Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Imagine If . . .

What if the major news networks failed to report on the Watergate break-in for 18 months? Would Richard Nixon have survived the scandal? Could the news media have ignored the discovery that officials in the Reagan administration had secretly sold arms to Iran and diverted the funds to finance the Contra rebels fighting to overthrow the Nicaraguan government? Yet that is precisely what is happening with every major scandal that rocks the Obama administration. Forget the fact that the media has completely ignored the fact that the man was elected based on a totally fabricated biography right down to the name on his birth certificate and use of a pilfered social security number. As Breitbart reports today, NBC News (owned by General Electric) for the first time reported on Operation Fast and Furious, the secret arms running operation into Mexico by our own government that has left several federal agents dead and resulted in scores of innocent Mexican citizens being murdered. Last night's report during NBC's evening news, the first in the 18 months following its discovery during the evening news, however, gave viewers little information on what the reporter called "a failed operation" and falsely gave the impression that calls for Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation related to national security leaks and not the lies he has told Congress about his role in the affair:

While the majority of the testimony covered Operation Fast & Furious, NBC made it appear that the hearing was mainly over the national security leaks. The segment even made it appear that Senator John Cornyn called for Mr. Holder to resign over said leaks when, in fact, he expressed his greatest frustration with Mr. Holder over Fast & Furious.
NBC devoted roughly thirty seconds to Fast & Furious in a segment lasting two minutes and seventeen seconds--the explanation of the controversy less than a third of it. No background information was given about the operation and no mention was made of how it led to the deaths of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and over 300 Mexicans. You'd think that after eighteen months, NBC's producers would want to give their in-the-dark audience some information to get up to speed on the controversy.
There is no way Williams and everyone involved in NBC Nightly News could watch Mr. Holder’s testimony and not notice Fast & Furious. They went out of their way to make sure the primary topic of discussion at the day's hearing was not the main story of their report. This news segment is further proof that the mainstream media seeks to control viewers' reaction to issues of great public concern with less information, not more.
They don't call it The Omedia for nothing. Joy Behar, one of The View hags and newest member of Current TV's roster, said she thought it would be "cool" if one of Mitt Romney's houses burned down: "I mean, I’d like to see his house burn, one of his millions of houses burning down. It would be kind of cool - the Mormon fire patrol." I'm betting she won't lose either job for that comment.

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Cato said...

You can also call it "Operation Gunwalker." Both names have currency in the gun world.

Holder walked guns across the border and flat out gave guns to drug lords, really awesome and expensive guns, mind you, the kind that American civilians have to save their paychecks to buy, so that the guns could be used in narco crime, giving Holder justification to limit gun rights, first, in border states, then to the entire country.

Remember just a couple years ago when Obama and Holder were talking about the horrible gun crime in border states and were looking to limit the number of guns that could be bought in border states? It wasn't a retired Midwestern foundry worker who moved to warmer climes that was committing the crime.

Both parties have their false flag operations. It's standard government practice. I'm surprised this instance is getting any coverage.