Friday, June 15, 2012

Documentary Film Claims Frank Marshall Davis Is Obama's Real Father

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert's new documentary, "Dreams From My Real Father," makes the startling claim that Frank Marshall Davis, a self-avowed communist, is the true biological father of Barack Obama, not the Kenyan goat herder who came to Hawaii to earn a higher education where he met Obama's teen-age mother, Ann Dunham, during a Russian language class at the University of Hawaii. Gilbert has also uncovered a collection of racy photos he believes were taken of Dunham by Davis, an avid photographer, inside the home he lived in Honolulu that are depicted in the video above (NSFW). Davis' autobiography discusses the swinger lifestyle he and his wife led and mentions an underage girl by the name of "Anne" with whom he and his wife had sex. Nude photos taken of Dunham were published in several pornographic magazines. Gilbert's film claims that Obama's mother gave her father, Stanley Dunham, instructions to take young Barack Obama to visit with Davis regularly after she sent him back from Indonesia to live with his grandparents in Honolulu when he was only 10 years old. If Gilbert's claims are true, it would resolve doubts about whether Obama is a natural born citizen, but it also raises the specter that the biographical narrative Obama set out in his autobiography, "Dreams From My Father," which was actually ghost written by Bill Ayers, is pure fiction. Like Obama's mother, Davis was born in Kansas and later moved to Chicago where he worked as a writer. The FBI began tracking his radical associations after he moved to Hawaii. Obama speaks approvingly of Davis in his autobiography and is credited with helping him identify as an African-American. 

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DMC said...

I made a movie once that alleged I was the son of Bill Gates. Didn't get me anywhere. Just sayin'.