Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ballard Hits Peterson On Crime

GOP mayoral hopeful Greg Ballard used the backdrop of a pea shake house on Roach Street, which recently burned under suspicious circumstances, to challenge Mayor Bart Peterson on his crime-fighting record. "Despite what Bart Peterson says, his police consolidation was a failure and the recent rash of murders and arsons on the near north side is an unfortunate reminder of Bart Peterson's poorly executed plan." Ballard stated. "Police response times have significantly increased since the merger, and unfortunately police are stretched too thin to adequately protect city residents," Ballard continued.

Ballard drew attention to a rash of murders which have taken place near the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood over the the past few days near CCC President Monroe Gray's district. "If Bart Peterson were serious about public safety, especially on the near north side, he would have taken steps to get back to community policing," Ballard said. Ballard continued, "The Mayor refuses to acknowledge that police in the neighborhoods establishing ties with the communities is the most effective way to prevent crime. If he had heeded our call months ago to re-open the North District sub-station, the violent crimes plaguing this area could have been prevented."

Commenting on the council's vote last night approving the end of take-home cars for city-county employees who aren't public safety officers, Ballard said it didn't go far enough. "Why do Monroe Gray and Vernon Brown still use their city cars for their own personal use?" he asked. "They are non-emergency city employees who drive around on the taxpayer's dime." "Why is the Mayor not calling on them to lead by example and give up their city cars too?" He concluded, "It's time to put politics aside and protect the citizens of Indianapolis." Ballard also reiterated his pledge to seek council approval to move control of law enforcement back under the mayor's office instead of the county sheriff's office.

For those of you interested, a fundraiser mixer to benefit Ballard's campaign will be held Wednesday, October 10 (tomorrow) from 6:00-10:00 p.m. at the Fox & Hound at 4901 E. 82nd Street. A $20 donation is suggested.

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