Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy Tax Day

If you live in Indianapolis/Marion County, today will mark the 17th time your taxes or user fees have been increased since Mayor Bart Peterson (D) took office. The local option income tax you pay rises 65% from 1.0% to 1.65%. This is from the same mayor who promised when he was first elected not to solve the city's budget problems by raising taxes.

For those of you watching the Colts victory over Denver last night, you may have seen a live shot of Mayor Peterson in his suite at the game with 110-year-old Gertrude Shindel, who was attending her first Colts game. That appearance by the Mayor has caused a stir in the blogosphere. It seems he excused himself early from a tax forum yesterday evening at which the mayoral candidates and other public officials were invited to speak. According to folks present at the forum, Peterson said he had to leave early to attend an inter-faith meeting. When he appeared a short time later live on national TV with Shindel, it immediately ignited a controversy with some suggesting Peterson lied to those in attendance at the tax forum.

UPDATE: It looks like Peterson recorded the shot with Shindel before heading over to the tax forum.


Anonymous said...

Even when it is easy to tell the truth - he chooses to say something else.

Pike Voter

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that anybody that lurks around here acts so surprised.

Zappatista said...

Did he get an escort from Speers?

Anonymous said...

Opppps. Surely the little people will not recognise that I just lied to them. Gosh, I am a very busy person and my aide told me and I had so much going on blah blah blah.... (smile for the camera and look sincere).

Wake up INDY.. You are getting taken for a ride.

Anonymous said...


-Compliments of The Democrat Machine.

Sir Hailstone said...

The Mayor forgot about some of us who own video capture cards ... thing of it is, WRTV-6 did the taxpayers forum in the "top 6 in 11 minutes" to lead off the program, and clearly the Mayor was shown there in attendance. What isn't mention is when the forum took place.

At the very end before sign-off the bit with the 110 year old Colts fan.

BTW, she's one of the few that would still be alive from the last time the Cubs won the World Series. As long as Steve Bartman stays away we might do better this time around.

Anonymous said...

Hail, hope springs eternal for all of us Cub fans!

I'm interested to know, regarding the mayor's schedule yesterday:

1. Who told the press or anyone else that he had an interfaith meeting to attend? Staff? Hizzoner himself?

2. Could someone get the time and location of that interfaith meeting and publish it? It'd be easy to determine if Bart attended.

If this turns out as suggested, this will be the first Bart lie. It's not a small one, either.

No, disagreeing with someone's politics or programs does not make them a liar.

So, it the answer turns out as some have suggested, for the numerous posters who think the mayor has lied before, just so you get ths message:

YESTERDAY at LOTW Church, if he said what's suggested, and he didn't attend such an interfaith meeting afterward, THAT would be a lie.

At least according to common sense, and Webster's. Neither of which is highly in evidence in this campaign season.

If it's a lie, is it enough to make voters change their minds? That's for voters to decide.

Sir Hailstone said...

Anonymous Coward 8:18 - You obviously have yet to see the YouTube video.

He says it right on camera at LOTW. Then he was shown a short time later on the national TV broadcast from the Mayor's suite at the RCA Dome.

Wilson46201 said...

According to a note just posted by Abdul, the meeting with the 110-year-old woman was recorded before the tax forum. Sorry to disappoint the anonymous negative nitpickers ... better luck next time!

So what's the next big Ballard bamboozlement?

Anonymous said...

So you believe that Wilson??? Where is the proof he went to an interfaith forum? Show us the proof and then people will your a** if this was Daniels or any R you would be all over it and calling his assistant a liar.......believe that

Wilson46201 said...

Isn't it odd that anonymous nobodies are demanding proof of anything at all? They are too ashamed even to use their own name while accusing others of concealment and deception! They are mere faceless figures lurking in the shade and shadows while demanding sunlight for others...

Anonymous said...

Watch the tape interview, but watch the scores at the bottom of the screen..If you see halftime scores of other games, check their kickoff times..if it's a 4:15 game..I think that would be proof that he was there at halftime.

indyernie said...

