Friday, October 19, 2007

Morning In Indianapolis

A family of four was awaken shortly after 4:00 a.m. to the crashing sound of an SUV into their northeast side home followed by the sound of numerous gunshots. The three people inside the SUV fled on foot as another vehicle chased them and fired shots at them. One man was shot and killed on 30th Street. Mayor Peterson should try explaining to this family his success at fighting crime.


Anonymous said...

The sad reality of it all is that the vast majority of voters don't give a rip. On election day they will cast their lot yet again for 4 more years of Peterson and the Ghetto Mafia.
Reality is that the people who bitch the loudest and hardest are ones that don't even bother to register and vote.

Anonymous said...

Bart Peterson tells us the city is safe so it must be true. Don't be such a naysayer. These crimes are just figments of our imagination.

Anonymous said...

This is the reality of living in South Detroit, Indiana...future murder capital of the midwest.

Where The Democrat Machine uses its "juice" and TAX & SPEND policy (Democrat Machine exempt from payment of said taxes) to allow crime to flourish through liberal policies like a revolving door Arrestee Processing Center that lets criminals go free without bond (in most cases) and corruption by elected officials.....

Welcome to South Detroit, Indiana!

-Bart Peterson & The Democrat Machine, Co-Bosses

Anonymous said...

As soon as the Downtown Klan have extracted every last cent out downtown development they will head home for good to their homes in the exurbs across the Marion County line. Then the decline really starts.
The pre-1930 inner ring suburbs of Indianapolis are the first to completely die and become urban prairies. Most are already there with thousands of abandoned houses and businesses and ungodly crime rates
The next to go are the post 1940 to 1970 suburbs in the townships built during the Great White Flight that ushered in Unigov. Ozzie and Harriet packed their bags a few decades ago and went to Carmel. Suburban blight is everywhere, just get in your car and drive to see it.
The grand neighborhoods of Meridian Kessler and Butler Tarkington will fight to survive with crime and blight all around them. Meridian Hills and Williams Creek will become walled communities with their own police force just as some are now in Detroit.
What's left of the city outside the money pit known as the Mile Square is nothing but scorched earth for the poor, primarily African Americans, to fend for themselves while their community leaders retire in luxurious mansions left behind by fleeing whites.
This is just part of where we are heading. It can't be fixed. It was never meant to be fixed. A handful of wealthy white insiders with a chosen handful of blacks have stolen this city blind and taken from you all that they could. The cycle is coming to an end.
Scorched earth, is all that will remain.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Zimbabwe of the Midwest.
In South Africa, the number of private police forces now outnumber the public police forces by a 9 to 1 margin.
Is this where we are going?

Anonymous said...

More theft, death and destruction than ever before, how's that CONsolidation workin out for you?

Anonymous said...

The over-dramatic are out in full force today!

Anonymous said... has copy of a request for an investigation filed this week with the Supreme Court Disciplinary commission.

Guess who?

Aaron Haith

garyj said...

Why not allow Wilson Allen to respond anymore?
He still does, just anonymously.
You should let him try to justify his buddy, Bart, and the crime wave we have been having.
I hate to see Wilson shut out of every blog on the net, excepot for TDW.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Wilson has been allowed to post comments. They've just been more sparing. I've only blocked comments which were way off topic or completely out of line.