Monday, June 25, 2012

Ashes To Ashes . . .

The continuing follies of America's out-of-control TSA agents hits close to home today. An Indianapolis man returning home from Florida with his grandfather's cremated remains suffered the trauma of a TSA agent at an airport in Orlando insisting on inspecting the container clearly marked "Human Remains." You know the rest of the story. The ashes wound up on the airport floor after the TSA agent dropped the opened container. The TSA laughs as the man scrambles to recover his grandfather's remains. WRTV has the story:
John Gross, a resident of Indianapolis' south side, was leaving Florida with the remains of his grandfather -- Mario Mark Marcaletti, a Sicilian immigrant who worked for the Penn Central Railroad in central Indiana -- in a tightly sealed jar marked "Human Remains."
Gross said he didn't think he'd have a problem, until he ran into a TSA agent at the Orlando airport.
"They opened up my bag, and I told them, 'Please, be careful. These are my grandpa's ashes,'" Gross told RTV6's Norman Cox. "She picked up the jar. She opened it up.
"I was told later on that she had no right to even open it, that they could have used other devices, like an X-ray machine. So she opened it up. She used her finger and was sifting through it. And then she accidentally spilled it."
Gross says about a quarter to a third of the contents spilled on the floor, leaving him frantically trying to gather up as much as he could while anxious passengers waited behind him.
"She didn't apologize. She started laughing. I was on my hands and knees picking up bone fragments. I couldn't pick up all, everything that was lost. I mean, there was a long line behind me."

TSA rules say a crematory container in carry-on baggage must pass through the X-ray machine at the security checkpoint.

But the agency's own website says human remains are to be opened under, “no circumstances.”

"I want an apology,” said Gross. “I want an apology from TSA. I want an apology from the lady who opened the jar and laughed at me. I want them to help me understand where they get off treating people like this."
Good luck getting that apology.


Ellen said...

Gross said: "I want them to help me understand where they get off treating people like this."

Understand? What's to understand! TSA (which is NOT a law enforcement agency) can do anything it darn well pleases in order to provide "cover" for politicians engaging in a "war on terror".

Security theater has a life of its own.

Downtown Indy said...

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S earching
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