"According to a note just posted by Abdul, the meeting with the 110-year-old woman was recorded before the tax forum. Sorry to disappoint the anonymous negative nitpickers ... better luck next time!"

He was seen on TV "LIVE" not recorded.

This isn't the first time Peterson has lied.
Peterson stated at the last tax forum, during his two terms our taxes were raised twice.
Last night during the tax forum I read publicly a list of eighteen tax increases that have been enacted during his term.
Peterson has lied from the beginning. Read the Peterson plan II & I.

How can we expect truth from him or his staff?
Save your breath Campbell, you're unbelievable too.

Sir Hailstone said...

"Save your breath Campbell, you're unbelievable too."

Ah yes Steve Campbell. Bart's version of Baghdad Bob.

Oh speaking of nobodies is there at least a man (or woman) of the cloth that would say Bart was at their meeting? No because there was none. I thought it was odd when Hizzoner said he had an "interfaith" gathering when 99% of "interfaith" gatherings involve Dr. Benjamin himself and are held at THAT VERY SAME CHURCH!!

Gary R. Welsh said...

It's funny that the Mayor's office knew the issue was being discussed from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on Abdul's morning show and would wait until after the show went off the air to make that comment. And again, it was Steve Campbell responding to a political question. Why is Steve Campbell doing campaing work on the taxpayer's dime. Doesn't Peterson's $3 million campaign have a hired press spokesperson?

Sir Hailstone said...

"Why is Steve Campbell doing campaign work on the taxpayer's dime. Doesn't Peterson's $3 million campaign have a hired press spokesperson?"

Why hire one when you have one on your mayoral staff?

Ghost employment doesn't bother this administration - Monroe Gray, Vern Brown, so on and so forth.

Anonymous said...

Wilson. Where's the proof that Peterson left the Tax Forum to attend an inter-faith meeting?

I'm not an anonymous nobody. So give us proof he was at the meeting last night.

Where was the interfaith meeting?

Anonymous said...

My DVR shows the clip aired about 5:30 or 5:45 PM just before 1/2 time.

Pike Voter

Anonymous said...

Wilson, if transparency is sooo important to you, then post with your FULL name from now on.

Anonymous said...

Peterson thought he was being slick last night by having an excuse to leave the Tax Forum after just one hour and before the public questioning started.

The original itinerary was to have the people ask questions during the last two hours.

However, Rev. Ajabu decided to change the meeting format specifically for Peterson so that he would have an opportunity to talk directly to the taxpayers...something he hates to do.

I asked Peterson is the same sexual harassment and discrimination laws that apply for city employees are also in place to protect the citizen taxpayers. He said "yes" and then referred me to Kobi Wright to get a copy of the policy.

So far no return phone call from Kobi Wright's office, but I did make a recording of the phoned request.

This is a huge lie that I am about to expose within his administration. There is no respect or protection for women from harassment within his administration.

Ernie? Will you edit out a copy of me questioning Peterson, so I have a record of his answer? I was the 3rd person to speak.

Anonymous said...

Wilson? Were waiting for an answer???? Oh Mr. Wilson.......

Anonymous said...


You are so pitiful in your determination to defend to the end. Watch the the bottom, it shows the FINAL score of the Green Bay Packers game. That game started at 3:12 pm. Probably ended 3 hours later. So, would that but your boy Bart there before the game as Steve Campbell stated? The answer is, "No!"

The 25th floor can't even lie well.

Anonymous said...

The Green Bay game was a 1 PM kickoff.

Pike Voter

Anonymous said...

It makes almost no sense to jump back into this fray, but:

Hail and Wilson...those of us who comoment anonymously have reasons. It does not diminish nor add credibility to our points. It is worth repeating: some of us have jobs to protect. I realize anonymous commenting can, in the minds of some, bring credibility into question. But heck, there are enough people here who use their names, who have stomped all over truth, that it seems an odd yardstick to determine a poster's credibility. But, to each his/her own.

Has anyone asked the mayor's office for a simple explanation of the scheduling?

