Thursday, June 14, 2012

When Orly Met Charlie

Former Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White was summoned to court in Marion County earlier this week, but it had nothing to do with his conviction last February on charges that he committed vote fraud because he registered to vote at his ex-wife's home for a several month period while he was in between homes, which is not against the law despite the gross miscarriage of justice handed to him by a special prosecution team run amok.  White was subpoenaed to appear as a witness in a case filed by California attorney Orly Taitz, who has made a name for herself bringing challenges to Obama's eligibility to serve as president around the nation based on the fact that he is not a natural born citizen. Marion County Superior Court Judge S.K. Reid dismissed Taitz' appeal of a state elections board ruling earlier this year challenging Obama's eligibility to appear on Indiana's election ballot because she had failed to file a record of the administrative proceedings below with the Court. The proceedings became contentious when attorneys from Attorney General Greg Zoeller's office, who Taitz refers to as "corrupt assistant attorneys", sought to disqualify her, arguing that she was practicing law in Indiana without a law license. Taitz, however, filed the matter pro se, not as an attorney representing other parties, a point on which Reid agreed with Taitz. This is what Taitz blogged about Monday's hearing:

Former Secretary of State of Indiana Charlie White appeared today in court in response to my subpoena, however for technical reasons, due to different requiements (sic) the complaint will be divided into 2 complaints; one for fraud, negligence and breach of fiduciary duties by Seretary (sic) of State of Indiana and members of the elections commission Dumezich, Bennett, Long and Steele-Riordan and another for agency appeal.
Judge Reid did not find any merit in the claims by corrupt assistant attorneys that I practice law without license in Indiana. Judge Reid confirmed that I have a right to appear in Indiana pro se, which maens (sic) that all of the Psy Op claims of sanctions were bogus.
Refiling will be done shortly. As Arpaio and Zullo issued their sworn affidavits, we will attach copies of their sworn affiddavits (sic) to the complaint, as it is being refiled. I will advice of the date for the new hearing in Indiana, after I refile and the date is confirmed by the clerk.
I will advice of the fraud ethics complaint against Pelosi and her 5 attorneys later.
It is 2:37 am I will need to get some sleep.
In an e-mail exchange concerning the hearing, White commented that I "would have been entertained" had I been present for the hearing. He added, "I need my own reality show." The affidavits of Arpaio and Zullo referenced in Taitz' blog entry concern affidavits prepared by Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the chief investigator of his Cold Case Posse convened under Arizona state law by Sheriff Arpaio to investigate President Obama's eligibility. Arpaio's investigative team has already concluded that the long-form birth certificate that was uploaded to the White House website last year is a forged document. Arpaio's investigative team has also concluded that Obama's selective service registration record was forged and that Obama has been using a social security number originally issued to a Connecticut man who is now deceased.

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