Monday, October 08, 2007

Rogers Dares To Think For Herself

The folks over at the Indiana Democratic Party don't think much of members of their own party who dare to think for themselves. When Richard Young and Jill Long Thompson decided to challenge "Diamond Jim" Schellinger for the Democratic nomination, they immediately became the targets of a certain blogmistress, who doubles as the party's spokesman and who feeds little tidbits into the media to undermine their candidacies while promoting Schellinger's candidacy at every turn. Unlike Young and Long, Schellinger has never won election to a public office. As far as I can tell, his only qualification is the fact that he was able to raise and personally contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to the party and their candidates in recent elections. The early and frequent hits on Young were quite successful in speeding his early departure from the race. Now, the only task remaining is to get Long out of the race, who early polls show with a comfortable lead over Schellinger, who finished last in that same early polling behind Young.

Sen. Earline Rogers (D-Gary) has been caught in the cross hairs of the party today by announcing her support for Long. The party's blogmistress hit Rogers quickly for daring to think for herself with the following:

Rogers was one of only two Democrats in the Indiana General Assembly who voted in favor of the Guv's Major Moves package, which included -- and was largely premised on -- the long-term lease of the Indiana Toll Road.

Thompson -- along with a majority of Hoosiers and yours truly -- has been very outspoken about her opposition to the Toll Road lease. She recently told WTHR in an interview that "there are estimates that the foreign consortium that is leasing the toll road for 75 years, which essentially amounts to a selling of the toll road, will have their investment recouped in fifteen years and that means for the following sixty it is pure profit. Who pays for that? We pay for that."

Rogers, without a doubt, is a great "get" as far as endorsements go, but does her support create something of a policy paradox for Thompson with respect to privatization? Your call.

Obviously, the party has still not gotten over the vote Rogers and Sen. Glenn Howard (D-Indianapolis) cast for Gov. Daniels' major moves initiative. It's apparently lost on them that Rogers and Howard made their decision at the urging of one of their own party's biggest lobbyists and fundraisers, Lacy Johnson. Reminding folks of Rogers' vote as she endorses Long, an opponent of the privatization deal, smacks me as implying Rogers isn't smart enough to think for herself. Laying that aside, isn't it offensive for the Democratic Party's spokeswoman to imply that Long, too, is making a mistake accepting Rogers' endorsement? Your call.


Anonymous said...

Amen! As far as this Democrat is concerned Mr. Parker and Ms. Wagner should start packing their bags. There will be some house cleaning at the state party when Jill wins the party's nomination for Governor next year and defeats Mitch Daniels. Maybe Schellinger will have jobs waiting for them at his architectural firm.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks someone over at the state party has been pushing the envelope a little too much lately.

Anonymous said...

Yard signs are in..if you would like one, or a dozen to spread around the neighborhoods, feel free to drop me a line at I will deliver!


Michael Hegg
(R) At-Large, City City County Council candidate

Anonymous said...

I'm flattered that you think my blog is so powerful that it can drive candidates out of the race, Gary, but you really need to get your paranoia in check.

I threw out two facts for people to consider and made no judgment call. (Would I bother covering all three candidates if I wanted only one to get attention?)

You should try that approach once or twice. It might make you seem a tad less bitter.

But, as always, I'm happy to help drive up your anti-TDW comments. *grin*

Have a good night!

Gary R. Welsh said...

As you, Jen, misrepresent my post on Matt Tully's story and imply that those who criticize any of your corrupt pols here in Marion County are racists. You really have reached the bottom when you're in bed with Wilson Allen on these matters, Jen. You should be smarter than to fall in with that one trick pony. And believe me, Jen, there are Democrats who aren't hiding their disdain about what you're doing over there.

Anonymous said...

"I threw out two facts for people to consider and made no judgment call."

You don't get it, Ms. Wagner. It's your job to keep your mouth shut on these matters. If you expect me to believe you weren't spinning for Schellinger to the detriment of my candidate, you must think we're pretty stupid people out here.

Anonymous said...

Schellinger supporter: "A thousand supports from the Schellinger empire descent upon you. Our money will blot out the sun!"

Thompson supporter: "Then we will fight in the shade."

Everyone get your popcorn cooking! That primary is going to be a bloodbath!

Anonymous said...

Everyone involved needs to take a step back.

Jen--your post was a tad over the line. I know you tried to pose a legitimate question, but in this environment, ironically, light isn't always welcomed. Your question implied that Sen. Rogers's support for JLT would be worth a tad less. Yeah, you asked what we thought, but the fact that you even posted it was borderline. Did you do the same for any of JS's many endorsements? I don't think so.

Gary: it's not your party. We promise not to meddle in your party's nonsense. Of which there's much. Think Phil Hinkle, Sen. Young, Ike Randolph, and a multitude of other sins.

As a long-active Dem, I'm a little more troubled that Sen. Rogers was ever in sync with Sen. Howard. Whom I view as a complete and total goof. As do most others. I doubt his endorsement is being actively sought by anyone.

I don't know who will win the gubernatorial priamry. I hope the state is ready for a female CEO, but I have questions about that, sadly...we should be, but when you look at the crackpots sent to the legislature, you have to wonder about Hoosier voters' intellegence.

Keep the faith, JLT supporters. Oh yeah, the shade line was hilarious.

And can we all try to laugh a little? It's not so damned serious that the fate of the free world hangs in the balance. After all, we've survived Mitch. We survived two terms of Orr. Hell we even survived Speaker Bosma. (Shivers down my spine)

Anonymous said...

Chaiman Parker and his staff committed an unpardonable sin when they chose to provide their complete support for The Shell. Their actions strike me as to just how weak the State Democratic Party is.
How many District Chairs support The Shell? How many County Chairs support The Shell?
Jill Long has paid her dues unlike The Shell. The Shell was buying support not earning it.
It won't be a bloody primary. This race is over.
Yes, there will be some serious changes made at State Headquarters and if some of have any say Jen Wagner will never enter Democratic politics again in this State. Same with Parker.
This is what happens when a bunch of Gen Y'ers wet behind the ears try to do a job meant for grownups.
After the General there will be at least 12 more years of Repub rule in this State thanks to these idiots.

Anonymous said...

Are there no shades of guilt any more?

Damn, 8:26--you act as if Jen Wagner personally flogged your parents at high noon on the Courthosue square.

She stepped slightly over the line. It is not a capital offense.

Someone needs to get on decaf. Soon.