And again, if the Mayor lied, I'll be there to wag my finger in his face. It would be the first lie. The other differences noted above are change in policy or plans, which happens all the time, in business, our homes and in government.

Whether you or I agree with those changes is not pertinent to the "lie" discussion. The definition of "lie" is, however, pertinent.

And the constant use of the word next to the mayor's name is getting just a ltitle old.

Which, to me, and many others, is just as questionable as using anonymous posts.

There are those out there who may be for or against the Mayor, who don't resort to the "lie" moniker, who, frankly, have good points. I'd like to hear them above the same ole same ole.

Sir Hailstone said...

"The definition of "lie" is, however, pertinent."

Hey look! It's Bill Clinton!

"I did not have sex with that woman!"

turns into:

"Well it depends on how you define actual sex".

Now back to the point of this topic - where the "lies" an example of his claim taxes were raised only twice. They were raised at least 18 times. The "user fees" is the out of Rod Blago's playbook where he raised practically every "user fee" in Illinois to balance the budget, but claimed he didn't raise taxes.

Wilson46201 said...

Once again, Hailstone deliberately lies with a fabricated quote. The actual quote is "I did not have sexual relations with that woman..." which means according to legal precedent: penile insertion into a vagina. And they didn't "go all the way". Clinton was legally correct.

The Republicans have to make up quotes when the truth doesnt fit their agenda. Pitiful!

Anonymous said...

We could go several places with your analogy of sex, Wilson.

Bart doesn't even remember his own lies, thats all there is to it!

Wilson46201 said...

By the way, the TV cameraman that recorded Bart before the game just posted on Abdul's Blog. Yes, Bart was at an interfaith meeting - you might ask Dan Burton about it. A number of other folk were there - mostly religious leaders.

It's kinda sad seeing the BART LIES crowd grasp desperately at straws. Issues are simply being fabricated in a last-minute desperate attempt...

Wilson46201 said...

Considering the tax increase today, the BART LIES crowd are all atwitter about a TV recorded insert and an advertised interfaith event. A very nice distraction from a genuine political event like a tax increase.

Thanks IndyU, AdvanceIndiana and Abdul! You dont win elections by going so off-message with bright shiny objects...

garyj said...

Where was the Interfaith Forum?
Who attended? What time was it?
How long had it been planned?
Why did Bart agree to the tax forum, knowing he would have to leave before it ended?

Answer the above and you'll get some credibility.
If you can't answer that, we'll know that you are defending a man who is "less than honest" with his constituients.

Anonymous said...

The question on the table is where and when was this interfaith meeting and who was in attendance?

A simple answer to these questions will put this matter to rest. If there is no answer then it is safe to asume that the Mayor did indeed lie.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mr. Wilson?

What Dennis?

Can you answer my questions?

Leave me alone Dennis....I am speaking with Bart now on what to say.....

Oh yea that's right Mr. are the democrat puppet

Wilson46201 said...

First speaker! 7pm

Anonymous said...

Actually Wilson...The First speaker was at can't even get the time right after reading it on the web....have you no shame Wilson...have you no shame?

Anonymous said...

Ok Correction....Wilson was halfway correct......The opening remarks started at 7:00, but Bart spoke at we were both wrong on the issue....Sorry Wilson......

Anonymous said...

Wilson, Bill Clinton lied when he said "I did not have sexual relations with that woman...." Bart Lies!

And you are banned from this blog!

Wilson46201 said...

And you Jocelyn Tandy were banned fromn the Democratic Party. You are just a perennial loser!

Unknown said...

I hope not to burst anyone's bubble about Mayor Peterson sitting with the 110 year old lady at Sunday's game. I am the one who was able to work in conjunction with a local foundation so that MS. Shindel could see her first Colts game. For anyone interested Mayor Peterson treateated MS. Shindel very kindly and he did not stay for the entire game. he was only there for less than two hours because he had a prior commitment dealing with the whole tax debate. I know first hand what happened on Sunday so if you do not know the facts please don't say any thing at all. Chaplin Joel Brown hospice.