Monday, October 29, 2007

Just Another Morning In Indy

An eastside couple were awakened early this morning to three armed intruders demanding drugs and money. The armed men shot husband and wife, poured a flammable liquid throughout the house and then set it on fire. The couple luckily escaped the home and are being treated for their gunshot wounds at Wishard Hospital. Don't let Mayor Peterson fool you. Crime isn't going down in this city, and in particular the district of City-County Councilor Scott Keller (R) where this attack occurred, as Peterson falsely claims. It's getting worse.


Anonymous said...

let's hope the reserve officers they sent to prop up mary moriarty adams re-election bid can help stop this on the east side.

Anonymous said...

I cannot forget the look on Scott Keller's face when Channel 13 asked him about the Abandoned Home Tour sign (which his name was on) and all the dangerous abandoned houses in his district. He didin't have an answer other than he said the city ONLY had more than 8,000 abandoned houses rather than 12,000.
Of course Keller was referring to the Mayor's "survey" done in 2003. FOUR YEARS AGO!
Keller coudn't care less about his district on the east side. Highest crime rate in the city, highest number of bighted abandoned houses, economically ravaged, NOT ENOUGH POLICE TO COVER THE STREETS and Keller has done NOTHING but direct $$ into the gentrified Mile Square area.
Novemeber 6, Election Day, is the day we turn and fight. You WILL NOT be re-elected Mr.Keller!

Anonymous said...

I just want to be clear on this part...

Don't let Mayor Peterson fool you. Crime isn't going down in this city, and in particular the district of City-County Councilor Scott Keller (R) where this attack occurred, as he falsely claims. It's getting worse.

You're saying that the Mayor has falsely claimed that crime is going down. Correct? Not Scott Keller. Scott has made crime his #1 issue during his campaign - and not the lack of it.

Anonymous said...

Right, MM Adams is still trying to ge the Indy East Motel closed.
Hard to understand the Indy East Motel lawyers outlawyering the Mayor's contract lawyers.
Sorry, but Irvington has been thrown under the bus too.
Do they really think all those police reserves will be there after election day.
Damn, some white people are stupid!

Gary R. Welsh said...

It says crime isn't going down in the city or Scott Keller's district as Mayor Peterson claims. I'm not aware of any claims Keller has made about the crime rate in his district.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bil, once again your're completely fill of s..t.
I know for a fact that police patrols in Englewood area on the east side stopped after the consolidation that Keller voted for and crime is the worst in that area than it has been in 10 years and it's just a small part of Keller's district.

How many crack houses has Keller helped get shut down on the east side? NONE!
How many unsafe abandoned houses has Keller help get shuttered or demolished? NONE!
What plan does Keller have to deal with crime? NONE!

Sorry Bil, you nee to find something more amusing to do than be in politics. Your terrible at it! Hell, you can't even lie on the internet where people can't see your face!

Anonymous said...

Keller doesn't even talk about crime in his District!
What kind of claim is going to make, that crime there is going down?
Hell, the first time in 4 years that Keller was brave enough to venture past Rural Street was mid summer!
What has Keller personally done to help reduce crime in HIS district besides helping plant trees!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was informed by an IMPD officer who came to a friend's home that complaints about narcotics trafficking out of crack houses on the east side are being referred to the Mayor's Neighborhood Liaisons.
In other words, IMPD is NOT dealing with east side drug operations any longer, the Neighborhood Liaisons are. IMPD officers don't want the paperwork.
If you have a complaint about a crack house in your neighborhood don't even waste your time calling IMPD. They're stretched thin and tired of arresting dealers that are let go within hours of being arrested.

Anonymous said...

You are invited to a candidate forum tomorrow, Tuesday October 30, 6 pm at Englewood Christian Church, 57 N Rural Street .

Come join your neighbors for dinner and hear your District 16 candidates Brian Mahern, Scott Keller and Paul Dijak-Robinson. Tickets available at the door for $2, includes dinner. Free parking in church lot.

This forum will be moderated by the Indianapolis League of Women Voters, and is brought to you by NESCO, Fountain Area Community Team, and Christian Park Active Community.

I have the confidance that Mahern will will this district.

Anonymous said...

The IndyU overflow on this blog is getting real, rela old.

1:04--you're just plain wrong.

And Mary MBA will win by ten or more.

Referring crime reports to the Neighborhood Liaisons? They're in the freaking Department of Metropolitan Devleopment.

You can have your own opinions, but you can't have your own facts.

Anonymous said...

Anon 618, AKA TDW nutcake, Nice to see you got off the liberal rag blog to come over and post.Good to see you attack people who bring fact with your lack of facts. Then again in your little world everyone is happy with a mayor and CCC members who have run this city into the ground. Go poll that D lever on the 6th like a good little party member and forget about what honest people are saying about those who have brought us higher taxes,crime and corruption in city government. Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that all of these flame throwing comments come from "Anonymous." Only Gary and I are willing to sign our name to our thoughts and be held accountable by them...

Anon 11:53 - The Indy East Side Motel lost their appeal today. The restraining order keeping them still in operation was revoked. They've lost and will be closed tomorrow.

Anon 12:14 - Of course Keller isn't claiming crime is going down. He's talking about skyrocketing crime rates in the city - especially in our district.

And never gone past Rural? Those prescincts voted in the highest proportion for Keller last election. You think he'd ignore them? Ludicrious and patently something you've made up.

Anonymous said...

Another night of mayhem and violence in South Detroit, Indiana.

-Bart Peterson, Mayor
The Democrat Machine, Boss

Anonymous said...

"The IndyU overflow on this blog is getting real, rela (sic) old."

Really? And I suppose you work in the community, are in touch with their residents and know their concerns, and as such report it, along with the failure of the elected leaders' ability in responding to these problems, in the blogospehere? I suppose you are one of these vaunted intellects who prefer to use terms such as "nutterball" to disparage such comments which dont fit your vaunted, intelligentsia paradigms?

The world awaits your answer. Meanwhile, keep in mind that all who post on IndyU arent police officers, yet the blog was formed by police officers, who know this community more than you will ever will, to report the misdeeds of elected oficials, who at this time are Democratic in majority. Oh, and by the way? Your heroine 'Bridget's seat is not as secure as you think it may be. "10K" win my arse.

Anonymous said...

Another Bart Lie. In March of this year every Day Tac unit of IMPD was ordered to go and find and search every vacant abandoned house in the city. This was in response to persons having been previously found dead in an abandoned house. They were give a 2 week window to do it and turn in their completed lists of abandoned houses. Every street in every corner of the county was covered. In 2005 the Day Tac units for IPD did a listing of all the abandoned houses in the old IPD service district for Prosecutor Brizzi as he was attempting to start his own war on abandoned housing and graffiti. They know exactly how many abandoned houses there are this year and they are sitting on the info.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Irvington has been thrown under the bus too.
Do they really think all those police reserves will be there after election day.

If the people of the town want to get their city back, they need to stop demanding government do _everything_ for them. Anyone can get a handgun permit. You don't even need a permit to buy a gun. Most of these crimes against complete strangers could easily be ended once thugs start filling Wishard ER or the morgue due to self-defense. Not only that, if the thugs are of a certain race, you can bet certain communities will be in an uproar about "do something!" They simply will complain about certain folks dying while committing crimes, saying that if government would do more policing, these folks would likely be in jail and not dead.