the 2nd grade.


Anonymous said...

To the angry Repbulican you are absolutely right I truly appologize to you if I had offended you. I was just blowing off some steam and us faithful will come together and break bread on these critical issues facing our community. We can disagree but being disrespective toward on another is truly for the ignorant. Once again, I appologize to you as a person and human being. God Bless

Anonymous said...


Thanks (apology not necessary, but thank you, just the same.)

If we all want to *truly* solve our problems, we've got to be able to have a meaningful dialog about the issues. Those discussions have to transcend party (which is why I am so eager for the primary next year when I get a chance to toss my incumbent republican congressperson out of office!)