Friday, June 08, 2012

Media's Birth Certificate Hypocrisy

Jeffrey Kuhner has a spot on column in the Washington Times discussing the media's hypocrisy on Obama's natural born citizenship status after the media actually took time out to research Mitt Romney's natural born status despite his birth in the state of Michigan to two U.S. citizens because Mitt Romney's father just happened to be born in Mexico to U.S. citizen parents, an issue that drove him out of the 1968 presidential race on grounds that he did not qualify as a natural born citizen eligible to serve as President of the United States. Kuhner talks about the plethora of evidence that the media chooses to ignore that caused even the media to once believe that Obama had been born in Kenya:

Take the birth certificate issue. Conservatives who question the origin of Mr. Obama’s birthplace are derided as “birthers” — extremist kooks, who supposedly wallow in conspiracy theories. Yet, when “mainstream” media outlets, such as Reuters, insist on getting a copy of Mr. Romney’s birth certificate, it is considered objective, hard-hitting reporting. The hypocrisy and double standards are shameful.
Moreover, there is only one person to blame for the prolonged birth certificate issue: Mr. Obama. Like a chameleon, he has repeatedly altered his identity to suit his immediate self-interest. For years, his literary agent claimed — in brochures, press releases and public statements — that Mr. Obama was “born in Kenya.” He never once corrected the record. The reason is obvious: Portraying himself as having exotic Kenyan roots bolstered his literary credentials among trendy multicultural leftists. In 2004, during his campaign for the U.S. Senate, press reports — including from the Associated Press — claimed that Mr. Obama’s birthplace was Kenya.
The issue has plagued him even after winning the White House. In 2009, the government of Kenya announced that it was planning to build a monument to Mr. Obama at the Kenyan site it says is his birthplace. Officials in Kenya’s parliament insist Mr. Obama was born there; so have multiple articles in Kenyan newspapers. Kenyan family members also allege that Mr. Obama was not born on U.S. soil. Instead of addressing the issue immediately and forthrightly, the Obama administration spent millions of dollars in the courts to prevent his birth certificate from being unsealed. Only when real estate mogul Donald Trump cast a spotlight on the issue did Team Obama finally relent. No wonder millions of Americans believe the president is being less than truthful. At the very least, he is a charlatan, who for years helped to perpetrate a massive lie about his background.  
The larger issue, however, is why it took Mr. Trump — and not CNN or the Washington Post or the New York Times — to ask Mr. Obama the obvious question: Where is the original birth certificate? The answer is that the liberal media have become thoroughly corrupt. They no longer care to hold leaders of both parties accountable; rather, they act — and view themselves — as the communications arm of the Democratic Party. In short, their mission is not journalism, but propaganda.


smrstrauss said...

Re: "the media actually took time out to research Mitt Romney's natural born status..."


Reuters asked the Romney campaign to provide a copy of Romney's birth certificate, and the Romney campaign did, and then Reuters wrote that the COPY of the birth certificate proved that Romney was born in Michigan.

This in fact was AFTER Obama had published both his short form and his long form birth certificates and after three Republican and several Democrat officials in Hawaii had confirmed the facts on Obama's birth certificate.

What Reuters did was to simply find out if Romney would do what Obama has already done, provide the public with his birth certificate. And, it did.

A real investigation would have been for Reuters to point out that the copy of the birth certificate that it showed actually has the word VOID on the image, and that it is only a short-form birth certificate---the kind that birthers claimed was not sufficient to prove Obama's birth in Hawaii (although it is, since it is used by thousands of people every year to get US passports).

And, in contrast to Obama's, Romney's claimed birth certificate has not been confirmed by the officials in Michigan.

Gary R. Welsh said...

It's nice to see one of the trusted Obama propagandists returning once again to spread disinformation. What I know is that Obama was not born in a Hawaiian hospital. Madelyn Dunham filed an affidavit after his birth, which was permitted under Hawaii law. The recording of his birth in Hawaii does not prove his birth in Hawaii. People born in other countries record their births in Hawaii all the time. The GSA has even documented the problem with a lax state laws that have permitted citizenship fraud in this country. Madelyn Dunham also likely was responsible for stealing another person's social security number for use by Barry while she was working part-time in the Honolulu probate court since the social security number he is using belonged to a Connecticut man who died in Hawaii. There are questions about whether Barack Obama, Sr. is really his natural father. Nobody to date has been able to produce a marriage record proving that Ann Dunham was ever legally married to Barack Obama, Sr. A divorce record was filed in Hawaii, which was necessary since Sr. wanted to marry another U.S. citizen and was claiming a marriage to Dunham perhaps for immigration fraud purposes. The INS officials noted in his file that they suspected the claimed marriage with Ann Dunham was not a bona fide marriage. We know that school records in Indonesia revealed that Obama's name had been changed to Soetoro, that his father was listed as Lolo Soetoro and he had acquired Indonesian citizenship. These are among the many mysteries the Omedia has wilfully neglected to research. They only requested Romney's birth certificate so they would have an excuse to talk about his father being born in Mexico. Both birth certificates produced by Obama have been proven to be forged documents. The Hawaiian Health Department officials have never confirmed that he was born in Hawaii; they have only confirmed that there is a record of his birth on file with the Department. They know that his birth was recorded by affidavit and they are covering up that fact. They won't even state on the record that the birth certificates released by Obama are authentic documents prepared by their Department.

MacReady said...

I can give you an even more astonishing fact: we shouldn't even be talking about this!

His birth certificate, taking xenocentrism to such extremes that he lies about his birthplace, how he didn't live on the East coast until college but has a CT SSN (I'm thinking he didn't even apply for it until he transferred out East, but I don't know what standards were in place back then), etc. should have all been vetted by the media. It wasn't.

If you want to blame anybody for taking a critical stance on Obama's past, blame the gigantic vacuum that has yet to be filled by these scared-of-their-own-shadow folks in the media.

Regardless of where you stand on the law, Obama's birthplace, how heavily he played the Chicago politics game, etc., can't we at least agree these things should be published?

smrstrauss said...

Re: "Madelyn Dunham filed an affidavit after his birth, which was permitted under Hawaii law. "

You make that statement as if it were a fact. There is no evidence to support it.

Moreover, you are also implying that Obama was born outside of Hawaii. Well, Hawaii is thousands of miles from any foreign country. And travel by pregnant women was rare in 1961.

There is (1) No evidence that Obama's mother traveled outside of the country in 1961 (and it was highly unlikely: (2) No evidence that Obama's birth certificate was granted in any other way than a birth in a hospital---which in fact the long-form birth certificate indeed says, that he was born in Kapiolani Hospital.

And the existence of the Obama birth certificate is confirmed by the officials in Hawaii (both parties), by the Index Data, and by the listings in the Health Bureau Statistics section of the newspapers, which as the name implies came only from the Department of Health, and at the time the DOH only sent out those notices and only granted birth certificates to children who actually were born in Hawaii.

Gary R. Welsh said...

It's a fact that Ann Dunham and Barack Obama, Sr. never lived together as husband and wife. Contrary to folklore, they didn't attend college together at the University of Hawaii. She began classes at the University of Washington within weeks of Obama's birth so she was traveling with an infant who was only weeks old. By the time she returned to Hawaii two years later, Obama, Sr. had already left Hawaii for Harvard. Gov. Abercrombie has stated total falsehoods by claiming that he recalls socializing with Obama, his mother and young Barry. Even the biographer of Ann Dunham concedes the fact that she and Obama, Sr. never lived together.