Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Diamond Jim" Schellinger Tops Carson Contributor List

Rep. Julia Carson's (D) congressional campaign committee raised a mere $8,734.15 in the most recent quarter. Nearly half of that amount, or $4,200 came from "Diamond Jim" Schellinger and his wife, Laura. Let's just say that was a little thank you to Carson for her very odd decision to back a man with whom she has absolutely nothing in common in his bid for the 2008 Democratic gubernatorial nomination. Carson's campaign spent more than it took in this quarter. Half of that amount went to pay the salary of Melissa Lear, another $1,000 was used to buy tickets to Indiana Black Expo and most of the rest was related to expenses for the campaign's office space in the Indiana Democratic headquarters. Commenting on Carson's anemic fundraising efforts to date, Blue Indiana say "Carson's health is quickly becoming a story, if for no other reason than answers have been hard to come by, and this quarterly filing will only add fuel to that fire."


Anonymous said...

"Corruption is as corruption does."

-The Democrat Machine

Anonymous said...

I thought Carl Drummer & Tony Duncan would be tops....together

Anonymous said...

A citizen has the right to donate to the political candidate of his/her choice.

Anonymous said...

>>staying FAR away from that last post. Yikes, 8:33--you DO know htese folks hold grudges, rigiht? And you DO know they exact retribution from folks, right?

Check your gastank and your back seat for several weeks.


Anonymous said...

This post's implications hit Defcon 5 on the Pathetic List.

Pathetic for JS, pathetic for JC, and pathetic for the weak-but-by-alll-appearances "strong" Center Township "machine."

Neither party is immune from this nonsense. The pendulum just shifted to the D side this year, this time.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised by The Shell. During one Indiana Democratic primary election for Governor the race was between Larry Contrad, Jack New and Robert Fair. Fair had a runner deliver a package of $100,000 in small bills to then Mayor Hatcher in Gar who assured him that he would get the vote out for him.
Fair finished in 3rd place and
Conrad, with the help of Birch Bayh won that primary.

Anonymous said...

thank you to Carson for her very odd decision to back a man with whom she has absolutely nothing in common

How dare that negress support that white man, am I right?

Gary R. Welsh said...

anon 4:34, the only woman in the Indiana congressional delegation before Carson arrived, a bit of trailblazer in that, is none other than Jill Long Thompson. Ideologically, Thompson and Carson are very close. Some consider it a slap in the face that she isn't backing Thompson and is instead supporting "Diamond Jim" who has absolutely no electoral track record. He made a lot of money stiffing taxpayers with huge architectural fees for unneeded school construction projects and slopped a few hundred grand around to the troughs of the hungry hogs in the Democratic Party. Carson is backing Schellinger because Lacy Johnson picked up the phone and told her what to do.