Sunday, June 03, 2012

Marco Rubio: The Face Of Enlightened U.S. Foreign Policy

There is this perception out there that Florida's freshman U.S. Senator is a Tea Party candidate who would make a great vice-presidential running mate for Mitt Romney. You might want to check out the views he expressed at a Council of Foreign Relations meeting recently. Here's a sampling of his views.
  • He favors launching an illegal war in Syria as if which dictator runs this Middle Eastern, non-oil producing country is somehow of national security importance to the American people.
  • He's very bullish on the Arab Spring as if the shift from a non-democratic but pro-Western regime in Egypt is better off being run by the Muslim Brotherhood, which fully intends to enforce Sharia law, making life awful for women, Christians and all non-Muslims, not to mention the repudiation of the Middle East Peace Accords the country entered into with Israel and the cutting of all diplomatic ties with its Jewish neighbor.
  • He's convinced Iran poses a terrible nuclear threat, notwithstanding the lack of any evidence, just like the pack of lies U.S. intelligence fed to us about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction as an excuse to go to war in that country, the outcome of which has made matters far worse than they were under Sadam Hussein and only strengthened Iran's influence in the region. So yes, he thinks we should launch a war in Iran to ensure the country doesn't possess a nuclear weapon it doesn't have. I've never understood the concern about these other countries like Iraq or Iran having nuclear weapons when North Korea (close to Alaska) and Pakistan, which aren't exactly beacons of democracy, have possessed nuclear capability for decades.  
  • He thinks taking care of Iran will allow Israel to reach a settlement with the Palestinians, who have no intentions of maintaining a peaceful co-existence with the Israelis.
  • He supported our illegal military intervention in Libya. He only faults Obama for not moving sooner and more forcefully than he did. He actually believes that Muslims in Libya now love Americans because we helped remove Gaddafi from power. He thinks we're too stupid to read about all the human rights atrocities that have taken place in Libya since Gaddafi was removed from power and understand that Muslims in that region universally hate America.
  • He buys entirely into the growing false flag operations of fighting these so-called terrorists in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere, which essentially gives the President a blank check to kill whoever he deems to be an "enemy combatant."  
  • In response to a question from former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, he obviously has a love affair with the communist Chinese government that engages in unfair trade practices that screw over American businesses every day, while committing some of the worst human rights violations in the world.
  • He's a big proponent of continuing foreign aid to countries who have proven to be our enemies, including Pakistan.
Perhaps the most telling moment in the video is where one of the attendees, Jim Trapp with, comments that on almost everything Sen. Rubio said in his presentation to the group that his "policy differences with President Obama are very modest," particularly when compared to the hard line views of Mitt Romney. What is clear to me is that this man is as phony of a Tea Party candidate as Massachusett's Scott Brown proved to be after he got elected to the Senate. Who is Marco Rubio, anyway? Until a few months ago, we thought he was a Catholic. It turns out he was baptized as a Mormon as a young child and raised as a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints. When he decided to get into politics in Florida in the heavily Catholic Cuban-American community, he returned to the Catholic Church. He later called himself a Southern Baptist when he set his sights on a bid for statewide office in hopes of attracting support from evangelical conservatives before switching back and calling himself a Catholic again.

Sen. Rubio is speaking at a rally for Richard Mourdock tomorrow evening at the Lucas Estate in Carmel. Ironically, the host of the CFR event says that he sees Sen. Rubio following the template set by Sen. Richard Lugar, who the Tea Party just helped defeat. I have no intention of attending, and I don't know why anyone would want to hear anything this phony chameleon has to say.


Marycatherine Barton said...

Is Pat Buchanon right? Are William Kristol and the neo-cons now in full control of the Republican Party? Rubio reflects that 'philosophy'. Shudder.

Gary R. Welsh said...

These so-called neo-cons are all in favor of cutting government spending, except for all the foreign aid we send overseas to our enemies and the sink hole wars that are destroying the lives of our U.S. soldiers who are compelled to perform living hell tours of duties in these shit hole countries for absolutely no purpose other than to bankrupt our country and transfer our nation's wealth to our enemies as part of their New World Order agenda.