Saturday, June 02, 2012

Durham's Law License Suspended

Indicted Ponzi schemer Tim Durham's Indiana license to practice law has been suspended by the Indiana Supreme Court. The reason for his suspension has nothing to do with violating the rules of professional conduct. Like hundreds of other Indiana attorneys, his license was suspended because he failed to pay the annual registration fee. You can view the entire list of attorneys suspended for the same failure here. You might be surprised by some of the attorneys who are on the list, including the chief legal counsel of a publicly-traded corporation. These attorneys can be reinstated by paying their annual registration fee. Hat tip to Indiana Law Blog.

UPDATE: Included on the list of suspended attorneys is Ragen Hatcher, a Gary city councilor and daughter of the late Mayor Richard Hatcher. Hat tip to Kim Krull. Sarah Nagy, the former executive director of the Indiana Lobby Registration Commission, is also on the list.


I know said...

For someone that sent out lavish holiday invitations to justices, judges, lawyers and prosecutors during his self induced period of grandstanding that made us little folks vomit it would seem one of the former invitees and attendees would slip a down trodden friend a few bucks!

If his buddy at the National Lampoon threw him under the Carpenter Bus for a lighter sentence I wonder who Timmy will send to the pokey with him when his lawyer gets done grandstanding?

CircleCityScribe said...

...and who would want to be represented by Tim Durham? -just sayin